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Until We Meet Again

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Love is not breathlessness, nor excitement.
It is not the proclamation of eternal passion.
Love is what is left over when being in-love fades away.
Luella Bishop was born in 1901.
She lost her fiance in 1918 to the Spanish Influenza.

Takes place in 2009, two years after Breaking Dawn.
What happens when Edward is reunited with a past love?
Will he have to choose between two loves just as Bella once had?
Will Bella and Edward really be together forever!?

Story has continuous flashbacks and multiple POV's.


2. Chapter 2 "Uncovered"

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FORKS, 2009 CARLISLE CULLEN My night had been quiet. It was now early morning, I could hear my son playing with his daughter downstairs. There could not possibly be a sound that could bring me anymore joy. I could hear his wife on the porch speaking with dearest Jacob, who ever knew it would all end up like this? Jacob being a shape-shifter and being a native Quileute destined him to become our mortal enemy. But now his undying love for my granddaughter had us all united, now he was considered one of us. I could hear each conversation clearly but chose to ignore them rather than intrude. Being a vampire had its repercussions; privacy was scarce in this family. My son Edward had the uncanny capability of being able to hear one’s thoughts, so not even your private thoughts were really that private. If you had enough control you could evade Edward’s power, but your future could always be seen by my daughter Alice. It seems all rather intrusive if an outsider were to look into our family, the powers each person holds could no doubt take away the unpredictability of life. But being able to see the future kept everyone safe from danger, so no one chose to voice their annoyance, everyone was aware of the higher purpose of each power. Just as I began to rise my phone started to ring. I had answered it before the second note played. “Alice?” I said quickly, seeing her name come up on my screen. Spontaneous phone calls from Alice always had the receiver slightly worried about her purpose. “Carlisle, so I can’t be positive about what I am seeing. Are...are you getting a new boss at work?” Alice asked, it sounded like Alice was unsure of herself, which was a rare occurrence. “Well a new head to the emergency department will be joining us today. Alice, what’s wrong? What have you seen?” I asked, it wasn’t like Alice to guess anything. “I don’t know it’s giving me a headache. I think she is immortal, but then the next thing I know I’m seeing her as a human, hearing her heart beat smelling her scent....and then she is back to an immortal again. I don’t know what it all means. I first thought that maybe something would happen and you changed her, but you don’t seemed involved in this at all except that she is a doctor at your hospital. Then I thought she might be special like Renesmee, but when I see her as a human she seems much older. So that theory dried up. So I know I’m not much help, but I thought I should call you anyway. I’m heading back home now, I’m hoping things will be clearer when I’m closer to you.” “Right, well thank you Alice. I’m afraid I will be at the hospital by the time you arrive here but if you have anything more just give me a call.” I responded slowly, this was rather odd, even for a family of immortals. I closed the phone and headed downstairs, of course my son Edward would know the details of the conversation. He knew what Alice had said as soon as her words were recognised in my head. “What do you think it could be?” Edward asked before I had even descended the stairs. I waited till I had reached the last stair to reply. “I am not too sure. It seems that Alice’s visions are unclear, but I do not see any danger even if she is an immortal. “ I said confidently. Even if she is an immortal, in this line of work she would have to be fairly civilised. I thought knowing that Edward was able to hear me. My dearest granddaughter smiled up at me then having finished drawing a picture of a red wolf, a picture of Jacob. Well a picture is not how I would describe Renesmee’s work, she is the best artist of the family. The wolf looked completely lifelike, even to my fine eye I could not have been able to tell that she had used pastels. It looked like a photograph – a perfect depiction. She has grown up at an incredible rate, it has only been two years since her birth and she already appeared as an eleven year old. Her mind however was much more advanced. Edward nodded at me and I could tell that he had relaxed. If this new employee at the hospital was indeed an immortal she would have to be living a life similar to ours. I had started to become rather excited at the prospect of meeting her. My family’s way of life was rather looked down upon by our own kind, we rarely had visitors. I smiled at my granddaughter as she signed her name at the bottom of her art piece. “Do you like it Grandad Carlisle?” She asked me dearly. Before I had time to respond she continued. “It is my Jacob’s birthday soon, I wanted to make him something nice.” She looked at the picture appreciatively. “It’s perfect Nessie, you could not have done it better. Jacob will simply love it.” I said as I stared at the picture appreciatively. Edward was still apprehensive about the relationship between Renesmee and Jacob, but Jacob and him seemed to have formed a strong friendship. I wish that he will become to Jacob what I have become to him - a father. It was going to take time, I was well aware of this. But I believe with time, once Edward sees that his daughter would choose to be with no other than Jacob then he may fully accept the concept. Edward sighed, no question at what I had just been thinking. “My shift finishes at eleven tonight. Do try and help Alice, she seems to be rather upset about this whole situation.” I said as I headed out towards the garage. Edward nodded, still upset about my thoughts. In time he will realise, in time... I walked at human pace, something that I had become accustomed to. It wasn’t difficult to switch from human speed to my normal pace, but it did