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The Watcher

The Cullens are being stalked, and not by the Volturi. Carlise, Edward, Emmett and Alice are going to meet the watcher as curiosity gets the better of them. But will they meet their match or someone from long ago, who only dwells in muddy memories.

Disclaimer: I don't own ANYTHING you recognise. My first try at this so be kind please, to be honest it's just for fun and i haven't planned anything beyond the next chapter. Im just seeing how it goes, playing by ear and seeing just how much time i can waste whilst trying to get a degree... Thank you!

1. Chapter 1: Impatience

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Edward lunged outwards mentally, 4 miles, 5, 6, searching for this woman, this pariah who had disturbed the family’s solace. Could they never live in peace! For the past few weeks they’d been aware something was up, someone was watching them. At first Bella was convinced it was the Volturi back again, but Jasper thought it smelt of something else and Alice was just as dubious. And that was enough for Edward to relax a little, and spark a little curiosity.

At first it had just been an unfamiliar smell hanging around the garden hedges, a bunch of kids perhaps, but it didn’t smell right. Then there’d been the same smell in the house after they’d gotten home from a hunting trip, a few possessions were taken, nothing substantial just everyday items. That had been unnerving, they’d tightened security. The strange scent had continued hanging around them, the trace of someone watching. Finally frustrated by waiting for a strike, they wrote a note, requesting a meeting, on the garden gate.

Emmett yawned loudly, they’d been waiting in this ‘open all hours – to all sorts of cretins – cafe’ in Seattle for hours, it was tedious. Being Emmett he’d immediately volunteered for this adventure but he was beginning to regret it, Rosalie was waiting, at home, for him, alone. Edward twitched. Just as he opened his mouth to suggest an early start home Carlise spoke up.

“We’d better order some more coffee, we’ve had these a while now”

“Do you think they’re going to turn up? Whoever they are?” Alice was disgruntled at having no clue who the watcher was, she’d avidly encouraged leaving the notes in the hope of discovering the mystery. Jasper would rather track them down, thats why she’d made him stay home with the others, an angry vampire was not really the best thing to bring to a meeting with one’s stalker!

“She’ll come”

“She’d better, I’m starting to think this was a waste o...” Emmett’s mouth hung open in a wide O as the door banged open again, all four of their faces froze, and four sets of eyes glanced towards the door, nothing.

Carlise hid his disappointment whilst exchanging an anxious look with Edward. He was the only one who knew, of course, this person who had been hiding in the bushes around the house, running alongside the car as he drove to work, leaving him notes but never a any information, was someone he’d met before. Someone who’d done their research and knew a lot about him. Perhaps it was a hater, a traditionalist as it were; he’d met a few before, those that were angry that he and his family could resist the sweet smell of blood. He’d never met one this devoted though, they normally just wrote hate mail, written in human blood naturally. He sighed. Thinking of Esme and his Coven, he was truly proud of them, and himself. What an existence he’d carved for himself! Never would he have thought he could be so content, as always things were balanced on a knife’s edge but he was getting used to it after 400 or so years. The waitress brought the coffee, waking him from his thoughts. If there were one thing he was sure of he was the target, Edward nodded.

“One hour then I’m off” Emmett declared.

“Two” Alice challenged, a blank look passed over her face lasting only a moment “...minutes” she added in a more enthusiastic tone.

Carlise threw her a questioning glance, had she seen who it was at last. Alice’s loss of sight was worrying.

“Just the chair being pulled out” she answered meekly.

And so they sat. Two minutes! Edward thought, two minutes is nothing to an immortal. He sighed noisily, being away from Bella and Nessie hurt in the most inexplicable way. He loved it though; he loved having something to miss. Sometimes, perhaps once a century, he would have to go, leave them for an hour just to feel this ache. It was a good reminder of how precious they were, how much he needed them, how he appreciated being so lucky.

The seconds passed slowly. If they were human the impatience would be making them itch!

Incessant chatter from the cafe’s dubious habitants swelled around the foursome. The seconds ticked by. Carlise pretended to sip the coffee, Tick, whilst wrinkling his nose, Tock. Emmett huffed loudly. Alice twiddled her hair. Edward searched.

The chair beside them screeched across the floor.

Adrenaline pumped through veins, granite muscles pulsed as instincts roared at them to defend, protect, attack! Slowly, as slow as a human, four faces turned as one to the stalker, the watcher, sitting calmly in the fifth chair.