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Until We Meet Again

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Love is not breathlessness, nor excitement.
It is not the proclamation of eternal passion.
Love is what is left over when being in-love fades away.
Luella Bishop was born in 1901.
She lost her fiance in 1918 to the Spanish Influenza.

Takes place in 2009, two years after Breaking Dawn.
What happens when Edward is reunited with a past love?
Will he have to choose between two loves just as Bella once had?
Will Bella and Edward really be together forever!?

Story has continuous flashbacks and multiple POV's.


4. Chapter 4

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Edward was growing increasingly restless. It had been two days since his father was admitted into hospital. We sat once again in my court yard; neither of us had spoken of his proposal since. I was not sure exactly why, but I was afraid to bring it up again. Maybe I thought that he would change his mind. We talked very briefly, mainly about his father, his mother, or Edward’s strong intention to go to war. His mother still remained locked inside her room. I tried to visit her, though I knew it was none of my business. She did on occasion accept some meals that I had cooked, it was the only reassurance Edward received, at least his mother had not given up on life completely. We sat in silence for what seemed like days, even though it was only a matter of hours. I had used all the words of comfort that I had, we both knew that the outcome of his father’s illness was looking bleaker by the day. He followed me around his house during the afternoon, I had insisted on being acting housekeeper. Edward’s mother had taken it upon herself to teach me everything I needed to know about becoming a woman. She had only been able to bore Edward, so she saw me as her daughter, I even had taken to calling her mother when I was growing up, but it had been years since I referred to her as that. I rose from the bench once again looking down at Edward as I did so.
“I know it’s not your most favourable task, but would you like to help me prepare supper?” I knew he would say yes, he followed me everywhere these days; I had almost grown a second shadow. Edward once again didn’t speak, he simply nodded and allowed me to lead the way. I hated seeing him in pain, so I took his hand and leant my head upon his shoulder. He leant down and kissed the top of my head. Edward sat and watched me cook, though sometimes he would grab the knife and peel a few potatoes for the soup. I tried to stay positive, but we both knew what fate had in stall for his father, but neither one of us dared to speak it out loud. His silence was not awkward, but it did start to make me feel irked. I felt horrible for thinking so, but I did wish strongly for him to talk to me about our love. My longing for his thoughts on the subject was so persistent that I had become ashamed of my very thoughts. I wiped my brow quickly and couldn’t quite repress the sigh that escaped my lips. Edward was at my side at once.

“Forgive me Lulu, I have been dreadful company to keep over these past days.” His sigh reflected my own. Of course he knew what I had been thinking, he always knew.
“Don’t Edward. I cannot blame you, with your father in such a state... Well, it would be selfish of me to wish you be any better company. ” I continued to work, I hated myself for wanting more of him.
“It still does not excuse me for my behaviour. I have been very unkind.” Edward replied hastily, he was always quick to think lesser of himself.
“You merely are not fond of conversation. That does not equate with being unkind Edward.” I pressed my front teeth down onto my bottom lip, I did hope that he wouldn’t notice the formality in which I had began to speak. But Edward was much too insightful for his own good, he knew exactly what I was thinking. He was always able to know what I was thinking, whatever the time of day or night it was. I should have known better than to think that I could keep my thoughts hidden from him.
“It is because I have not mentioned the engagement nor my intentions to mother?” He made it sound like a question but he did not need to ask. Even he knew that he was correct before he had spoken them out loud. “I do not mean to keep this a secret, and I am not going to go back on my word.” He stopped suddenly, walked towards me and took my hands in his own. “I want to be able to celebrate us and to have everyone feel happy about us. Everyone is in too sorry a state to even lend us a smile. I want to wait till everyone can be happy for us...Can you understand my intentions? If this is hurting you then I will not object to publicising our news...” I stopped him them. Why did he have to be so self sacrificing? Why did I have to be so selfish?

“Oh Edward, I’ve been horrible. Of course we can wait.” My throat began to tighten and I knew what was bound to follow, but I fought the tears strongly. “I hope you can forgive me for seeming so selfish. I have been hoping for our engagement for so long, and now that it is here I just want everyone to know. Is it so awful of me to be happy at this god forsaken time?” My head fell, I had admitted too much but I couldn’t keep it in any longer. It was horrid of me to feel happy when Edward was suffering so. His father was laying in the hospital with no possible chance of recovery. Edward had begun mourning, but I was still overjoyed with my own news that his own failed to make an impact upon my mood. It was horrible of my own mood not to correspond with his. Edward took my chin in his hands and turned my own face towards his. It felt like an eternity before his mellow tones filled the silence between us.

