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My life.rewritten

My name is renesmee carlie cullen,this is my story of my life inside of my mother and my birth. I had this edited my 1 of my beta's sian,Thank you for your help.

I know that renesmee is not a shield but just thought that i would add that.It is not in any of the book's.But as edward can only read her mind near the end i thought that i should put the shield bit in.

1. my birth

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My name is Renesmee Carlie Cullen. I am the daughter of Isabella Marie and Edward Anthony Cullen. My mother was human when I was conceived while my father was a vampire. Yes, I am half vampire, half human. I am now going to tell you my story, of my life and birth as how I saw it. My parents are very much in love.

I was born on the 10th of September, violently. I nearly killed my mother. I was disgusted with myself. I just hoped that she would be fine; my grandfather was doing everything that he could to save her. My father was a wreck; he had done everything he could to keep her alive.

I remember being in my mother's womb. All I remember at that time was it was bright. Wherever they were, they were happy…until I made my presence known. I will carry these memories around with me forever, at the back of mind, so my father can’t read my mind.

My mother had been sick (which came with being pregnant). I didn't like the food she had been eating. I never meant to hurt my mother, but I did, every time she moved quickly. I was too strong for her human body. She had faith in me, kept me alive. But that is a different part to my story. My father had asked what was wrong - food poisoning I think she said.

It took her twenty minutes to realise she was pregnant. I gave her a little nudge, just to let her know I was there and real. My father had a lovely voice, but when he shouted he scared me. It was very loud for my delicate vampire ears. My mother became very upset, was she talking to me? Maybe I would have to listen harder.

I heard something about needing protecting, but who would want to hurt my mother? Then I realised it was me who needed protection, from my own father. That hurt. I would have to make him see that I would not hurt my mother intentionally. Right now my father could not read me, my mother was protecting with her shield. And one of my powers was also a shield.

We were now in another place. It was not so bright here, but I could hear lots of different voices, they were beautiful. That is when I heard the voice, the voice I would love forever. My mother and I were going down hill fast. She could not eat and we were going to die, we were slowly starving to death.

I heard my father say to my mother, about drinking blood. Yes, this is what I craved; just the thought of it was mouth watering. We both picked up. I became stronger. But with that I kept hurting my mother, every time that I moved. I hated doing this to my mother, my parents. I needed to talk with my father.

My mother had dropped her shield, so I dropped mine. My father was in shock, but I was glad that he could hear me. He told me not to move so hard as it hurt my mother, I would try. My father and I now had a bond, I hoped it would last. I loved my mother, father and the rest of my family. I also loved Jacob, that was his name. I was going to make him mine.

That is when it happened. I thought I was going to die. My mother had moved too quickly, she had pulled the placenta away from her womb. We were going to die. I had to try and get out. I kicked trying to get their attention. Before I knew it, I'd broken my mother's spine. Then I was out. I could breathe. That is when I saw my father, he is even more beautiful than his voice.

My father laid me in my mother's arms and I saw what I had done to her. Beautiful Renesmee she says. I bite her then. My father grabs me, telling me off. I was only showing her my affection. That is when I hear his voice. My mother is dead. I have killed my mother and that alone will kill my father. I am taken away. Leaving my father who is trying to save her. What have I done?

Suddenly I can hear my mother's heartbeat. Thank Christ she is alive. I hear Jacob coming; he looks like he is going to kill me. I look straight in hi s eyes, they show shock and love. He has imprinted on me, he is now mine, like I hoped.

I am taken to my father. He is worried about my mother. He does not leave her side. She is becoming a vampire. My mother had saved me, my father has saved my mother. We are family. My father tells me I am beautiful, that I have my mother’s eyes. My mother looks better than the last time I saw her. I am worried about my parents. I show my father my worries. Yes, I have another gift. I can show people what I'm thinking. I can’t talk yet.

My father reassures me that my mother will be fine. I just need to be patient. I am taken down stairs again. My mother will be awake soon. My father thinks he has done something wrong. My mother should be in pain, but she is silent. Could it all have been for nothing? Only time will tell.


It has been three days now and my patience is running thin. My mother is awake now, but she needs to hunt. They think she will hurt me, but I know different. My family try to entertain me, it does little good though.

My parents are back, I can hear them. Someone is out there with them. I can hear them saying my safety is important. How much longer do I have to wait to meet my mother again?

Here come my parents. My mother is beautiful. God, how I love her and my father. Everyone gets in my way, blocking her. I cry, no, scream. Everyone comes rushing over, everyone except my mother.
I show them who I want, they don't seem so sure. My father has faith in my mother. Finally I am in her arms…sort of. My love is also holding me in case my mother loses it.

My mother does not lose it yet. Things change quickly. My mother is shouting at my Jacob. She has found out he imprinted on her baby girl. She runs him out of the house. I hope she does not hurt him. He is mine. I don't want to look, but I have to. He needs to be safe, I love him. I see my mother go for his throat, luckily Seth jumps in front of her. My mother and I need to have words.

They won’t let me near my mother until she is calm. Aunt Rose and Jacob are arguing about whose turn it is to feed me. I don't care, I just want food.

It is six o'clock, time for granddad to measure me. My family are worried, I'm growing too fast. I end up back in my mother’s arms, while everyone debates. God, I want my mother, will anyone listen?

I show her my gift. She is shocked. Will she still love me? YES. I show her everything she has missed, wanting her to know me fully. She is loving. My father whips me out of my mother’s arms quickly. I showed her my meals of donated human blood. My father is scared, my mother is shocked. I am placed back in my mother’s arms again and I start where I left off. My mother and I are by the window. My eyes roll, I'm near sleep now. Until another time, my dreams are taking me.

This is my life. I am happy. I have my parents, family and my love Jacob. Surely things will be good now, we will see. If more happens I will write. Until then I must say goodbye to you all.