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Spring Cleaning

Esme's favorite time of year. Carlisle has to leave on an 'emergancey at the hospital' Leaving everyone else to clean. Bella gets eritated when Emmett wont help. How much do you want to BET she'll get even?


4. victory

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“Okay, I’m ready for inspection.” Emmett said as I walked into the surprisingly clean bathroom. I lifted the toilet seat and nodded, it was clean. So were the sink, mirror, counter, shelves, shower, drains, and everything else in the bathroom. I looked at the floor; it was swept and mopped.

“Well crap.” I sighed and crossed my arms as Emmett whooped and yahooed in Edwards face.

“You’re going dry dude! Enjoy playing cards every night for the next month!” Emmett poked and prodded at him until Edward growled and swung out, missing him. “A whole month dude, such a long time.”

“Emmett, if you keep it up I’ll murder you and tell your air head of a wife that you ran away to the circus.” Edward growled, Emmett growled back at him and shoved him away.

“Um, Emmett. I didn’t say you got everything.” I said, me turned back at me.

“What did I miss?” I looked everywhere; I even got down on my hands and knees and looked for even a piece of dirt. “Face it Bella, I won.”

“Don’t rush her.” Edward said, hoping that I would find something.

“I don’t know you might have me.” I said, looking at the walls and shelves. The shelves… “What about up here?” I stood on the closed lid to the toilet and leaned over the shelves to see the top of them. “Bingo! Emmett you lose!!!!”

“What!” Emmett grabbed me and lifted me off the toilet and dropped me but Edward. He got up and looked at the top of the shelves. “No!!!” He wined a thick layer of dust and other debris sat there, untouched.

“Yes!” Edward paraded. “You lose, fucker!!! Every damm inch of the house!!! Loser!!!” He shot up his thumb and index finger to his forehead. Emmett swung out and plowed his fist into Edward’s face. Edward flew back and landed against the far wall.

“Emmett!” I shrieked, he looked at me like he was innocent.

“Jack ass.” Edward picked himself up and growled. Emmett shrugged it off and grabbed Jacob’s tooth brush from its holder.

“Oh, this is so a popcorn moment.” Alice said as he sat in the living room and watched Emmett ‘mop’ the floor with a toothbrush.

“You cut it pretty close, Bella.” Edward said as he ran his lips along my neck.

“It’s not like you’ve gone 109 years without sex or anything.” I grumbled; I felt him shrug.

“Hey Mr. Horny, move your foot.” Emmett growled at Edward; he moved and Emmett scrubbed the tile. “Damm Bella, I thought you mopped in here.”

“How does it feel to be doing women’s work?”

“Fuck off.” He grumbled; I reached out with my foot and smugged the floor again.

“Missed a spot.”

“Oh you’re so dead.” He growlede, I shrugged.

“Doe’s anyone feel like a movie?” Jasper asked, already going to get his keys.

“Sure, that sounds great.” We all followed him; Emmett looked up and gaped at us as me moved out the door.

“I want to go!”

“You’ve got a house to clean.”