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Until We Meet Again

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Love is not breathlessness, nor excitement.
It is not the proclamation of eternal passion.
Love is what is left over when being in-love fades away.
Luella Bishop was born in 1901.
She lost her fiance in 1918 to the Spanish Influenza.

Takes place in 2009, two years after Breaking Dawn.
What happens when Edward is reunited with a past love?
Will he have to choose between two loves just as Bella once had?
Will Bella and Edward really be together forever!?

Story has continuous flashbacks and multiple POV's.


3. Chapter 3 "Again"

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LUELLA MARGARET BISHOP FORKS, 2009 “Why yes, I think that is a marvellous idea. I know just the place.” Carlisle replied, now leading. He turned around and began walking off in the opposite direction, his obvious intention was for me to follow. I could feel my heart beating at a rapid pace, I took a deep breath in and it began to harden, silence resounded through my chest as my heart beat no longer. I didn’t want the vampire knowing just how frightened I was. We weren’t noticed and passed the nurses’ station without any of them glancing at us. For some reason, I wished they would. I wish they would make an excuse to need my help. Maybe then I could make my escape. I would just never come back. It was only a matter of minutes before we had reached the cafeteria. It was a smart choice, it was crowded enough that the noise would erase all chance that we could be overheard and it was lunchtime, so cliques and friends were sitting amongst each other – we would be able to sit undisturbed. Carlisle continued to a table over by the window, it was an overcast day today, just as was almost every day here in Forks. I watched him take his seat, but I took a diverted course. I headed to the lunch bar, I knew Carlisle was watching. I quickly placed some French fries, an orange soda and a fruit salad on my tray. I purchased my lunch and then decided to join Carlisle, it had been days since I had a proper meal. I sat at the table, not looking at Carlisle and began eating. He stared at me incredulously. I forgot that average vampires do not exactly have an appetite for human food, how humorous this must look to him. “You do know you do not need to put on a show for everyone?” Carlisle asked, still amused I assumed by my lunch. I smiled at him. “It’s not a show Carlisle, unlike you I actually eat my fruit...” I forked a grape and shoved it into my mouth, enjoying the juicy sweetness that almost held a syrupy flavour. “And my vegetables..” I picked up a French Fry and bit it in half. Salty food was my wicked indulgence. I looked up at Carlisle then amused by the thought that this sight must be very confusing for him. His golden eyes stared at me, I had heard about his type before – well the myths about his type. The ones who fed solely on animal blood. “I would offer you some, but I think you would rather enjoy a Steak tartare.” I smirked at him, hoping he had understood me. I once had tried living off of animal blood, but the taste was so unsatisfying. Now I almost entirely survived off of human food. Human food makes me weak, but I much prefer it to murder. Carlisle still stared at me, trying to figure out what I was I suppose. I continued to eat, Carlisle continued to stare. “How does it work?” Carlisle asked suddenly as I bit off a chunk of watermelon. “How does what work?” I asked while in the middle of swallowing. “Your power? I assume that you have control over your physical appearance, your eyes are grey and it’s not due to contacts.” Carlisle explained. Stupid super vampire vision. “Not exactly. I can’t change my nose into a pigs snout or anything.” I sighed, now I know that I will have to leave. Having another immortal know about me would only make this life more hazardous. “I have control over human characteristics. So I can control my heart, make it beat and pump blood around my body. Hence why I do not appear to be so pale.” I looked around then to make sure no one was overhearing. “I can make it necessary for me to breathe, yet still keep my sense of smell. I essentially have control over my immortality. I can morph it to suit me, so I am not so noticeable. My eyes, as you have already noticed have never changed even after I was transformed. Old friends used to refer to me as the Day Walker, I can walk amongst humans as a human and yet not be noticed.” I looked at Carlisle wanting to see his reaction, I wanted to know if he was scared of me. He should be. He smiled obviously