take a channel of thought to control. I would rather keep that channel open so that I could be as helpful as possible, walking at a human pace in most facets of life made the action almost natural, I didn’t feel as if the world was passing slowly anymore. I slid into the seat of my Mercedes and headed to work, I didn’t feel the need to exceed the speed limit as did the rest of my family. The majority of my mind was concentrating on the day ahead of me. If I was to encounter another immortal at work then I would have to watch them carefully. Just as I thought about the finer details my phone began to ring again. I picked it up, no need to hold it to my ear, I could hear clearly from a distance. The phone stayed in my lap. “Alice? Anything new?” I asked as I pulled into the hospital car park. I saw my own reserved car space had been filled by a foreign car. “She is a human.” Alice said very quickly. “Well when you see her she will be.” She seemed to be angry. “But somehow, I do not know how. I can’t see it!” She was talking much too fast. “She...I think she becomes immortal. But I see this all happening today Carlisle. I see her working on a patient as an immortal. It doesn’t make any sense.” Alice dragged out a long breath. “I’m sure there is a logical explanation to what you are seeing Alice.” I replied pulling into an empty car park next to my own. “How can there be Carlisle? There is no possible way that she could change so rapidly.” Alice said, almost on the point of sobbing. “I’m losing it Carlisle, my power...I can feel it slipping away from me.” “Alice, there are many possibilities. You may be seeing her as a human because she may appear to be very human. If she works in this industry she must be very old and very experienced, she could be just as accustomed to being human as I am. It’s very likely that you are seeing the manner in which she acts rather than her physical being. I would not worry Alice, please I promise you everything is going to be fine. Once I establish the situation I will indeed inform you of the details that we are dealing with.” I said very calmly and confidently, Alice was not known for her composure. “Of course, you’re right Carlisle.” Alice said with a sigh of relief. “Everyone is on their way home as we speak. They don’t want to be absent if a situation was to arise.” Alice said now annoyed again. “Good, I think that is for the best. Thank you Alice, you have been very helpful.” We both hung up at the same time. I quickly jumped out of the car to assess the vehicle accompanying my park spot. It was a white Volkswagen Golf, a car I myself had considered purchasing for Esme. She was the only one in the family who didn’t enjoy fast cars, or even owned a car. It was a sensible and rather subtle hatchback, but powerful enough to satisfy even Emmett’s desire for speed. It took less than a second to look at all of its features closely. It wasn’t long after that until I shoved on my white coat and headed out to the Nurses Station, they were the people to ask when you wanted to find out information. Surely they would have met our new resident by now. “Good Morning.” I said with a charming smile, it wasn’t really necessary I had worked with these independent women for years now, they trusted me enough to consider me a colleague of theirs. “I daresay you haven’t heard anything about our newest inheritance?” I whispered in hush tones whilst leaning on the counter of the desk in front of me. I could see that instantly their eyes went hazy, I was almost too good at charming people now. Back when I was human the only thing that I could really ever charm was my pet cat Ruby, but that all seemed to change when I became an immortal and she seemed suddenly appetising to me. I waited patiently for a few moments, letting my question be recognised in their thoughts. The blonde nurse was the first to speak, Alison was always braver than the others. She was intensely straight forward and never let her emotions get the better of her self control. “Well I met her around an hour ago. From what I have heard she has been here all night, refuses to leave or to take a break. Says she wants to meet all the staff before she leaves. A bit mental this one is.” Alison leaned in closer to me, checking the hall behind before she spoke. “Rumour has it that the big guys upstairs have given her permission to rearrange the Emergency Department. Pretty much told her that she can do whatever she wishes with it.” She rolled her eyes at this, obviously not agreeing with this decision. Before I could ask anything more, all the girls seemed to have joined in. “Oh but that’s not the best part!” Marietta exclaimed brightly. Marietta was a plain mousey haired girl who rarely complained about any situation. She was quite an investment to the department. “Dr. Bishop is a highly wanted surgeon! A little bird told me that the hospital literally begged Dr. Bishop to transfer here, offered her more money than the hospital could afford.” She leaned in closer. “But she didn’t accept it. Dr. Bishop asked to be paid based salary. Which is very kind of her, but it’s a bit iffy don’t you think? I mean who refuses a pay rise?” Marietta raised her left brow but got back to her paperwork. “I don’t trust her.” Claudia, the eldest nurse in the hospital at sixty-two exclaimed. “She is too young to be given such responsibility. She has barely even worked in hospitals! Her resume has her working on a volunteer basis for the past ten years in various diseased ridden countries. Just basic medical work, she wouldn’t have the skills to be a great surgeon.” Hannah, our youngest nurse chimed in then. She was rather beautiful, reminded me of my dearest Esme. “Oh I wouldn’t say that!” Hannah exclaimed while texting on her phone. “A bloke came in last night, had fallen off a ladder whilst cleaning his gutters...I don’t know why he was doing something like that at night, but anyway. He had extensive cranial damage, several fractions – everyone thought him to be brain dead on arrival and didn’t pay him any attention. I was told to ask the family if they would consider donating his organs but Dr. Bishop was in there with him for all of twenty minutes and when the family went in to turn off life