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Turning Back In Time

**Sequel to The Way I Love You and Total Bliss...Or Not. It can be read seperately though, I will explain everything and it should make sense** Lucia "Lucy" Cullen has been missing for over 13 years. Now she moved with her "family" and is slowly finding out the real truths of her past. Why was she taken from an aquarium in Port Angeles, and just who is this family she's remembered her whole life? This is Lucy's story, and how she deals with love, lies, and life. AH. **Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or anything Stephenie Meyer created, I just own the new characters and the plot ideas**Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


3. Tutoring

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I felt something tickle my cheek. I groaned and moved my hand to my face. And I certainly didn’t like what I felt.

A very hairy spider was crawling on my face.

I screamed and swiped it off my face, jumping up from Jake’s arms. His eyes snapped open. “Luce?” he panicked.

“There was a freaking spider on my face!” I shrieked.

He burst out laughing. “My girl can handle nearly everything, but a little spider and she freaks out,” he mumbled to himself with a grin plastered on his face.

“That thing wasn’t little!” I informed him in a hysteric voice. His laugh quieted and he took me in his arms. We didn’t say anything until the sun started to rise.

“Shit!” he exclaimed. “Shit, shit shit!”


“It’s got to be at least six in the morning and I still have you out! You’re dad’s going to kill me!” Oh Jake, always so concerned for me.

I rolled my eyes. “Chill, I always take the blame don’t I?” Truth is, that’s what I tell Jake. I don’t tell him that Maggie’s really the one that covers.

“No, Lucy, we need to go.” He took my hand and pulled me towards the motorcycle.

“Jake! Let go!”

He stopped and pulled me towards him, taking my face in him hands. He kissed me swiftly. “Good morning, by the way.”

I smiled. “Good morning.”

“Now let’s get you home before I get killed with a rifle.”


I unlocked the front door and opened it as quietly as I could, all the while holding my breath. I shut the door and turned around, hoping that nobody was going to be in front of me.

When am I ever that lucky?

“Lucy Caroline Taylor.”

I cringed at the sound of Maggie’s voice.

“This has got to stop. I can’t keep lying to your father, and I’m afraid this is only going to get worse once we move,” she said, her arms crossed across her chest.

“It won’t! That’s why I was out so late…er…early. I was savoring the last few nights we had together!” I defended in a pleading voice.

She sighed. “From now on, be home by midnight please. I know you guys are young and have a very healthy relationship…” I blushed and Maggie raised an eyebrow at me but continued anyways. “…but you have to be responsible about it. I think you’re dad would respect Jake more if you didn’t sneak around.” Please, my father wouldn’t respect Jake if he was his long lost brother. Which would be very disturbing because then Jake would be my uncle…I shudder and shake the thought out of my head.

“Maggie, this is be the last time. Honest.” I give her my best innocent eyes and she totally buys it.

“Go start packing, we need to take the first load over today,” she sighs.


I run up the stairs to my room and close the door behind me. “Hey, baby.” I jump at the sound of Jake’s voice. I turn around with a glare and my hands on my hips.

“You scared me,” I tell him. He just laughs, puts his arms around me, and pulls me towards him. I peck his lips but back out of his embrace. “I’m glad you’re here because now you can help me pack!”


The house is beautiful, I have to admit. It’s white with well-done landscaping and a stone pathway to the door. The garage was below the second level of the house, and not next to the house like most houses. Just by driving through Forks I can tell our house is one of the nicer ones. I hope people don’t think we’re rich snobs.

My dad, Maggie, and I walk into a normal-sized living room. The walls are painted a deep red. We walked through the room and were met with the

kitchen, which was an arch on the side wall of the living room. It was rather large, bigger than the one in our old house. It had all stainless steel appliances and black granite countertops. I could see myself baking in this kitchen. There’s a dining room off to the left of the kitchen that will fit our table nicely. Next we leave the kitchen and are met with a staircase and a hallway. We go down the hallway first and find an office room, a half bath, a storage closet, and the master bedroom. The bedroom was in the middle of the hallway, and the office was at the end of the hall. We “ooh” and “ahh” and move on to the upstairs, where there are two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a storage closet.

“Oh, I’m claiming this one,” I say when we go into the bedroom at the end of the hallway. I just looked out the window and it’s got a perfect tree for Jake to climb.

“Whichever room you want, sweetie,” my dad smiles, completely oblivious to my staring out the window. I avoid Maggie’s eyes, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know about Jake sneaking in at night.

We go into the fully finished basement last, and I know it will become our most used room in the house. It’s big enough for me to have my own space, and for my father to have his own “man cave.”

“Start unpacking. Maggie and I are going to go pack more things from the old house. We’ll be back in about two hours,” dad tells me. He kisses the top of my head and they leave. I whip out my phone and text Jake our address. He’s ringing the doorbell twenty minutes later.

I jump into his arms and kiss him enthusiastically. “I picked the room with the best tree for you to climb,” I whisper when we pause for breath.

“Good, because I can’t stand to sleep without you by my side,” he tells me. I smile and he smiles back while setting me down. “I love you, babe.”

“I love you too,” I say to him. I take his hand and lead him up to my room. “What do you think?” I ask him.

The walls are painted a deep purple, and I found out earlier that my dad painted them on his day off last week just for me. I’m really happy about the effort he put in to making this move as painless as possible. I’m also very shocked he remembered my favorite color.

“It’s very you.”

“Is that a good thing?”

“It’s a very good thing. But,” he grins. “I think we should put your new bed to the test. You know, see if you’ll be comfortable sleeping in it. Break it in.”

I grin back and fall onto my new bed and pull Jake down with me.