impressed. “Can you project?” It was essentially a logical question, but his voice did not hint the slightest bit of fear, he was just very curious. “Of course I can, I’m not overly good at it though. It tends to be very draining. I have only really ever tried projecting my immortality onto patients, for healing purposes only of course. It is very effective, though I can’t perform miracles too often. It becomes very suspicious if I start to cure everyone.” I started to babble, I had not had a chance to talk freely about myself in over thirty years. “Projecting human characteristics onto immortals however, well I need more practise.” I lied. I had perfect control over my power, I had been intensely trained for thirty eight years, but I wasn’t going to let Carlisle know that. “Haven’t had many of those friends to practise on you see.” I was quick, my lie went unnoticed. “I can however...” I reached out and touched Carlisle’s hand, his heart began beating instantly. He shone a bright smile at me. “That....that. That feels oddly amazing.” Carlisle exclaimed as his bright eyes stared at me. I knew what he was feeling; it was an unreal feeling, the feeling of having something that has been dormant for years suddenly erupting in your chest. The heart beats felt like warm electricity running through your veins. You could feel the blood as it flowed freely throughout every artery and vein. It was almost pure adrenaline. I pulled my hand back, his heart was still beating. “How long do the effects last?” Carlisle asked, he seemed worried. “Oh no need to worry, it will fade in a few minutes.” I finished off the last of my soda. “I’m afraid I cannot stay here much longer Carlisle.” “Oh there is no need to leave, you still have some fruit salad left and I do not expect that we are needed. Our John Doe will be in surgery for a few more hours at least..” Carlisle stated as if I should already be aware of this. “I do not mean the cafeteria Carlisle, I mean Forks. You must have a stable life here and I do not wish to uproot it. My past will soon catch up with me and I do not wish for you to be involved when it does.” I hoped that he understood the danger in my words, though he appeared as though he hadn’t. “Truly Carlisle, I do not come from the most hospitable background and I didn’t leave on good terms either. If...more rather when he - they come to pay a visit I would rather you not be tied up. They will only take you down with me.” I sighed, I doubt he could understand what danger meant in my world. “Luella, my family and I would be more than happy to help you. You have just arrived here I assume. Surely you intended to stay a few months at least?” Carlisle looked at me, his yellow eyes seemed centuries old. “You have a family?” I replied, stunned. No vampire had a family. Most were just nomads, loners forced to roam the earth for eternity. Others had clans but they rarely lasted more than a few decades, they would eventually turn on each other in search of power. But Carlisle was different, he was obviously more civilised than any other vampire I had ever encountered. “Oh yes, it’s grown quite large over the years. I would love if you would come, meet my wife and children. Oh and you would be fascinated by my granddaughter!” Carlisle exclaimed, just as any ordinary grandfather would. I was taken aback, how on earth did he have a granddaughter? “A granddaughter?...Children?” I approached the question with caution, obviously Carlisle was not like normal vampires. “Oh yes. Renesmee is quite special half human, half vampire. Her mother Bella survived, though had to be transformed after the birth. She is only two years old, but I would say that she is closer to an eleven year old now. Her growth rate was nothing like I have ever seen before.” Carlisle talked low and quickly, he was proud. “I have three sons, and now three daughters. All adoptive, all immortal of course, but I like to consider them my children.” My mouth fell open, gaping. “I have a very special family Luella. You should come over tonight after I have finished. I would be happy to introduce you to them.” It was one thing not wanting to involve Carlisle, but involving his whole family. It was simply out of the question. “Carlisle, I would love to. But I don’t dare risk it. I am really not someone you want around. I do not believe it to be safe.” My voice was tainted with fear; it would not be too long before I was found. “I believe your family and your residence to be safe of course. But I do not attract safe figures.” I added as an afterthought. “Oh, we have had a trouble magnet before.” Carlisle replied with a smirk. “We managed quite