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Turning Back In Time

**Sequel to The Way I Love You and Total Bliss...Or Not. It can be read seperately though, I will explain everything and it should make sense** Lucia "Lucy" Cullen has been missing for over 13 years. Now she moved with her "family" and is slowly finding out the real truths of her past. Why was she taken from an aquarium in Port Angeles, and just who is this family she's remembered her whole life? This is Lucy's story, and how she deals with love, lies, and life. AH. **Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or anything Stephenie Meyer created, I just own the new characters and the plot ideas**Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


4. Endings

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Lucy is so cool! I’ve never had a big sister before, and Lucy acts like one to me. My brother Jack is never around. Well, he’s around, but he locks himself in his room and only comes down for dinner. Whenever I ask mom or dad about it, they use the “he has a lot of homework” excuse, then shoo me off. I know they’re lying. I just can’t seem to figure out the right words to ask then straight out the real reason.

I walked through the door around four and was greeted by my little sister.

“Annie!” she says, hugging my legs, as she is only five and not that tall.

“Hi Katie,” I smile, calling her by the nickname only I call her. I bend down and hug her. “How was your day at school?”

“Good,” she nods. “Mommy made us a snack.” Kate points to the kitchen. So I put my backpack down and take her hand.

“Hey, mom,” I say when we reach the kitchen. She’s wearing her apron that dad gave her for her birthday last year. My mom loved to bake and cook; it’s what she did when she couldn’t write. It’s also why I have to run every morning with my dad so that I don’t get fat from her delicious cookies.

“Hello, Anna. I made you and Kate double chocolate chip cookies, but I told Kate she had to wait until you got home.” Well, she didn’t look stressed, so why did she bake today?

“You okay, mom?” I ask her while getting two glasses of milk out for Kate and me.

“Oh, I’m great, sweetie! I finally came up with an idea for my new novel, and I think you will like it,” she grins. I know my mom loved (and still does) to read, and I inherited that from her. After she gave up on Jack when he declared his hate of reading, she had started reading to me quite a bit, and I took to it. I’m now her reader for when she finishes one of her novels and wants to know if it’s any good. So far though, she’s only written three, and I wasn’t a fan of any, so she never tried to get them published. We didn’t really need the money though, with my dad being a doctor, so she mainly did it for fun. If the time came when one was good enough to be published, then she would go for it. I loved how my mom could continue writing after being shot down by her fourteen year old daughter three times. She is such a great role model for me, and I hope one day, she gets to be a role model for thousands of other girls out there.

“I can’t wait to read it.” I sit down at the bar table and munch on a cookie.

“Hello?” My dad was home from work already? Must have been a slow day.

“Daddy!” Kate cried out. I help her down so she won’t fall. She disappears into the living room. A few seconds later, my dad walks into the kitchen with Kate on his hip. She’s got the biggest smile on her face. Kate’s a big daddy’s girl. So am I, so I feel kind of bad for my mom because all she’s got is Jack, who doesn’t show his face half the time, but I do try and spend time with her too, because she really is an awesome mom.

“Hello hello! How are my other favorite girls?” my dad asks. He comes over and kisses the top of my head. He proceeds to set Kate back down on her barstool, and walks over to my mom. They kiss and it’s normally fine with me, but they keep going.

I cover mine and Kate’s eyes and yell, “Stop! Innocent eyes over here!”

I hear them laughing so I figure it’s safe to uncover my eyes. When I check the view is clear, I take my hand off Kate’s face.

“I love you, Bella,” I hear my dad whisper to my mom.

“I love you, Edward,” she whispers back. I don’t say anything. I’m glad my parents are still very much in love, as long as they don’t keep kissing. Do that in the bedroom only, people!

I finish the cookies and tell my parents I’m going up to my room to do my homework.

My mind wanders as I fail to concentrate on my algebra. I wonder if Lucy will help me get a boyfriend. There is this one guy that I’ve had my eye on since the year started, but I don’t know if he even knows who I am.

Pretty soon all I’ve done is daydream about him and my mom’s calling me to come eat dinner.

We’re having spaghetti and meatballs tonight, one of my favorites. I dish a load of it on my plate as my dad starts the dinner conversation out.

We talk about what Kate did in kindergarten today. We talk about dad’s surgery, and how he saved a three year old boy’s life. We ask how Jack’s day was, to which he replied “fine” and continued to eat.

