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Until We Meet Again

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Love is not breathlessness, nor excitement.
It is not the proclamation of eternal passion.
Love is what is left over when being in-love fades away.
Luella Bishop was born in 1901.
She lost her fiance in 1918 to the Spanish Influenza.

Takes place in 2009, two years after Breaking Dawn.
What happens when Edward is reunited with a past love?
Will he have to choose between two loves just as Bella once had?
Will Bella and Edward really be together forever!?

Story has continuous flashbacks and multiple POV's.


1. "Chapter 1" Your Promise

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No one saw it coming. How could they? The first wave of the Spanish Influenza hit mainly European countries. It was mild, the young and healthy survived its relentless torment. Many physicians and scientists believed it to be just a bad year for influenza; they didn’t predict that it would become mutated. A few weeks passed and it seemed as if the epidemic was over, but in all truth, the worst was yet to come. Somehow from lying dormant, the virus mutated fixing itself upon another virus. This second wave was far more deadly than the first. It was unpredictable, attacking those who would usually withstand, not touching the weak and vulnerable. I was trying to do all I could. My father is a physician, not a great one, but reliable. He had contracted the first strand of the influenza so now saw himself as immune to this second strand. He was spending most of his waking hours at the hospital, trying to maintain the outbreak. It was hard watching him risk his life for strangers. It had been seven months, but my father still remained hopeful.

I had a warm meal ready for him as he walked through the door, well past any reasonable hour of the night. I knew this was all I could do to help my Father; I could do what mother used to do for him. At seventeen years of age, it was about time that I grew up and learnt how to become a proper lady. My mother had died giving birth to me; it wasn’t uncommon in these days. Women were lucky if they survived childbirth. So it had always been just me and Father.

“Ah Dearest Luella, we must find you a husband you are wasting your talents on me!” Father exclaimed as he smelt the meal I laid in front of him.

“Father, you know all too well that even if I do marry a gentleman that you will still be eating my meals every night. I could not bear with the thought of you trying to cook!” I looked to my father. “Gentlemen must never do a woman’s job. If you would take over the household duties, what would I have left to continue on living?” I smiled at my father. He knew all too well that my dream was to have an education, to someday travel the world. It was a value looked down upon. My lifelong goal should be to make my husband happy, to do what he asked when he asked for it. But I only had one person in mind that I could ever do that for, yet he was still determined to go to war. He wished for honour – bravery – courage, and all that other crud the government brainwashed our healthy young males with. For them their lifelong dream was to be a soldier.

My father then smiled back at me. We ate in silence and I cleaned up after we had finished. He looked much too tired these days and I ached to help him.

“Father, what do you think about my becoming a Nurse?” I almost whispered just before I went to say good night. I had toyed with this idea for months now. Surely, I could be trained. I had much knowledge from simply reading my Father’s medical journals. I could certainly be of help, not just here for the influenza but when our soldiers came home and needed healing. His face was of shock and evasiveness; he didn’t want me to see what he was seeing. He was trying to protect his only daughter. “I...I see what you accomplish, I see how this work satisfies you so. I could still take care of the house, be here to fix you warm meals every day. I feel as though I am not using all of my potential in taking care of this house. I feel as if I was meant to do more.” I said quietly. I knew it would take him time to agree, to see my point of view. But as I waited my father smiled.

“If you think that is where you belong, then I will not stop you. I always knew you would make me proud.” He sighed, walked forward and kissed my brow. “You remind me so much of your mother Luella.” I smiled, this was something my father told me constantly.

I however did not see the resemblance. I had only one photograph of my mother. She was young, just on eighteen when she bore me. However, I look upon her picture and cannot help but see a wise strong woman with a swollen womb. Completely satisfied with the path her life was taking. I saw everything a child should see of her mother, yet I couldn’t see any of this in me. I was somewhat beautiful and had been told this most of my life. My hair fell in waves to my waist, the color of it however was yours to be presumed how you wished. My father once described it to be a perfect mixture of rust and Carnelian red. The rust coming from my father’s exuberant dark gold hair and the red from my mother’s long locks. It made a pleasing combination, though I longed for my mother’s flawlessness. My skin would be perfect porcelain, if it hadn’t been kissed by the sun. The little freckles that spread across the bridge of my nose reminded me of my youth; however they did not seem to want to fade with age. My eyes were a dark grey; the colour had always reminded my father of the summer storm clouds that would come from the west. I hated them. They seemed colourless to me, dull as if whatever soul I had with me had died long ago. I suppose that was a fair description, I was a murderer even as a new born – there was no hope for me.

