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Regina's Song

Sequel to breaking hearts! PLEASE READ IT FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU DON'T THIS WON'T MAKE SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bella and Edward are finally together, and nothing can change that, or can it? Before the Cullen's finished the volturi, they created another vampire, one who could get inside your head, and change your thoughts to what she wanted them to be. Will Bella's shield be able to stand up to Regina's powers? Things are going to change with the Cullen's that will alter all of Forks, Washington forever. Read and enjoy! =-]

This story is going to be in Bella's P.O.V. until further notice.

1. Piano Lessons

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"Bella?" My head snapped up. I saw Alice standing there, looking worried. "Bella, I..." Her eyes flashed down to the old pair of sweatpants in my hands. "Oh no, you are not packing that."She said the last word scathingly. What had my poor old ratty sweats ever done to her? That question answered itself. I was almost done packing my suitcase. Edward and I were leaving in the morning to go to Dartmouth. I was so excited. I had been back with the Cullen's for nearly a year now. It felt amazing to be back with my family again.

"Bella, hello? Bella? Are you in there?" Alice half shouted at me, apparently she was irritated that I was ignoring her, and there was nothing worse than an irritated pixie vampire.

"What Alice?" I said pulling myself back from my thoughts. Alice snatched my sweats from my hands.

"There is absolutely no way I am letting my sister go away to college with clothes like this." Alice said disgustedly, dropping my sweats on the floor, and muttering something about burning them. "Bella, even if you are married, you are still amazingly hot and you know it. Now, I'm going to take you shopping and you will be breaking hearts all over that campus. You're sexy Bella, embrace your gift."

I knew that was it, end of discussion, you don't argue with Alice once she's made up her mind, period. It was dangerous; she could be completely lethal if she wanted to be. "Fine," I replied grumpily, glaring at her. Her eyes lit up and a grin spread across her face, she knew there was nothing I could do to change the situation, she had already won. Plus, she had an excuse to go shopping, not that she needed one. It seemed she shopped more often than she hunted.

I came down the grand front stairs to find Edward sitting in front of the piano. He heard me and looked up. He smiled as I slid onto the piano bench and sat next to him. Edward had been teaching me to play the piano, and I was getting better, sort of. I could play but I had to concentrate very hard. I wished I could play like Edward. He looked to peaceful and relaxed, I loved to watch the way his fingers flowed over the keys, like water over the sand.

I attempted to play my lullaby, but it didn't sound right, I just couldn't hit the right keys. I felt Edward slide his hands over mine and lead my fingers across the keys. I leaned my head and kissed his neck, he looked down at me, his eyes practically glittering. I saw my own reflection in his eyes. My eyes were black, and so were his.

"I need to go hunting," I whispered into his ear, he nodded.

"I'll come with you." He said quietly, but made no move to get up. He just kept leading my hands around the shining piano. I wished I could close this moment in a box and make it last forever, I never wanted to move from here, but the burning sensation in my throat had other ideas.

I eventually sighed and stood up, pulling Edward with me. I walked up the stairs to Alice's room and knocked, then let myself in without waiting for a reply. Alice was deep in her closet, searching. She looked up when the door opened. She had an armful of clothes and shoes and a box that I wasn't sure I wanted to know what it contained. She had four hats on her head, it looked like she was throwing away all of the clothes she had already worn.

"We are going hunting Alice, would you like to come with us?" Edward asked, even though I was sure he already knew what the answer was. Just then, Jasper, too, emerged from the closet, holding an array of shoe boxes in every color imaginable. I couldn't suppress a giggle at the irritated look on Jasper's face. He gave me an evil glare, set down the shoe boxes, and went back for more.

"No thanks, we just went last night," she replied, then, to me, she said, "You don't think this is going to get you out of going shopping do you?" She gave a short, musical laugh, turned on her Prada high-heel, and headed back into the closet. I looked back up at Edward. He shrugged and pulled me towards Alice's window. He opened it silently and jumped out. I followed right after him and he caught me in his arms.

"Thank you," I said as he set me down on my feet.

"Anytime," He replied, flashing his beautiful crooked smile.

We ran into the woods, jumped over the river, and found a couple of mountain lions to hunt. Once I had finished my lion, I looked up at Edward. He had a confused look on his face.

"It smells like, human blood too." He said quietly.

Then we heard the screaming.