“So Anna, did you find a tutor today?” my dad asks.

I nod, becoming excited. “Yeah, I did! She’s really cool! She’s a senior, and she just moved here. She’s really good at math and English, which is what she’s helping me with. I forgot to ask you if I could go shopping with her on Wednesday after she tutors me.” I tell them.

My mom laughs. “Wow, we should have gotten you a tutor earlier if we knew you would get this excited. I think it will be fine if you go shopping, as long as you bring Aunt Alice with. You

know she would love that, and you need an adult there that you know, just in case.” My dad nods in agreement. Good thing my Aunt Alice is totally awesome, or this would really suck.

“What’s her name, Anna?” dad asks.

“Lucy. Lucy Taylor.”

As soon as I say this, Jack chokes on his food. My parents’ eyes go wide and they both drop their silverware. It clatters on their plates.

“I need to be excused,” Jack chokes out. Mom nods and he runs out of the room and towards the bathroom. I hear the door slam and then the sounds of vomiting. I know something’s up when I look over at my mom and she’s tearing up. This is it, I think to myself. This has something to do with why Jack locks himself up all the time.

“I need to know,” I say quietly. “I want you to tell me why Jack acts so strange every single day.”

My dad looks at me and nods. “Later tonight, after Kate is sleeping. I think we’ve waited long enough.”


Kate’s in bed now and I’m sitting on the couch. My parents are sitting across from me on the loveseat, holding hands. I know this isn’t going to be good by the looks on their faces, and what happened earlier.

“So...”I say.

My dad sighs. “Anna, there’s something we never told you and your sister. You are old enough to hear this, but please don’t say anything to Kate. She’s far too young.”

I agree to that. Dad takes a deep breath and says, “Jack had a twin sister.”

Whoa. Talk about all the air leaving my body.

“And her name was Lucia, Lucy for short. She was kidnapped about thirteen years ago, when Jack was three. Your mother and I were on our honeymoon, and Lucy was with Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper. She loved Uncle Jasper. He would read to her. She was a lot like you, except she didn’t like shopping.” My mom was in tears now and dad was holding her against him while rubbing her back. “We never found her. You were born about seven months after she was taken from us. We finally gave up searching, and bought a headstone two years later. None of us believed she was dead, though. I think she’s out there somewhere, and so does Jack and your mother.”

I am speechless. There is honestly nothing I can say. I have a big sister named Lucy, who’s somewhere out in the world. I have a tutor the same age as my sister, with the same name, and who looks oddly like my parents.

Could it be?

No, it couldn’t be. Why would her family move back to Forks if they knew our family still lived here? It didn’t make any sense.

“That’s why Jack never interacts with your or Kate. He doesn’t want to get close to you, just to have you taken away. He’s never gotten over it, and Lucy being his twin, he had a deep connection with her. So her name being brought up at dinner tonight freaked him out,” my dad finishes.

At this point I’m practically bawling. I feel terrible for mentioning Lucy (my tutor, not my sister). Poor Jack, I can’t even imagine what he feels every single day of his life.

I run up the stairs and burst into Jack’s room. He’s lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling. He’s been crying, I can tell. His eyes are all puffy and red.

“They told me,” was all I said as I cried.

Jack takes one look at me, gets off his bed, and hugs me for the first time in a very long time. We sit on the floor against the door. I feel his tears hit my head, but I don’t care.

“What does it feel like?” I blubber out. It sounds really muffled, but I know he heard me.

“It feels like half of me is missing. She’s my twin sister, Anna. We shared everything,” he says quietly. I sniffle.

We sit there and cry for the longest time. Finally, I say, “It’s been fourteen years, Jack. I’m still here. You don’t have to be afraid of me.”

He doesn’t say anything. I feel him kiss my head. He doesn’t need to say anything.

I hug my brother closer to me and fall asleep, feeling more loved by him than ever before.



I certainly wasn’t listening to my dad. I felt drawn to Anna, like there were magnets between us, pulling us together. So when Wednesday came, and our tutoring session was done, Anna was ready to go shopping.

“I hope you don’t mind, but my Aunt Alice has to come with us, just because my parents haven’t met you yet, and they wanted to make sure I was safe.” She rolls her eyes. “But don’t worry, she’s awesome. She’s like a ball of energy, plus she has great fashion style. You’ll love her, I promise. Rarely do people meet Alice and not love her.”

