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Morning Star

Morning Star is another story about Alice... It starts from Alice in the ayslum and will hopefully go up to the beginning of Twilight.

Morning Star is in two narratives. The prologue begins through Alice's perspective, but in the first chapter I change to tell the story through "George Clarke's" eyes (That is the name I gave to the vampire who worked in the asylum and saved Alice.) And after that, move back to Alice. I became fascinated by Alice's history, thinking she was a very interesting character with a world of options for her story...I decided to explore one option..

3. Escape

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Chapter 2: Escape

Early that morning I went to check on Alice. I opened her door gently and sneaked through. She was fast asleep. I sat waiting in the dark room, listening to her gentle, rhythmic breathing. As I sat, I caught another scent, the scent of the tracker. I raised the black out blinds and looked put into the darkness to see him there. The tracker. Staring greedily at Alice, but backing away at my glare. Not in a way to make me think he was giving up, far from it. Just to make it clear he would await his chance. This was it. I would have to decide quickly. Alice just couldn't remain human so near to the tracker if she was to survive. Either way, she could no longer live... in that her heart's beats were limited. She deserved a chance of happiness... This wasn't a life...Why shouldn't the poor creature get a chance of a life? She could be happy...I could look after her...Make sure she doesn't do anything she'd regret. She'd be safe and away from the tracker. He's have no reason to go after her if she was a strong, new vampire... I was decided. I sneaked out of her room before she awoke. I would wait until after her drugs and shocks, she would be totally out then, it would be less painful...hopefully. I would take her and run away with her to the forest, where I was changed.

That afternoon, I entered the room immediately after she had received her treatment. I cradled her in my arms and ran at full speed. As a vampire, I was too fast for human eyes to follow my travel. I laid her on the floor of the forest. I wasn't totally sure about how to this. I resorted to recreating the wounds I had. I thought up the image of my daughter, to give me the strength to bite Alice, but not to feed. As my razor sharp teeth sank into her slender throat, her body tensed, but she made no other sound. I sat with her, patiently. I remembered the flames, the fire and pain of transformation...Alice looked as peaceful as in sleep... hopefully the drugs and shock treatment was still in effect. Day after day. In the early hours of the first day, as dawn was all around, she began to show signs of coming round.

“Alice?” I said softly. Her face moved slightly. “Alice, you are safe now. You're becoming a vampire. You're free now. You will be fine, I promise.”

She was always a very pretty girl, and her skin always pale, but as I looked upon her now, it was breathtaking. Her black hair, cropped short, blew around her elfin face in the gentle breeze. She had a very elfin face, it was very complimentary to her appearance. Her features small and pixie-like, apart from her eyes. They were big and very pretty. Her peaches and cream skin was replaced, with alabaster white, diamond hard skin that was sparkling gently in the faint sunlight shimmering through the gaps in the leaves above. She was no longer fragile, but she still appeared it. She was thin in the extreme, and very short. She was like a little china doll. I had once thought her to be as fragile as a small doll, but now her porcelain skin was stronger than granite. She would be stronger than me when she awoke...Her body full of human blood, her own. I hummed a lullaby to her that I had once sung to my Anne. Alice's pixie face was contented as she lay there, not seeming to feel any pain at all. I heard a sound in the forest and looked up into the disappointed eyes of the tracker. That second, I knew Alice would be okay...But could the same be said for me? I could see it there, in is eyes. His anger, his thirst for revenge. I ran and ran. When I reached a small remote village, I fed. I hated to do it, but I needed to be as strong as possible if I was to face the tracker, which was inevitable. I tried to ignore my vision of my daughter, my conscience and my guilt as I prepared to fight, by becoming stronger with human blood.