“I love you Luella Bishop...” Edward said, seeming surprised at his own words. I was quite sure then that he had meant to say something quite different. But I also knew then that he truly did love me. My irrational thoughts would not toy with me any longer. Edward was mine, forever – he wasn’t going to change his mind. He took my hands into his own and beamed his clever crooked smile at me. “Do you think that they will be happy for us?” Edward asked me in hushed tones. It was a query, as if my answer would not only answer that question but also a silent one in his own mind. But I knew what he was asking at once. By they, he did intend to mean our parents.

“Well-“ I had to clear my throat to speak again. His impromptu declaration of his love for me had indeed affected me emotionally, I had tried my hardest not to cry but it was evident in my faltering voice. Steadying myself I continued speaking. “I would suppose that they would be. My father has always been quite fond of you Edward.” I stated with an awfully confused look set upon my face.

“And my parents are of you...” Edward’s face turned serious. Oh God! He was changing his mind – he was taking it all back. I started to panic, even though I had been convinced just seconds ago that Edward would never leave me. “Forgive me Lulu, I shall tell Mother of our news at once. It may even brighten up her day!” Edward’s excitement was overwhelming, I immediately forgot all about my worries, they had been foolish worries after all. I followed him eagerly to his Mother’s room. Edward knocked impatiently. Once, twice, thrice.

Once, twice, thrice.

Once, twice, thrice.

“Maybe she is resting? Come, let us not bother her.” I instructed Edward. But he did not move from his place in front of the door. Once, twice, thrice. “Edward, you mustn’t.” I grabbed his hand and tried to pull him away. But he pulled against me, his face set in stone, cold.

“When was Mother’s last meal?” Edward was staring at the floor where his mother’s lunch tray lay uneaten, untouched.

“I would have said lunch...but it doesn’t seem like she was very fond of the stew.” I said slowly, but I could tell that Edward was becoming anxious.

Once, twice, thrice! “Mother!” Edward yelled with haste, but received nothing but an aching silence in reply. He didn’t wait any longer and forced entry into his mother’s room. The smell was unlike anything I had ever encountered before. The heavy wet smell of body odour, clashing with rotten food and stomach sick made an unbearable combination. I began gagging instantaneously. I froze in my place overcome, struggling for fresh air. By the time I had recovered Edward was already at his mother’s side. He turned to me, his fast aghast. “I...think it’s the influenza...” Edward was stumbling. His hand upon his mother’s forehead. “Oh god, I should have come and visited her sooner...” Edward was almost sobbing. I took a deep breath and ran to him.

“Father won’t be home for a few hours yet, we will have to take her to the hospital ourselves.” I was trying to remain calm. But even I couldn’t remain controlled. It took quarter of an hour before we managed to leave the house, Edward stayed by his mother’s side while I fetched some clothes and his father’s car. I had only driven a few times in father’s car, so Edward took the driver’s seat. He drove with speed and with tears lacing his eyes. I wanted to reach out to him and tell him everything would be okay, but his mother still had not regained consciousness. She was in a worse state than what his father had been in when he was admitted. [i]How could I have missed this!?[/i] I should have realised when she didn’t answer her door at lunch that something was the matter. I was much too focussed on my own selfish issues and wants to even take notice of the things happening around me. This was my entire fault. We walked into the hospital but they wouldn’t let us past the entrance. It would take another hour before they had a spare bed, hospital wording for that we are to wait for someone to die so that Edward’s mother could take that bed. I swallowed deeply and turned to Edward, I wanted to say something but there was nothing to say.

“Can’t they bring someone out just to see to her?” Edward asked obviously focussing on his own breathing. I shook my head, not daring to speak. Edward’s emotions had impacted upon my own and tears were now flowing freely down my flushed cheeks. There were no words in existence that could make what I had done right again, his mother’s unconscious body was a painfully obvious reminder of my failure. We sat in the car in deathly silence, Edward would occasionally glance at the front doors of the hospital obviously growing more and more anxious with every passing moment. I wanted to run and fetch my father, but I knew they wouldn’t make an exception for me. The hospital was far too overwhelmed to be making exceptions for anyone. So I sat and prayed in silence. Praying for forgiveness, for compassion and mercy - for a miracle. I still don’t know if whatever exists beyond this world heard me, but I was only up to my third Hail Mary before the doors of the hospital swung open, three nurses bringing Edward the only glimmer of hope he had left. The exchange was just as swift as his father’s had been, and once again we weren’t allowed into the hospital. Young and healthy adults no matter their connection to the patients were often pushed away from the doors. It was quite understandable, yet it was heartbreaking to watch.

