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Spring Cleaning

Esme's favorite time of year. Carlisle has to leave on an 'emergancey at the hospital' Leaving everyone else to clean. Bella gets eritated when Emmett wont help. How much do you want to BET she'll get even?


3. Roses

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Alice and Jasper came back after I put Emmett to work. Unfortunately for Jasper, he didn’t have the part he was supposed to be looking for. “Oh well, I guess you don’t get to be there when your brother wails on the floor while holding a toothbrush.” I said; Jasper smiled wickedly.

“Or when my other brother is wailing on the floor because he’s got to go dry for a month.” I gave a low moan, along with Edward. “Don’t forget, Emmett could actually do a really good job.” Jasper laughed as he walked out to his car.

“How much longer?” Edward moaned; I could feel the despair in his voice as he asked.

“Ten minutes… is he doing a good job?” I was feeling anxious about our bet, what if Emmett really won?

“Sort of, the sink’s drain slowed him down a bit.” I shuddered, only Jacob would be able to stop a drain that bad.


“Really.” He agreed, “Emmett is still gagging.”

“Edward, don’t you have some windows to clean?” Esme asked as she walked by with a bottle of non-bleach cleaner. Edward grumbled as he slugged his way outside to help Alice. I grabbed my mop again and moved to clean the first floor hallway.

“Hello Cinderella, you missed a spot.” Rosalie said as she walked by with a fresh vase of roses. I don’t know what made me do it, but it felt so good when I tripped her with the mop. The vase flew out of her hands and shattered on the tile. “My roses! Bella!”

“Oh, now I’m Bella. What happened to Cinderella, my wicked stepsister? Oh, it’ looks like you dropped something.” I growled and returned to mopping the tile floor. Rosalie stood there looking shocked for a second before she walked over and picked up the roses from the broken glass.

“Is something wrong in here?” Edward asked as he walked in, I shook my head. Edward glared at Rosalie and crossed his arms. “Well is there?”

“No.” She mumbled as she picked up the last rose and handed them to him. “Can you find a vase for these, I broke the last one.”

“Uh…” Edward glanced at me and then back at her. “Sure, I guess.” He walked into the kitchen and I watched Rosalie as she picked up every fragment of glass she could find.

“What happened to your snooty attitude?”

“Those were for you, just to let you know.” She grumbled and walked away with her hands full of glass. I felt sick; I knew where her attitude went, into me. I continued to mop as I thought about how rude I had been to her. But she was rude to me first, and for the longest. After Renesmee was born she had gone back to not really liking me. I moved up to the second floor and groaned; most of the rooms had tile or wood in them. Except for the bedrooms, but their bathrooms were tiled.