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Morning Star

Morning Star is another story about Alice... It starts from Alice in the ayslum and will hopefully go up to the beginning of Twilight.

Morning Star is in two narratives. The prologue begins through Alice's perspective, but in the first chapter I change to tell the story through "George Clarke's" eyes (That is the name I gave to the vampire who worked in the asylum and saved Alice.) And after that, move back to Alice. I became fascinated by Alice's history, thinking she was a very interesting character with a world of options for her story...I decided to explore one option..

1. Prologue:Life

Rating 4/5   Word Count 766   Review this Chapter

Mary Alice Brandon

I was laying on my lumpy old bed, in the darkness. Always the darkness. Was life always so dark? If I tried really hard, I could remember some light...a heat on my skin, as the light hit me. I could remember a breeze... and smells... There was nothing now. Just darkness. The more I tried to remember, the more confusing it became. I vaguely recalled voices, not like the ones I heard now, of the people in the dark place who scare me, but of people I loved. I remember a woman's voice, chiding me for something that was fuzzy and unclear in my memory. A scent registered somewhere in my thoughts, a floral scent...from when the woman embraced me. I remember hearing the woman's voice again, but this time with a nervous, panicky edge. I was dragged back to the present by a sound nearby. A door opened.

“Time for your treatment, honey,” a woman said. Her voice was worn, and sounded like that of someone who had lived a hard life, but I couldn't match that voice to a face. I never saw faces...I never saw anything really. There was a dull light now, but not enough to fully penetrate the darkness. I closed my eyes against the faint brightness. I felt her rough hands against my skin as she fussed around me, attaching things, pressing things, moving things. I could hear scrapes and beeps and her heavy, wheezy breathing. I felt a sharp prick on my upper arm...a numbness began to spread around my body, it hurt at first but I lost the feeling in my body. I felt so confused...I couldn't remember anything...my name...where I was...anything. I felt a sudden shock that felt more peculiar than painful...and then...everything was gone.

Some time later, I couldn't be sure how long, time was difficult to measure in my never-ending darkness that I lived in, if you could call it living.... More...existing, I came round. I tried to remember something but failed. I could hear footsteps outside of my dark room...and then a muffled voice. It wasn't the voice of one of the women, who scared me. It was the musical voice of the man...The one who was always kind to me...The strong one, with ice cold, smooth skin, like stone. I heard the quite sound of a door opening.

“Hello, pretty one,” he chimed, in a soft, gentle voice. “How are you feeling?”

“I can't remember....” I began, my voice sounding high and croaky.

“I know, sweetheart, I know.” His voice sounded pained.

We sat in the darkness, as the man hummed a pretty tune. It was relaxing and the prettiest thing I'd ever heard! Just then I got a terrible feeling. A thought that someone would kill me...a man. What a strange thought! But I felt it was true, in my gut and very heart. I should keep it secret...It was these thoughts of what I felt would happen that brought the 'treatments' more often. It was their fault I even had to have the treatments...I shouldn't say anything but I just couldn't help it. There was something about the gentle nature and kindness of the man, that willed me to tell him things, willed me to trust him.

“I'm scared...” I croaked.

“Why, Alice? What's wrong?” He asked, concerned.

Ahh. Alice. That was my name. I remembered now. I was Alice.

“I have...I have a... feeling that...that someone is going to kill me. A man. I know it sounds silly...but I'm not mad! I don't feel mad....it's just … a feeling...” I ranted. What could I do...he was bound to think I was as mad as the rest of them did.

“He won't touch you, Alice. I promise.” He said, his voice determined as he placed a cold hand on my shoulder.

“What? You don't think...I'm mad? There is a man?” I asked, shocked. So he didn't think I was crazy...I was so confused now. I was already confused but this was too much for me to grasp.

“Shh, honey, don't you worry. I'll protect you.”

Then a voice came from outside the door. A shrill, female voice.

“George? Are you in there? Alice needs to sleep! She needs to be alone!”

“Coming, Nancy,” he sighed.

“Rest, Alice. You are safe.” He patted my arm and left. What was going to happen to me? Why did this man want to kill me? Was 'George' just humouring me? Did he really think I was mental? Thoughts were still buzzing in my head as I finally drifted into an uneasy sleep.