The journey back to the house seemed to pass in a blur. I had been completely in my own world for the entire trip that Edward had to tap me on the shoulder to get my attention. The pain on his face was clear and I knew then that he had given up hope that either of his parents would live through the influenza. I should have told him then that everything would be okay, but I couldn’t lie to Edward, not to my Edward who knew my thoughts even before I was to voice them. We walked from the car in silence, pausing at the front door of his house. “Edward... We have a spare bed, clean sheets and fresh bread. Stay with Father and I – just for a while. I can’t stand the thought of you being in a house all alone.” The concern in my voice was obvious, and the words that I was not saying were far too obvious to Edward as well. He knew I had no fear in knowing that he was to sleep alone, but fear that without me by his side that he would give in to his emotions. I would rather him cry in my presence where I could wipe away his tears, than have him cry without anyone close to comfort him.

“Lulu, I need to clean up mother’s mess – get the house in order. I can’t expect that of you. I will see you in the morning, but... please ask your Father if he has any news?” His words, though seemingly innocent were spoken tersely. Edward was controlling his emotions. I nodded in reply, a short simple nod that hid my own emotions, for I was certain that if I were to speak that I would cry. I quickly turned away from Edward and headed into my own home. Every day was just getting worse, the devastation the loss... I couldn’t imagine what God could punish me more with. I set to work as soon as I entered my house, cleaning items that didn’t need cleaning and dusting shelves that had already been dusted the day before. I did anything I could to keep my mind off of Edward, off of his Father off of his mother’s whose death was now on my own hands. I scrubbed the floors on my hands and knees hoping that my pain was worth something, hoping that my own suffering made up for my mistakes. I was so focussed on distracting myself that I had prepared no dinner by the time Father arrived home – I had forgotten that the soup I had prepared earlier in the day had been prepared at Edward’s house. So I quickly pulled out bread and preserved meat for dinner, hoping that it would suffice. Father didn’t complain, nor did he eat much at all.

“How are they Father?” I asked as he pushed his plate away from him only after a few mouthfuls. He was tired, it was obvious by the sagging under his eyes. But I needed to ask him, I needed to know for Edward’s sake.

“Luella... Edward’s father passed away earlier today. There... there was nothing that could have been done.” He slumped in his chair, sighing as he tried to wipe the emotion from his face. “I saw his Mother; the nurses brought her in just after he had passed.” My hand shot to cover my opened mouth. It couldn’t be true. Although I knew that this was the inevitable outcome, I never had honestly considered having to deal with it. I never knew that I would be the one that would have to tell Edward. I cleared my throat, trying to remain composed for my Father’s sake.

“Do you.. do you think she will pull through?” I didn’t look my father in the eye as I spoke, the wetness in my eyes was beginning to deceive the calmness of my voice. I wanted my Father to know that I was strong, that I could handle anything that the world chose to throw at me. He didn’t seem to notice the fact that I had averted my gaze.

“She doesn’t have very long. I don’t know if she will make it till morning.” He sighed then, and I knew his words were true. I nodded and quickly wiped the tears from my eyes.

“I should.. I should tell Edward. He would want to know.” Without another word, I stood from my place at the table and crossed courtyard that connected our properties. It was just on a minute later that I was letting myself into Edward’s home. “Edward?” I called out to the darkness. Not a single light was on in the whole house. “Edward!?” I called again a little louder hearing a smothered reply. I let myself into his house and started for his room, he surely couldn’t be anywhere else. Taking the stairs as swiftly as I could in my dress I finally swear a flicker of light beneath his door. A candle. I was more quiet as I approached, knocking twice before I opened his door. “Edward... are you alright?” I didn’t know what else to say. Edward had his back towards me, bare and shining with sweat.
“Luella. Leave.” His voice was strained with something I couldn’t quiet grasp. But his voice was still terse as it had been this afternoon.
“Edward please, I have news about your Father..” But even as I spoke the words I knew they had fallen on deaf ears, Edward began to shake slightly. I ignored his warnings, I ignored his wishes and I ran to his side. “Edward... it’s okay. The Lord, he gives us these challenges in li- Edward, what’s the matter?” I reached out to him but he flinched, this was not my Edward. This was not how he would treat me, even if he was in the foulest of moods. But then my eyes finally adjusted to the limited light – I finally saw him. His complexion pale and pasty, his whole body covered with sweat. “Oh – Edward.” I couldn’t help my shock, the influenza’s symptoms were plainly obvious. I switch into serious mode as if a light had just been struck. “It’s okay. I’ll fetch my father.. We’ve caught this early. You’ll be fine Edward, I promise.”