support they walked in and he was sitting up talking! He has been casted up, checked out early this morning with a few sore joints and one hell of a head ache. I’m telling you, she is incredible.” Hannah placed her phone into her pocket with a small nod as if her words were the end of all arguments. Well, that was impressive if it were true. “No one is protesting her skills, she is obviously a very competent doctor, I just think she is a little young. Having a whole department to herself is not an easy task. I think she is going to struggle.” Marietta said matter-of-factly. “Oh she won’t have the whole department to herself. She wants to meet all the staff because she needs a second-in-charge or something. So obviously she can’t do it by herself. She can’t be here all the time you know.” Alison said with a grin towards Marietta. Hannah pulled out her phone and began texting once again. All the nurses hurriedly continued on with their work, by the light footsteps coming from behind me I assumed why. “I really wish you could save that for breaks Hannah.” A mellow voice beckoned from behind me. “Ah so this must be the famous Dr. Cullen!” I turned around and smiled at her, taking a split second to assess her. She definitely was human. Her eyes were mixture of grey tones and stormy blue hues. A slight blush arose on her cheek as she too assessed me. It was then I took in her scent, it was pleasantly sweet and yet bitter at the same time, a perfect mixture of cocoa, raspberries and powdered sugar. “Oh, please call me Carlisle!” I said as I placed my hand out in front of me, she shook it easily and didn’t flinch from the temperature of my skin, if I had been watching more closely I could have been certain that she almost found some enjoyment in it. “Okay Carlisle then please call me Luella.” She said as she released my hand. “Do you mind if we walk and talk?” “Of course not, lead the way.” I said graciously gesturing her to lead. All signs so far pointed her to be a mortal. “Please tell me if I seem a bit rash. I do not mean to intimidate..” She let her sentence fall. Luella seemed to me to be one of the least intimidating humans I had ever seen, she appeared to be very gentle. “Well I am sure you have heard all the news by now. I hoped to have kept my intentions a secret, but it seems like a foreign idea here in Forks. Anyway, I wish to ask you if you would consider being my Advisor, it’s not an official position of course, I cannot offer you a pay rise. But it would consist of helping me rearrange the department and eventually take over from me when I leave.” “You are already planning on leaving?” I asked, this was not a typical thing for someone to say after just arriving at a new job. “Planning? Well no. My mother is very sick, all the way over in England. It’s only a matter of weeks..” Luella said, dropping her eyes to the ground. “I’m terribly sorry Luella.” I replied sincerely. “But of course I would be honoured to assist you in whatever way possible.” I paused, in the distance was my warning bell. Ambulance sirens. Curiously Luella reacted in the same way I had. It was not a typical human reaction. “I think we have company.” Luella said in a small sing song voice. “Would you like to show how it’s done Carlisle?” The sirens were just loud enough now to be faint to the human ear. Luella glanced at me cautiously; I still had no idea what to make of her. I now knew why Alice was so confused. I nodded, trying to not let my apprehension show. She headed towards the emergency entrance and once again I followed. It was only two minutes later that patient arrived. “We have a thirty-two year old male, we think his name is David, but we can’t be sure. No identification. Only survivor in a three car pileup, we got him here as quick as we could. Significant head trauma, we believe there to be internal bleeding. Has been in and out of consciousness for the past five minutes. He’s lost a lot of blood.” The ambulance officer was describing to me. Of course there was no official medical report, it often happens with John Doe’s we would be working blind. “Thankyou. I’ll take it from here” I nodded at the officer and took over. Luella was standing back, observing. She had not taken a breath since the patient came through the doors. Odd that was over ninety seconds ago. I continued wheeling the patient to an empty room, we would need privacy to work on him. He had lost too much blood and needed a transfusion. I got to an empty room, Dr. Hardy was close behind me as was Alison and Claudia. I would need several hands. Luella was the last to arrive, she still had not taken a breath. How long had it been now? Most humans begin to feel uncomfortable after holding their breath for merely thirty seconds. It was now nearing the three minute mark and she still had not taken a breath. I worked intensely, ordering blood and trying to clamp off the arteries to stop John Doe from losing anymore. His head trauma though bleeding heavily was not the main concern. His internal injuries were, he would have to go into surgery. Dr. Hardy headed off to prep for the surgery, though I would have offered to continue the treatment myself I was intent on finding another opportunity to talk to Luella. I had done all I could for the patient and he was then taken off for surgery. I ripped off my stained scrubs and washed my hands. Although the smell of human blood needn’t bother me anymore, the sight of it still had me feeling rather macabre. I was cleaned in a matter of minutes. Luella was waiting, she still had not breathed. “Are you alright Luella?” I asked firmly, it was not a sympathetic question. It was then she breathed. “Oh yes...fine. Thankyou. You were rather impressive.” She smiled at me, but it faltered. It was that falter that I was waiting for. “I thought someone like you would be accustomed to the smell of human blood. Well accustomed enough that you would not need to hold your breath.” I took a chance, I spoke low enough that normal human ears would not have heard. Luella inhaled sharply. “I think it best that we take this conversation somewhere, more private?” Luella said, suddenly defeated. “Why yes, I think that is a marvellous idea. I know just the place.” I replied, now leading.