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My Sun Is Back.

The whole Cullen family has left, everyone but Bella. Edward thought that his wife could not be saved, and left with his new daughter, Renesmee. Bella wakes up in the Cullen house, remembering faint memories from the birth of Nessie.. then discovers her son, David. He looks nearly exactly like Jacob Black.. What next for Bella, Jacob, David, Edward, and Nessie? Rated Adult for later chapters. Excerpt from Chapter One, Bella POV: "My sun was back, and better than ever." [IMG]http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w128/Coco6_2007/babyboy121.jpg[/IMG]


1. Chapter One[Bella POV]

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I sat straight up in the hospital bed at the Cullen house, the only thought that went through my mind was,
The last thing I remembered was passing out after a lot of pain and screaming. But before that, Carlisle had smiled.
“She looks just like you Edward.”
he had said before handing Edward a tiny body. I remember him saying,
“She can’t be changed now, it’s best to let her die peacefully.”
And then they left. Wait, left? Why would my husband and his family leave? I turned my body, and stood on shaky legs,
tears forming in my eyes. I knew they had to be very far away, or else they would be up the stairs in a flash to see
why my heart was still beating. So my new family left.. And with my baby. No one could imagine how much that hurt.
I jumped as a small, slurred cough rang out. Who was here? I turned slowly, to see a baby. This baby did not look anything like the first,
with dark curls for hair, and no blanket around it. I gasped, this was my child, I knew it, but it had no resemblance to me at all.
It was naked on the bed, where my legs had been, so I could see it was a boy. I smiled, besides my sadness. I knew who I could
stay with, now that my husband left. The father of this beautiful child, Jacob Black. My thoughts were interrupted as
another cough sounded, I rushed over to my baby.
“Awh, sweetie, are you okay?”
I muttered as I lifted the tiny boy up and cradled him in my arms.
His back and torso were quite hot in my hands, to my surprise. I decided he may have
gotten a fever for being so cold for so long, and wrapped him in a blanket after putting a diaper on him. For the first time,
his wide eyes opened, and he could see the world. I smiled again, he had my eyes. Deep chocolate brown. Though,
unlike mine, his were knowing. Aware of every little thing around us. I pecked a kiss on his cheek, and he smiled. Not a crooked
smile, thank goodness, but a daddy’s smile. My sun was back, and better than ever. The boy was pale, but I paid no attention
to that. I tried to come up with a name, it’s harder than most people would think. I finally decided on a name, and it was
my favorite name in the world.
“David Joshua Black.”
I whispered. But I remembered that I wasn’t officially Mrs. Black yet.
Jacob could still refuse, as revenge since I married a leech first. I sighed. David’s eyebrows pulled together, and suddenly,
I was looking up at myself, and I saw myself with sadness in my eyes, then I saw myself sigh. The vision faded away, and I
dropped my jaw. What had happened?! Then I discovered that something was on my cheek, and I looked down to see David
reaching out, hand on my cheek, and eyebrows still pulled together. “Did you show me that?” To my amazement, he smiled
as if he could understand me. “Oh my god. You’ve got gifts?” He nodded. David took his hand from my cheek and grabbed
at my shirt, where my chest was. “I guess you’d better eat.” I walked to what used to be mine and Edwards room, and
placed David on the bed, a pillow on either side of him. I slipped off the night gown I had on, and slipped on underwear,
plain blue pajama shorts, and no shirt. I sat on the bed beside David, and he reached for me with arms outstretched. I
smiled, my baby was already attached to me. I picked him up carefully, and brought him to my breast, turning him slightly,
to a better position. I soon felt a warm mouth around my nipple, and a slight sucking sensation coming from it. I gazed down
at the nursing baby, and smiled at what I saw. His eyes were closed, his mouth against my breast, and his pure,
innocent face full of pleasure.
My baby, my David, my little Jake.