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Spring Cleaning

Esme's favorite time of year. Carlisle has to leave on an 'emergancey at the hospital' Leaving everyone else to clean. Bella gets eritated when Emmett wont help. How much do you want to BET she'll get even?


2. I Bet I can?

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“Hey, Edward. I got a plan.” I ran out to see Edward dangling from the roof with one hand and washing the third story window with the other.

“What did you say? Plan for what?” He let go of the roof and landed gracefully on the ground.

“Plan for not having to spend the day cleaning the house. Where’s Alice?” I looked around, but I couldn’t see my little sister anywhere.

“She left with Jasper to go ‘get a new part’ for the sink.” He used his fingers when he said it. “Let’s just say, they won’t be back for a while.”

“Bummer, because…” I leaned in close so that my soon-to-be victim wouldn’t hear. “I’m gonna get Emmett to clean the whole house by himself.”

Right, why would he do that?” Edward crossed his arms and looked up at Emmett and Rosalie’s room window.

“I Bet-,” I said extra loud, hoping to catch Emmett’s attention. “If Emmett did clean anything, he wouldn’t be able to do a good job.”

“How much are you willing to bet?” Emmett asked from behind me; Edward smiled widely.

“How about…hmm.” I couldn’t really think of anything Emmett would want. Or that I was willing to give up.

“How about you and Edward not having sex for one month?” He crossed his arms and gave a huge smile. I chewed on my lip as I thought about it.

“Bella!” Edward scolded; Emmett shook his finger at him.

“Our bet, not yours.” Emmett defended, Edward growled deeply at him.

“he’s got a point, Love.”

“But a whole month?” He looked drained as he glared at his brother.

“I was going to make it a year… but that would just be unfair, to Bella.” He laughed and waved me forward. “Well, what will it be?”

“You will have to clean every inch of the house by yourself with a toothbrush.” Emmett just laughed, I smiled and held up a finger to show I wasn’t finished. “At human speed.” Emmett stopped laughing and looked at the three story tall mansion.

“Deal.” Is said, still looking at the house. “What do you want me to clean?”

“Jacob’s bathroom!” Emmett roared as Esme shoved all of the cleaning supplies at him. “But that’s disgusting! Who knows what’s growing in there!”

“That’s exactly why you’re the man for the job.” I said, crossing my arms.

“You can always back out on the deal… but then you would have to clean the whole house… with a toothbrush… at human speed. And you would still have to clean Jacob’s bathroom.” I noted, looking at my perfect nails like Rosalie had.

“This is cruel, Bella.” He moaned, pushing the door to the bathroom open.

“This is gambling, Emmett. Be happy I’m not Vegas.” I hid my laugh as Emmett held his breath and dove into the most disgusting room of the house. “Oh, and you only have fifteen minutes.”

“Thirty.” He bargained.



“Deal.” I said and walked off; humming victory songs as I went to do my own chores. Oh how I wish Alice and Jasper hadn’t have ditched on such a great day.