I sighed and trudged off to my room. I would have to awake early to fix Father’s breakfast. He worked so hard and did such significant work. He needed his strength to save souls purer than my own. I glanced out my window to the neighbouring house. Edward’s window was still alight. I would have to tell him tomorrow of my plans to become a nurse. He only had ten months till he was old enough to join the army and defend our countries honour. At least while he was out there fighting, he could rest assured knowing that I would be here, ready and willing to mend his wounds. If all went well, I hoped to marry Mr. Masen before he was escorted off to war. I had known him all my life and had considered no one else in his place. By the time I was seven I knew that Edward was who I would choose to be my husband. I would give up my education; I would never choose to see the wonders of the world if he were to ask me; if Edward were to ask me to be his wife. I kept my wishes to myself. Positive thinking was all I needed.

The next morning was horrid. I awoke just as my Father began stirring, the sun had not yet reached the horizon. I began making some sweet porridge when there were three sharp raps at the front door, an odd thing for this time of the morning. I quickly began to pull the pot off the heat, I didn’t need it burning to a crisp while I was gone. The three sharp raps happened again, whoever this was they seemed to have no patience. I made my way to the front door, Edward stood there his arm raised as if he was about to knock again. Well, that explains the hurry. Edward never did like waiting.

“Edward?” I asked, still slightly groggy from lack of sleep. But surprised tinted my tone. “Why its early, the sun hasn’t even passed the horizon..” I began to say before Edward cut me off.

“Is your father awake?” Edward asked, his pace much quicker than usual. His tone though panic stricken somehow cut into my emotions. He was always pleasant with me.

“I was just about to go and fetch him for breakfast, would you like to join us? I have made sweet porridge.” I asked, although I knew he seemed to have a pressing matter at hand I couldn’t help my selfish desire to want to converse with him. Have him be satisfied whilst eating a meal that I cooked.

He tried to smile, it was crooked. “Lulu..” He began, he was the only one who called me that. “It’s my Father...he fell ill in the middle of the night. We fear it’s influenza.” My jaw dropped suddenly. Well I wasn’t the daughter of the local doctor for nothing.

“His symptoms?” I asked quickly. Edward was aware of my medical knowledge, I had heard father speak often of the effects of influenza. Edwards face changed from one of panic, to one of appreciation.

“Fever, sweats, vomiting..” Edward started thinking as he walked inside the house. “ He seems to be having some difficulty breathing as well.” I nodded, the outlook seemed bleak, even from the little that I knew.

“Oh Edward...” I said as I approached closer. “You should have come here when he first fell ill...My father would not have hesitated to help.”

“I know.. We didn’t think it to be serious. But as the morning grows his symptoms are becoming more severe.” Edward looked horrid.

“Wait here, I will fetch my father.” I said suddenly and began to walk away. Edward grabbed my wrist and pulled me into a tight embrace. I could feeling his breathing stagger. “Oh Edward it will all be okay. My father will have him mended in no time!” I said, Edward still did not loosen his grip on me. A minute later he finally pulled away.

“I don’t know what my life would have been like without you Luella. I don’t think a simple thankyou is enough to show my true appreciation for what you and your father have done for me and my family. But it’s the only words I know.” Edward green eyes stared into my own wanting to convey the sincere nature of his gesture. I smiled leaned forward and placed a small kiss upon his cheek.

“Wait here.” I said simply and went off to fetch my father. I would have to mention my plans about me becoming a nurse to him some other time. It didn’t take long for my Father to respond in less than a minute we were standing in the bedroom of Edward’s father. The initial diagnosis didn’t hold much hope, Mr. Masen was already coughing up blood.

“I’m going to have to take him to the hospital. The virus he is carrying could be passed to either of you, it is much too dangerous for him to remain here.” My Father said, he was a doctor now, not a friend nor a neighbour. I knew what his words said more than anyone else in the room. There is no hope, my father was taking him to the hospital to die.

