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Within The Bloody Tattoo

Zoey redbird is a whole other different species of vampire that live in an alternate universe where humans know what they are and always have, from the beginning of time. Edward and Bella Cullen are our regular type of vampires who both share a common thing with Zoey redbird. Blood and danger. What will happen when two different universes cross. Will it bring new love, peace, or disaster? Crossover between Twilight and The House of Night Series


1. Capture thy Heart of the Beloved.

Rating 4/5   Word Count 580   Review this Chapter

Bella’s POV

Twilight was fading away. The day was coming to a close and I lay in Edwards arms in our beautiful meadow. I closed my eyes and inhaled a beautiful scent of flowers, moss, and the sweet smell of Edward. I opened my eyes and saw Edward looking at me with dark eyes that held undying love in them. He smiled his crooked smile as if he could read my mind. The perfect structure of his face still seemed to enlighten me. I looked into his eyes once more and got lost in them, feeling warm inside, touched by his love that I know would never fade like the morning sun.

He was once my shooting star that I wished upon but yet to far to reach. But now he was my moon , shining bright and lighting up the dark. He truly was my soul mate. I closed my eyes and laid my head on his chest.

“Love are you alright?” Edward said looking worried by my silence.

“Yes. I’m just-” I looked up at him and was dazzled.

“Love are you okay?” Edward said with a crooked smile that I loved.

“I’m fine.” shaking my head snapping myself back to reality. “still, after all this time, you never fail to amaze me.”

Edward laughed, filling the night air with sound. His laugh rang in my ears, sending shivers through my body.

“I love you Bella Marie Cullen.” Edward said smiling at my new last name. I smiled with him.

“I love you to Edward Anthony Mason Cullen.” I told him with passion. I laid my head once again on his chest. I felt Edward kiss the top of my head.

“I think we should be going.” Edward told me. Both of our thoughts venturing to our wonderful daughter Renesmee. Before he realized what I was doing, I got up super fast and started racing towards the house.

“Race ya!” I yelled behind my back. I heard him jump up and start racing behind me. He was gaining on me, I could hear his exhilarated breathing and his soft footsteps. He was just about to past me when the ground shook and the wind started going crazy. Then all of a sudden a white flash sparked in front of me and sent me hurtling towards a tree. As I flew into the tree I heard it crack and fall onto the forest floor. I looked up and saw the white light get bigger and bigger until it just disappeared right into thin air. I just started at what I saw until I saw something move in the dim moonlit night. With my new vampire sight I could tell it was a girl, my age perhaps. She was looking around herself with amazement. My hair on my back stood up, warning me of unseen danger. Was it the girl? I started to get up slowly, when I heard Edward call my name and accidentally stepped on a branch. The girls head snapped in my direction. As soon as she saw me she ran off, but before she ran away I caught the sight of her face. She had raven black hair and a scent that was so sweet. But the one thing that caught my attention were the tattoos on her face. There was a crescent moon in the middle of her forehead with other beautiful designs going down both sides of her face disappearing into her shirt.