It’s been a week since we’ve moved into our Forks house and I’m starting Forks High School today. Fun. I love going to a school where I know not a single person. Maggie’s always told me to be myself, but my father’s always told me that first impressions last forever. I tend to lean towards my father’s advice.

I shower and put on my favorite Beatles t-shirt, jeans, and my black Converse that are about to fall apart. I grab a muffin and I’m off to my new school.

About halfway there, my phone starts to ring. I smile when I see it’s Jake. “Hey,” I say.

“Good morning Luce. I just called to wish you good luck. I’ll miss you today,” he told me, and I could practically see the pout on his face.

“I already miss you,” I say. “But I’ll call you when I’m out. I love you.”

“Love you too. Have a good day, and no boys!” I laugh and hang up, having arrived at school.

I’m supposed to go to the school office to get my schedule. After I do that, I attract a guy. “Hi,” he says. “I’m Kyle Newton. Are you the new girl?”

Wow, this one should be made president he’s so smart.

“Yeah, I’m Lucy,” I tell him.

“Cool. Um, do you need any help finding your classes?” he asks shyly. I feel like telling him I have a boyfriend.

“Sure, thanks.” I have nothing better to do, and I really don’t know where my classes are. So I follow Kyle Newton as people give him awed looks.


On the announcements in homeroom this morning, I heard about the younger kids in the high school needing tutors. You get paid money for tutoring for an hour and a half a day, three days a week. Dad’s been bugging me about getting a job, well, this is close enough. So here I am in the guidance counselor’s office, waiting for my kid.

“Well, Lucy, I see you are excelling in math and literature, so I’m going to pair you with Anna Cullen. She’s a freshman and needs help in both areas,” the guidance counselor, Mrs. Cheney, tells me. She’s pretty cool from what I can tell in the five minutes I’ve talked to her. “Anna will be waiting in the library for you.”

“Thanks, Mrs. Cheney,” I smile warmly at her and head to the library. There’s a very pretty teenage girl sitting at a table in the corner, reading a book. She has long, straight, dark brown hair and I catch a glimpse of emerald eyes. I have a sudden flashback that hits me hard:

“Mommy! When is the baby coming out?” a little girl with wavy bronze hair and the same emerald eyes as the girl in the library says. She pats her mom’s swollen stomach.

“Soon, sweetie. You’ll have a baby sister soon,” her mother tells her gently.

The little girl is satisfied with that answer.”My baby sister Anna,” she tells her mom confidently.

Whoa, that sent me staggering backwards. Talk about déjà vu. And coincidences. I’m a little afraid, but I block it out and go over to the table.

“Hey, are you Anna Cullen?” I ask.

She looks up and I’m stunned at how I think I recognize that face. “Yeah, are you my tutor?”

“Yep, I’m Lucy Taylor,” I tell her, holding out my hand. She smiles and shakes my hand. I take a seat and ask her what she wants to start with. She says math and while she’s pulling out her algebra book, she says,

“You look just like my dad.” Okay, that’s not creepy at all after that flashback I just had.

“Really?” I say.

She nods. “You have his same color hair, which is a really rare color, and you have his eyes. My eyes, too,” she says quietly. “But your face looks like my mom’s. She’s very beautiful,” she smiles.


We tackle her algebra and she’s getting really good at grasping the equations. Anna’s a pretty cool girl. She’s into shopping, which I’m not, but she also loves music. We talk about music for the whole time almost. By the end of the session, we’re laughing and talking like we’re old friends.

“So I’ll see you Wednesday?” she asks.

I nod. “Yeah, we can work on literature.”

“Fun,” she sighs. “Hey, I know I’m only fourteen and you’re eighteen, but would you like to go shopping with me? I may be tiny, but I have one mean style diva in me. I can hook you up with some clothes that look great on you, and I’m sure your boyfriend will love that,” she says with a wink. I laugh.

“How do you know I have a boyfriend?” I ask.

“Please, somebody as gorgeous as you has to have one guy that adores you,” she rolls her eyes like it’s the most logical thing in the world. She looks at me, waiting for an answer.

“His name’s Jake,” I say, giving in.

“Ooh, Jake! He sounds like a bad boy,” she muses.

“He is,” I giggle. “But he’s a real sweetheart on the inside. He would do anything for me.” Just talking about him makes me miss him that much more.

“Does he drive a motorcycle?” Anna asks me. I nod. “Okay, we are so shopping for something sexier for your beau than what you’re wearing right now.” She analyzes me from head to toe. I pretend to be shocked.

“Are you dissing my personal style?” I gasp. She laughs and nods her head. “Well then, I guess this weekend you’ll have to help me.”

“Yay!” she squeals. “Thanks, Lucy!” She hugs me and I hug her back. I feel like a big sister to her, and it makes the move a little less sucky.

“No problem. I’ll see you Wednesday!” I say goodbye and walk to my car, feeling lighter than I have in awhile.


“How was school today?” my dad asks me at dinnertime. Maggie cooked homemade pizza. She may not be able to cook a lot of things, but she makes a mean pizza.

“It was good, I guess. I signed up to tutor a younger student on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for ten dollars a day,” I tell them.

“I’m glad you finally got some sort of job,” he tells me.

Maggie asks, “Who is the student?”

“Anna Cullen. She’s a freshman.” I watch my father’s face pale as I take a bite. “Dad, are you okay?”

He coughs loudly and takes a drink of his water. “I think I’m going to go lay down for a little while,” he chokes out.

“Feel better,” Maggie says sympathetically. She kisses my dad. He almost out the door but he turns around and looks at me before he leaves and says in a stern voice,

“Lucy, I don’t think you should tutor Ms. Cullen anymore. Find a real job that you work five days a week. And this is not a suggestion.”