fine. Let us help you.” “I cannot ask you to do such a thing Carlisle, let alone risk the lives of your whole family.” It was stupid of him to even suggest. I was not worth that risk. “You didn’t ask. I am insisting.” Carlisle said simply. “Just join my family tonight, just meet them. They are quite anxious to meet you.” “Excuse me?” I asked, Carlisle only just found out about me. He had no time to tell them anything. “One of my daughters Alice, saw you were coming. A modern day Nostradamus my Alice is.” Carlisle smirked at me, obviously at my first reaction. “Right.” I forgot that his family may have powers too. It was rare amongst vampires, I often felt like the odd one out. Who was I kidding? I am a vampire, I am destined to not fit into the world. “So tonight? I finish at eleven. So I should see you at my house at eleven thirty then? You should be able to follow my scent from here till you get to my home.” Carlisle stood. “I’ve heard you have been here all night. Most humans need rest, go and get some. I will see you tonight Luella.” Carlisle nodded and held out his hand. “Mind doing it again?” I shook his hand and restarted his heart. The same bright smile shone at me. “This could get rather addictive.” Carlisle chuckled as he walked away from me. His walk was human, not the graceful waltz of a vampire. I wondered just how old Carlisle might be. “Tonight. Right.” I said to myself, though positively sure that Carlisle could hear me. I sat staring at the last bites of my fruit salad for only a few seconds before I stood up and walked out. I changed out of my scrubs quickly and jumped into my car. I didn’t know where I was going, but I would have to go somewhere. I jumped into my Volkswagen Golf and headed off. What was I thinking? I quickly revved the engine and headed out of state. I wouldn’t be able to work in hospitals for a while now. I sighed as I continued thinking of where I was to go next. I had been driving south for six hours, it was ridiculous. I was making excuses as to why I could meet them. Making up excuses that would only end up with them all getting killed. However the risk, I found myself diverting my course, heading back and catching Carlisle’s scent. At eleven thirty pm, I was there driving into the entrance to their house. It was dangerous, it was stupid, but I couldn’t stop my curiosity. Maybe I would get lucky, maybe Carlisle was the only civilised one. Maybe they were a bunch of savages. Maybe if they smelt me as a human they would simply tear me to shreds. Then today might be my lucky day, I would cease to exist. I smiled at the thought. It was that idea that sent me driving up their driveway. That had me willing to meet a family of vampires. I heard them before I even was halfway down the drive. “Oh she is here! Carlisle! Carlisle! She’s here!” A high-pitched female voice exclaimed. “Carlisle, are you sure she is civilised?” A smooth musical male voice asked in worried tones. “Yes I am certain, as is Alice. Please relax she poses no threat.” That was Carlisle, he obviously didn’t take me seriously today. “She can hear us, I think it best if you go out and greet her.” The smooth male voice said, strained. “Alice not you, I was directing that at Carlisle.”I heard a small sigh, I’m assuming Alice was the high pitched voice. “Right, yes I think that would be best.” Carlisle had replied. I saw him a split second later standing on his front porch, smiling. I continued down the drive taking in my surroundings and the scents. I pulled up as close to the porch and headed towards Carlisle. “Ah, so you were the one who had parked in my car spot.” Carlisle chuckled at me. I looked back at my car, I should have stolen a different one. “Oh, yes. Sorry, I was in a hurry.” I replied quickly. I was nervous, my heart was still human. It took a second but I let all of myself harden and set back to stone. I didn’t want to have any weaknesses in front of his family. Carlisle watched, obviously taking in my appearance, I looked years younger. Aging my human appearance was something I learnt a few years ago, it came in handy when you needed respect from your peers. “Your eyes they are still unchanged.” Carlisle said curiously. “It’s the only part of myself that I haven’t managed to control.” I replied, defeated. I hated that my power had an obvious loop hole. My teacher had thought that my eyes remained unchanged because it was an indication of my power. I believed it to be something entirely different. Vampires didn’t have souls, the eyes were the window to the souls, so obviously they would be run by the one thing the body relied on, food. However I had no soul to begin