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Spring Cleaning

Esme's favorite time of year. Carlisle has to leave on an 'emergancey at the hospital' Leaving everyone else to clean. Bella gets eritated when Emmett wont help. How much do you want to BET she'll get even?


1. Spring Cleaning

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“There’s nothing like some spring cleaning.” Esme sighed as she handed me a bucket and mop. I moaned and looked out the window. It was a nice day, the sun was out.

“I could think of something better.” Jasper grumbled as he wiggled under the kitchen sink. “Someone remind Jacob that we don’t have a garbage disposal.” Edward walked in with Alice, “What are you two up to?”

“Alice said the windows need demucking.” Edward grumbled; he grabbed another bucket and some sponges. “Carlisle gets it easy, stupid hospital calling him away.”

“No, he called himself. I know because he left his pager and the only number on it is his cell phone.” Rosalie announced as she picked up the small beeper from the counter. “I can’t believe he would run out when we needed him the most!!!”

“Uh… Rosalie, cleaning isn’t a life or death situation.” I assured, she looked at her nails.

“For you, Cinderella. You’re used to having to clean.” I ignored the name calling, after all, if I was Cinderella then she was the evil stepsister. Edward reached out and pulled on Rosalie’s hair, making her scream.

“You’ve always got to be a bitch, don’t you.” He growled, she pulled away from him and hissed.

“Be happy Emmett likes you, or I’d have him rip your hide!” Rosalie ran her fingers through her hair to fix the small not Edward had made.

“What? You can’t do it yourself?” He shoved her backwards and she turned and smacked him.

“Stop it, you two.” Esme ordered, just in time for Emmett to walk in.

“What’s up?” He asked, looking around at us.

“Slave work.” Jasper grumbled from under the sink. Emmett looked at all of the cleaning supplies and slowly started to back out of the room.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Esme crossed her arms and glared at her retreating son.

“Cleaning’s really a… girl thing.”

“Your brothers are helping.” Esme pointed out, I nodded.

“Like I said.” He laughed, Jasper growled and through his wrench at him. Emmett glided out of the way so that the wrench flew into the living room and made a loud crash.

“Great, something else to clean.” I moaned; Emmett laughed and ran upstairs. “You’re such a jerk, Emmett.”

“Pay no attention to him, we’re gonna get this cleaning done.” Esme said; I sighed along with everyone else. “How about this, the faster we finish. The sooner we can do something else.”

“Fine.” I agreed, Edward and Alice walked out side to clean the windows. Jasper pulled out an old rusty pipe and moaned.

“I have to go but a new one.” He grabbed his keys and ran out the door too. Esme pointed to the kitchen floor. I sighed and wet the mop, wiping and scrubbing the tile clean.

“Now… I’m going to fix whatever Jasper broke in the living room.” Esme grabbed the trashcan and walked out, Rosalie with her. I stopped mopping and looked around, it would be so much easier if Emmett would help clean. I knew what I was going to do, and it would save us all the trouble of having to clean.