“May I escort you?” Edward asked, he was rather fond of his father. My Father simply shook his head as he carried Mr. Masen to his car.

Edward and I waited all day in the courtyard, we rarely spoke. We were both dreadfully worried, his mother locked herself in her room, I had supposed she didn’t want anyone to see her cry. It was midday before Edward had composed himself.

“I don’t suppose that we could visit?” His voice didn’t hold any hope, he already knew the answer.

“We aren’t allowed.” I didn’t want to tell him why we were allowed. We weren’t allowed because everywhere you looked there would be a corpse. We weren’t allowed because eventually those who suffered the severe symptoms of the Spanish influenza would bleed from their ears and eyes. The patients would eventually have coughing fits in which they would cough up blood. I definitely would not tell him that the sufferers had begun excreting so much blood that the doctors and nurses had to start wearing gum boots. I could not tell Edward that even if we were to go that his father may be delirious and may not even recognise him. No I could never tell Edward that. Edward nodded. “I talked to Father last night, of my becoming a nurse.” Edward jumped on the change of topic, but not in a way that I would have expected.

“What? How utterly absurd Lulu.” Edward exclaimed, he looked angry.

“I beg your pardon?” I didn’t like it when he raised his voice, he knew I was stubborn and would not tolerate it.

“I apologise, I didn’t mean to act so rudely.” He had a bit more control. I looked at him, wanting him to explain himself. “It is just, I mean this in the sincerest way possible Luella. I don’t think I could stand the thought of you being in such danger...” Ha! Well that was rather hypocritical.

“So you can go gallivanting off to war? But I’m not allowed to care for the sick and injured. Uhuh.” I was needing to hold back my temper.

“I’m a man, I certainly do not seek to get myself killed. I will do everything possible so that I can come back home safely.” Edward said intensely, he sounded as if he was trying to use positive thinking too. “But I do not think it be wise for you to expose yourself to the sick and injured. I see what my father is going through. I could not live thinking that could possibly happen to you too.”

So he was trying to protect me, he had the reaction I had expected my Father to have.

“What am I to do then when you have gone to war? I do not think I could stand ever saying goodbye to you Edward...” I stopped there, I could feel my voice breaking.

“I will come back, I will come back to you Lulu, I can promise you that.” Edward said, taking my hand into his. “And I hope you still have room in your life for me when I come back.” I looked up at him then, what an odd thing to say.

“Edward...no one could ever take your place. It will be there waiting for you till you enter my life again.” I said honestly. I cannot believe he didn’t know this already. I squeezed his hand slightly...and he smiled.

“Do you wish to be my wife?” Edward asked, it wasn’t the question that I was longing for. He was asking if I could see him being my husband, he wasn’t actually asking me to be his wife. I couldn’t look at him, I just nodded slightly. Didn’t he know this already? “Do you think my being away at war would seem almost bearable, if we were to marry?” He asked simply stroking the hand of mine that he held.

“I don’t want you to ask me like this.” I said, he looked at me as if I had said a bad word.

“But I thought you said that you wished to be my wife...” He asked, now utterly confused.

“I do Edward. You have not a clue how I have longed for just that.” I sighed, this seemed all wrong.

“Then I don’t see the predicament.” He said simply, now wanting me to explain. He was usually so good at reading me, being able to see was I was thinking.

“I don’t want you to marry me just because you want to make your absence easier for me. I want you to marry me because you want me to be your wife. I want you to marry me because you love me. Not because it seems logical.” I still couldn’t look at him. He let out one laugh of relief.

“Well then...let me start over shall I?” He knelt in front of me, still holding my hand. “Luella Margaret Bishop, I refuse to spend the rest of my life without you. I refuse to let any other man claim you as their own. I, Edward Anthony Masen, love you and wish for nothing more than for you to be my wife. So I am asking you Lulu, will you marry me?” His smiled his trademark crooked smile. I tried to speak but the words caught in my throat. I made a sound as if I was starting to sob. I managed to smile and nod at my now fiancé. Wow. He reached up and kissed my forehead. “Thank you my love.”