with, so there was no reason for my eyes to change. “Well come in! Everyone is very anxious to meet you.” Carlisle said as he clapped his hands once and motioned me to come inside. I walked in slowly, he did have a large family. “Over there is Rosalie and her husband Emmett.” Carlisle began. Rosalie was stunning, her blonde hair fell in perfect waves, I wondered what she would look like without the vampire mask. Emmett frightened me at first, his massive size suggested that he was very strong. But his curls reminded me too much of a toddler I had just treated, all of his intimidation factor was erased quite quickly. “Then here we have Alice and her partner Jasper.” Alice did look like Disney’s version of a pixie, she was small and very beautiful. Her spiky brown hair shot out in all directions. Armani pants? She had nice taste in clothes too. Her partner stood cold behind her, he was watching me intently. I felt disgruntled. He could possibly be the only one so far I could see being somewhat savage. Alice came up and hugged me quickly. “Carlisle can we keep her?!” She exclaimed how I imagined a six year old would if a stray dog came running into the house. I heard a chuckle over to my left, but didn’t look. “Alice, she is not a toy. She is more than welcome to stay with us if she wishes, but you cannot have her as a pet.” Carlisle shot a smirk at his daughter. “But she and I are going to be great friends! She loves shopping Carlisle and clothes, please! Bella never comes shopping with me anymore!” Alice was having a tantrum, I didn’t know if I should say anything. Carlisle looked at me apologetically. “Your scaring her Alice, why not let her meet everyone before we considered kidnapping her?” Carlisle joked. “Where was I? Of course, this is my wife Esme.” The gentle looking female over to my right smiled at me. I couldn’t help but return the smile. “My son Edward, his wife Bella, their daughter Renesmee...and our dearest Jacob.” Carlisle said directing my attention to each one of them as he said their name. I had noticed Renesmee’s obvious uniqueness, Jacob was human and something else I couldn’t quite grasp. Bella was petite and beautiful, her eyes still held a faint trace of redness, she was obviously a very young vampire. But as a channel of my thoughts were acknowledging each member of the family, the majority of my channels of thoughts had only one thing in my mind. Edward. Edward. Edward. I stared at him. It couldn’t be. No. He had died, years ago. He looked up at me abruptly, as if I had just shouted his name. He was always so good at guessing my thoughts, reading my emotions. Confusion traced on his features. Oh god, it is him. I struggled to control myself. I felt my emotions rip apart from each other, transitioning from one to the next. Recognition, pain, heartache, confusion, pain. Love. The blonde one, who had been introduced to me as Jasper widened his eyes at me. I felt myself breaking. I wanted to do several things at once, but couldn’t force myself to move. I wanted to run up to Edward and hug him, I wanted him to embrace me and tell me how much he missed me. I wanted to slap him, yell at him for not coming to find me after he was transformed. For letting me spend years grieving over his death, for changing my being entirely. I wanted to run away, I had spent years being detached from my world, yet now I had found my corresponding piece once again, I felt like he was my magnet, forcefully pulling me towards his life, his existence. I wanted to do everything, anything but stand there still and dumfounded. I needed him to at least recognise me, to say my name. Edward just stood there. Entire seconds had passed; everyone was glancing around completely confused. I suppose they were waiting for me to say something, anything. But I couldn’t. He was here in front of me. He now had a wife and a child. There was nothing I could do, nothing I could say that would be the right thing. The pain became overwhelming. I tried to compose myself enough to be able to construct a sentence or even a few words. But composure was far from attainable now. Jasper still stared at me, he looked at me sympathetically. He must think I was crazy. Bella stood there, waiting patiently, glancing at her husband trying to read his expression. Alice seemed to be day dreaming, staring off into the distance. It was quiet, and then suddenly Edward spoke. “Have...have we met before?” I listened to the sound of his smooth voice now before I took in his actual question. He looked at me intently. How could he not remember me? I didn’t think it was possible, but his question made my pain grow even worse.