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The Watcher

The Cullens are being stalked, and not by the Volturi. Carlise, Edward, Emmett and Alice are going to meet the watcher as curiosity gets the better of them. But will they meet their match or someone from long ago, who only dwells in muddy memories.

Disclaimer: I don't own ANYTHING you recognise. My first try at this so be kind please, to be honest it's just for fun and i haven't planned anything beyond the next chapter. Im just seeing how it goes, playing by ear and seeing just how much time i can waste whilst trying to get a degree... Thank you!

2. Chapter 2 : Sour Angel

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It was as if the wheel on an old film projector had stuttered for a moment. Time stopped, froze for barely a few moments. A still image placed jarringly into the seamless grace of an old Hollywood classic; four people frozen in time. Whereas the fifth person present, the audience, waited for film to pick up speed again, because after all, she knew it would.

It was a woman, Emmett duly noted, a vampire. Pretty, with light auburn curls falling in a tumble from her head in such a childlike manner that Emmett forgot the danger briefly, she was innocent his subconscious told him. Her pale gold eyes gleamed ‘good’, a vegetarian! Shallow bruises under her eyes were the only mar to her perfect pale face. And then she smiled...

It was not a smile. It did not convey any good will. Rather amusement, mocking amusement. It was a leer filled with the bitterness of many years alone, almost 400 in fact. That one action sparked the closely knit family to attention. A growl ripped slowly from Alice’s pale throat, Edward’s body shifted slightly so he wouldn’t be impeded if the need came to strike.

‘Who are you?’

‘What do you want from us?’

‘Why can’t I see you? You’re a vampire!’

They received no answer from the sour angel. She simply smiled.

Quietness stretched throughout the cafe again, they might as well still be waiting for her to arrive for she had yet to give them any answers.

And still she smiled.

She glanced around the cafe with great interest, a satisfied smug look upon her delicate face, a determined set to her eyes. She gave a small sigh of impatience, as if she were waiting too. And then her gaze came to rest once again on Carlisle Cullen.

‘Well...’ She asked expectantly.

‘Do you know her Carlisle?’ Alice asked tentatively, Edward’s face was a picture of confusion as he sifted through the foggy memories flying through his father’s mind.

‘He does. Don’t you Carlisle’ the sour angel intoned on his behalf.

Carlisle Blinked.

‘What? Don’t you remember me Carlisle?’ She spat the last word with sudden and unforeseen venom making Carlisle flinch. He turned to look at her warily and lifted his trembling fingers to his face.

‘Are you okay?’ came Edward’s worried voice.

‘Oh I’m sure he’s not’ she chuckled ‘I’d say he looked a bit shocked, wouldn’t you?’

‘Shut up!’

She seemed to be enjoying herself now, as her tone dripped sarcasm.

‘... It can’t ...It can’t really... really be you...?’

‘See I told you he was shocked!’ she whispered in sick delight.

‘SHUT UP!’Emmett shouted, his eyebrows were falling lower and lower as he grew more confused, and angry.

‘DON’T TELL MY DAUGHTER TO SHUT UP!’ Carlisle exploded

Silence swelled like an incensed animal.

‘Ah so you do remember me... Father’

‘Excuse me?’ Alice was indignant, just because she was a vegetarian didn’t mean she was family! She threw an anguished look to her father.

‘Alice...’ Carlisle was quiet again ‘This is Eliza... My daughter’ an ugly look scrunched up the watcher’s face ‘... from when I was...’ she nodded, encouraging him to proceed ‘...Alive’ His words grew softer and trailed off. His eyes found her face and blanched with remorse.

When she spoke it was in a small voice; they seemed to share a private moment, excluding his newer sons and daughters. They drank each other in with their eyes, old friends reunited after lifetimes apart.

‘Well I’ve found you at long last’ she smiled her bitter smile again ‘Here’s my message; The Volturi require your expertise regarding some sort of treaty with the mermen, I believe you did something similar with the wolves’ Her business-like tone knocked the wind out of him. She pulled a white sheet of paper from her pocket ‘ I believe this is all you need’ She glanced around the table and stood up ‘Well it was nice meeting all of you, Goodbye’. She turned leaving Carlisle staring dumbfounded at the sheet of paper in his hand.

‘Wait’ she hesitated ‘Eliza, I don’t understand, you’re a vampire... I never knew, how... how did it happen?’

She gave a harsh laugh in response. ‘Do not expect me to stand here and explain myself to you, Father,’ She sneered.

‘You ...’ here her voice grew stronger and yet you could hear the child hiding beneath the bravado.

‘You left me!’

And with that she turned on her heel and left.

‘No, wait Eliza! ELIZA!’

Carlisle did a good impression of the burning man.