I didn’t mind, and I told Anna that. I was never one to become shy around new people.

“She’s outside waiting. We can ride separately, that’s okay. You probably have to meet Jake afterwards, anyways,” she says to me while waggling her eyebrows. I laugh. This fourteen year old sure has a lot of spunk!

We reach the parking lot of Forks High and I see a short woman bouncing next to a yellow Porsche.

“You are being warned,” Anna mutters to me.

“Aunt Alice!” she yells, and gives her a hug.

“Hey girlie!” Alice says back.

“Aunt Alice, I want you to meet my tutor, Lucy,” Anna says, motioning for me to come closer. Like I said, I wasn’t shy; I just didn’t want to ruin their moment.

As soon as Anna said this and Alice looked at me, her body became still. She wasn’t bouncing or smiling anymore. She looks me over like I was a puzzle she was trying to put together.

Anna coughs and gave Alice a meaningful look; one that I wouldn’t understand. Alice takes a deep breath and smiles at me.

“Hi, I’m Alice, Anna’s aunt.” She pulls me in for a hug, which I wasn’t expecting.

“I’m Lucy Taylor,” I say after she lets me go. “It’s nice to meet you. Anna tells me you have great fashion sense, and that I apparently need a new wardrobe.”

Alice and Anna laugh. “Yeah, but we can handle you! You will be even more gorgeous than you already are!”


Anna wasn’t kidding when she said Alice loved to shop. I think I’m carrying around fifty bags, and that may only be a tiny understatement. Thank God Jake texted me and saved me.

Hey sexy. I’m picking you up at six. Be ready-J

“Hey guys,” I say. “I have a date tonight, and have to be ready by six.”

Alice and Anna both squeal. “You have to let us do your hair and makeup!” Alice says loudly. Anna nods her head in agreement.

“Well, I don’t even know where we’re going. We usually don’t do anything fancy, so I doubt I’ll need all that done,” I say hesitantly. I really hate doing my hair and makeup. That’s why I have a boyfriend that loves me in my jeans and t-shirts.

“Give me your phone,” Anna says. I can tell she’s on a mission, so I hand it over. She finds what she’s looking for and puts the phone up to her ear. “Hello? Is this Jake?” she asks. Oh dear Lord, she called Jake.

He says something. “I’m a friend of Lucy’s. Anyways, I would like to know where you are taking her tonight.”

Jake says something else. Anna’s face scrunches up. “No no no.” I’m pretty sure she was cutting him off. “Take her to a fancy restaurant. Take her dancing. Take her somewhere classy for once!” Anna shouts at Jake. I wince, feeling sorry for my baby.

A triumphant smirk crosses her face and she hands me the phone.

“I’m so sorry honey,” I whisper to Jake.

“It’s okay. Who was that?” he asks.

“That’s the girl I’m tutoring. She took me shopping today,” I laugh.

“She’s a feisty one,” he chuckles.

“Yeah, and now that you clearly told her where you’re taking me, her and Alice are going to go play Lucy Barbie on me for our date!” I grumble, throwing a teasing glare at Anna. She puts on a very innocent face that I’m sure made her parents give in to her.

“It will be nice to see you dressed up for once. I mean, you’re always beautiful,” he says quickly. “But this will be great to see.”

I can practically see his eyebrows wriggling. I roll my eyes.

“You better be in a tux, mister,” I say.

“You’ll see, baby.”

Anna motions for me to hurry up. I sigh. “I’m being forced to hang up. I’ll see you at six. I love you.”

“I love you more,” he says, causing me to laugh because he knows how much I don’t believe that.

“Not a chance.” I hang up and turn to Alice and Anna.

“Okay, so you drive to your house, and we’ll follow behind. Sound good?” Alice says. I nod, and we leave the Port Angeles mall with our ten thousand bags.



I couldn’t believe it when I saw Anna’s tutor, Lucy. She looks just like Edward and Bella. I was shocked at how much she looks like them. I mean, the same name and age? I honestly think this could be the niece that was taken in that aquarium fourteen years ago.

“Doesn’t she look like mom and dad?” Anna asks me quietly. I look at her, and see her looking at her hands in her lap.

“Yeah, she does,” I respond.

“I know about my sister Lucy,” she says even quieter.

That didn’t really surprise me. Anna seemed a little off today. I reach for my phone and call Bella.

“Hey Bells!”

“Hey, Alice. Are you done shopping?” she asks me.

