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Midnight Sun Cover

This is what my idea of the Midnight Sun cover would sort of look like...:] Thank you KirroroKitty for the idea!

Time: not too long, under an hour-ish Media: pencil Description: see big block of text down there :)

1. Midnight Sun

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 177   Review this Chapter

Here's the story behind the cover:

Well, it goes something like this. The water drop can symbolize a lot of things. For one, it could be a rain drop because a) it rains a lot in Washington (trust me, i live there) and b) Bella's moods are sort of like rain; they keep changing and Edwards a huge influence on them (that one's kinda sketchy). Also, the water drop can be a tear because a) Edward actually gets to taste one of Bellas when he's playing piano for her and b) it's goes with the whole "sad" theme that's kinda in the book. You know, forbiden love, and all that jazz. The hands go with Twilight, since it's a "sister novel" and there are hands on Twilight's cover. Also because Edward is like a protector and the hands are catching the tear. In that case, the tear would be Bella/Bella's tears.

Enjoy! please review. if you think of more symbolizm or something doesn't quite work, please tell me!