“Yeah, but now we’re on our way to Lu-Anna’s tutor’s house to help her get ready for her date,” I tell her, avoiding the word “Lucy”.

Bella was quiet. “Bells?”

“Yeah, I’m here.” She pauses. “What does she look like?”

“She looks just like you, Bella. You and Edward mixed. It’s scary, almost. And she’s very quiet, just like Lucy was when she was a baby,” I tell her quietly. “I really think this could be your daughter. Bella, I think this Lucy is your baby girl.”

I can hear her crying softly. “You think?”

“Yes. I think she needs to hear your story, and ask her to take a DNA test. I feel it, Bella. I’m 95% sure this is my niece.”

“Thank you, Alice,” Bella tells me.

“Anytime, Bella. You know I love you,” I say.

We say our goodbyes and hang up. All the way to Lucy’s, all I can think is that Anna could have found her own sister, without even knowing it.



Alice put me in this dress I would have never picked for myself. I did have to admit though, it’s gorgeous.

It is a maxi dress, with purple, blue, and black tie-dye patterns. It’s a spaghetti strap, so Alice found me a silver sweater to wear with it. I even got to wear silver sandals and not heels, like Anna told me Alice loved to do to people. Jake must be taking me somewhere pretty casual if I can wear sandals and a maxi dress. Which I’m totally fine with.

Alice curled my hair and put light makeup on my face. She didn’t put any jewelry on me, except for the diamond studs Jake gave me for my sixteenth birthday. I never take them out. And of course my promise ring, but again, that’s never taken off.

“Tada!” Anna says, twirling me so that I’m facing the mirror.

“Holy shit,” I say. I quickly cover my mouth though.

“That doesn’t even look like you! Jake’s going to have a hard time keeping his hands off you,” Anna giggles.

“Thank you so much!” I hug both of them and shoo them out the door. I quickly call Maggie and tell her where I’ll be, and she tells me to be home by midnight. I barely can hang up the phone before the doorbell’s ringing.

“Jake!” I yell and jump into his arms when I open the door. I bury my face in his shoulder and breathe in his rustic/woodsy scent.

“Hi, sweetie,” he whispers in my ear.

“I missed you,” I tell him.

“I love you,” he says back. Jake pulls me back and kisses me sweetly. My tough Jake is gone for the night; it’s my sweet and tender Jake tonight.

“You look beautiful,” he says. I blush and bury my face in the crook of his neck again.

The truth is, Jake looks damn fine tonight. He’s wearing black trousers and a white button down shirt. Hell, he’s wearing dress shoes. Jake never wears dress shoes.

“I love you,” I say this time, and kiss the side of his neck.

We stand there for an immeasurable amount of time. I could stay here in his arms forever. He makes me feel like the most loved person in the world. He makes me feel safe, like nobody can touch me. I can trust him, because he’s never done anything for me to not. He’s honest with me, sometimes a little too much, but it’s for the better in the long run. And he respects me the most. He doesn’t ever beat me up about something, or treat me like dirt. He loves me for who I am, and doesn’t expect me to change. And that this why I know I’ll be marrying him sometime in the future.

Finally, though, Jake spoke. “As much as I love holding you, we really should get going so you can be home by midnight,” he says softly into my ear. I nod in understanding. Jake takes my hand and leads me out the door.

My mouth dropped open at the car sitting in the driveway. It was a shiny, silver Volvo that I know does not belong to Jacob.

“Where in the world did you get this car?” I gap.

Jake laughs at my expression. “A friend let me borrow it for the night.”

“Nice friend.”

Jake’s now holding my hand on the dash. He turns towards the La Push beach, crossing the borderline of Forks and La Push. I ask him where he’s taking me, seeing as I don’t recall any fancy restaurants in La Push. Jake doesn’t answer me until he’s parked in the beach parking lot. He turns to me, rubbing his thumb across my hands that are placed in his big one.

“You know I can’t afford to take you to a fancy restaurant. My salary just doesn’t allow that. You know I would give you the world if I could, but I can’t, and this ring,” he runs his finger over my ring, “cost me a hell of a lot of paychecks. I don’t even think McDonalds is in question for a long, long time.” His bows his head, and I know that posture. He’s ashamed of himself.

“Hey,” I place my hand on his check. “I could care less where you take me. As long as I’m with you, I don’t need anything else. And my ring is gorgeous, although you could have gotten be a plastic ring out of a vending machine for all I care,” I laugh, and I feel him smile against my palm. “And besides, I never really liked McDonalds anyways.” That worked; he chuckled. I raised his head so he was looking at me. “Okay?”


I kiss his cheek. He gets out of the car and opens the door for me. We walk down to the beach, and I notice there’s absolutely nobody here. Strange. Usually there’s some res boys playing football or something, but tonight it’s completely empty. The sun is halfway down, causing beautiful pink and orange lights to cover the water and sky. This is my favorite time to come to the beach, because it’s not too hot or cold. Today’s even better, as it’s not raining for once.

My eyes wander around the beach, and that’s when I notice a small table set up in the middle of the beach, with a picnic basket of food on it. Two chairs sit around it.

“What is this?” I ask him as I stop walking.

“This is me taking you to dinner without putting me in debt.” I giggle, because it’s one of the most romantic things he could do for me.

“I love it. Did you do it all yourself?”

Suddenly, slow, soft music starts playing and I look up towards the woods. I see Quil and Embry, our good friends, holding a boom box and grinning like idiots.

“I had a little help from these two dorks,” Jake laughs.

I laugh along with him and yell, “Thanks Quil and Embry!” They shout their “your welcomes” and Jake tells them to get lost.

“Care to dance?” he bows.

I giggle again. “Why yes, I would love to.” I place my hand in his and he sweeps me up into his arms. We do a dramatic dance with dips and everything.

By the third song, my arms are around his neck and my head is resting on his shoulder. He’s holding me close, with my body pressed against his.


“Yeah?” I mutter.

“There’s something I want to ask you about our future.”

“Okay,” I say slowly and raise my head to meet my eyes with his.

“Where do you want to go to college?” he asks me.

That took me for a little loop, coming from him. “Well, I’m not sure yet. I was thinking Seattle, or Yale, maybe,” I finish quietly. I doubt I could get into Yale, but I’ve been working at it. I’ve wanted to go there for as long as I can remember.

Jake says nothing. I look at him and see a perfectly composed face. Too composed. “Why?” I ask.

“Because my uncle wants to give his shop to me. He’s retiring.”

Um, yeah, that’s great honey. I’ll just go to the community college and live in the apartment above the shop with you.

“That’s awesome, Jake,” is what I decide on instead.

He nods and stares at the ocean. “What are you trying to say?” I ask.

Jake sighs. “I want you to stay here with me when you graduate.”

He is seriously not going to ruin this date like this.



“Don’t do this.”

“I’m just asking!” he defends.

“And I’m not going to give up my future for you!” I yell. His jaw drops and he lets go of me. I rethink my words and my eyes widen. “Jake! That came out wrong! I meant that I’m not going to choose a college around here just so we can live together because you have to run a shop! That’s not fair to me, and you shouldn’t even ask that from me.” I look at the sand and drop my arms at my sides.

“Don’t even go there. You told me in the car that it didn’t matter where you were, as long as you were with me!” he yells back.

“But I shouldn’t have to give up a degree to be with you! Are you saying that if I don’t stay here with you that you’ll dump me?” I try so hard to keep the tears in, but it’s not happening. I don’t think Jake’s ever made me cry before, but I guess things change as we grow up, and have to make tough decisions.

The thing that tears my heart apart is when he doesn’t answer. All he does is storm off towards the fancy car. I try to control the tears as I follow him. The car’s running and Jake’s hand is on the gear shift, just waiting for me. I climb in and reach for my seatbelt at the same time as I shut the door. It slams my finger between the door and the car. I scream bloody murder and pull my hand into my lap. The tears fall harder as my middle finger on my left hand pulses.

“Lucy,” Jake groans. He reaches over me and shuts my door. He’s out of that parking lot and speeding down the road. I’m sitting in the passenger seat, whimpering and hugging my hand close to me.

“Are you okay?” he asks, glancing at me.

“Don’t even ask me that,” I say harshly. He has no right to ask me if I’m okay after what he’s put me through in the past two minutes. He said nothing, but his silence said a whole lot. I’m starting to question this promise ring he gave me. Did he really mean it? Could we even make that big of a commitment at such a young age?

The ride is silent. I run into the emergency room once Jake parks the car.

“Hi, um, I slammed my finger in a car door,” I tell the receptionist in my best composed voice. I’m sure I look like a monster, with my makeup running down my face as a result of my tears.

“Oh dear,” the receptionist, Greta, cried. She was an older lady, probably in her late fifties. “I’ll go get you some ice. You sit here and fill out the paperwork as best you can. It’s a slow night tonight, you should see the doctor fairly quickly,” Greta tells me. She ushers me into a chair with a pen and clipboard and tells me she’ll be right back with ice.

Name, insurance, blah, blah, blah. I’ve filled out this sheet one too many times.

Jake takes a seat beside me, but I completely ignore him. Greta comes back with my ice, which I gratefully place on my finger. I hand her the clipboard and she tells me the doctor will be with me shortly.

Fifteen minutes of ignoring Jake later, the nurse is calling my name. Jacob comes back with me, and I don’t fight it. He wouldn’t wait in the lobby even if I asked him to.

After all the standard blood pressure/weight taking and X-rays, Dr. Carlisle Cullen walks in.

“Ah, Lucy Taylor, I see you slammed your finger in a car door,” he says sympathetically as he scans my chart. He looks up and a surprised expression crosses his face. “Jacob! How are you?”

“I’m doing okay, Dr. Cullen. How are you?” They shake hands.

“About ready to retire,” Dr. Cullen laughs. “I’m ready to stay home and spend time with my grandchildren.”

“Edward’s told me you have, what, ten now?”

“Somewhere around there,” he chuckles. “When did you see Edward?” He looks at my X-rays and nods. “Lucy, I’m afraid your finger is broken. We’re going to need to put a cast on it. What color?”

“Black,” I tell him. Hey, it matches everything that way! He gets to work with my cast. Great, now it looks like I’m constantly giving everybody the finger.

“I saw him just today. He let me borrow his Volvo for the night,” Jake answers his question.

“Wow, he must have owed you a favor. Edward doesn’t let anyone drive his baby.” They both laugh as Dr. Cullen finishes my cast. “Well, Miss Lucy, you’re all set. Just take four pain killers before you go to bed. If your finger still throbs tomorrow, stay home from school and take more pain killers. They’ll put you straight to sleep, so be careful.”

“Thank you, Dr. Cullen,” I say politely.

“No problem, Lucy. Good to see you again, Jacob. Take care, both of you,” he smiles and leaves the room. I walk quickly out of the ER and get into the Volvo. I successfully held in the tears in the hospital, but now that I can breathe, tonight comes rushing back to me and the stupid waterworks start again. Jake says nothing as he drives towards my house. He knows I’ll rip him apart if he so much as mutters one word.

I twist and turn the ring on my finger as I look out the window. Did he really want to dump me? Does he seriously want me to stay in La Push with him instead of making something out of my life? If that was true, then I shouldn’t be with him. I should be with somebody that wants me to make something of myself, and will let me go if it’s for the better of me. I shouldn’t feel guilty to go away to college instead of staying with Jake in La Push.

Jake pulls into my driveway and puts the car in park. I wait a few moments before slipping the ring off my finger.

“When you gave me this ring, it meant that I was yours forever, and you were mine. It meant you wanted to marry me. It meant that you would support me in whatever I chose to do, and vice versa. When you didn’t answer tonight when I asked you if you were going to dump me if I didn’t stay with you after high school, I felt betrayed. It made me question if you really wanted to be with me.” My voice started cracking towards the end. I placed the ring in Jake’s hand and closed it. “I think you need to ask yourself why you gave me this ring, and if you really meant it.” I had tears streaming down my face as I said this final thing. I saw some tears forming in Jake’s eyes too, which made mine fall faster. Jake never cried. I’ve never seen him cry in all the years I’ve known him.

I got out of the car and ran towards the door. I made the mistake of looking back. Jake was staring at me, crying. When he saw me look at him, he wiped his eyes and turned away. I let a sob escape before stumbling into the house. Maggie and my dad were sitting on the couch, watching a movie.

“You’re home early,” my dad comments.

“Are you okay?” Maggie asks in a concerned voice.

I ignore her and look at my dad. “I hope you’re satisfied. I broke it off with Jake,” I sob.

“Luce,” he starts.

“And I broke my finger.” I hold up my middle finger, and it feels great to flick off my father without being able to get in trouble for it.

I don’t wait for them to say anything. I go into my bathroom and take four aspirin. I proceed to climb into bed in my dress, and cry myself to sleep over my one and only love, who I let slip out of my hands, not three minutes ago.