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My Sun Is Back.

The whole Cullen family has left, everyone but Bella. Edward thought that his wife could not be saved, and left with his new daughter, Renesmee. Bella wakes up in the Cullen house, remembering faint memories from the birth of Nessie.. then discovers her son, David. He looks nearly exactly like Jacob Black.. What next for Bella, Jacob, David, Edward, and Nessie? Rated Adult for later chapters. Excerpt from Chapter One, Bella POV: "My sun was back, and better than ever." [IMG]http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w128/Coco6_2007/babyboy121.jpg[/IMG]


2. Chapter 2[Bella POV]

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Soon, David stopped eating. I smiled at his face as he looked up at me.
He smiled back.
“Okay, we’re gonna go see Daddy, so we need to let Momma get dressed, right?”
His smile faded away, and a serious gaze came. David nodded. I laughed at the little boy,
he was so sweet. I placed him back on the bed
and picked up the baby carrier, put it on the bed, and got a bra and a shirt on. I gently
picked him up and set him in the carrier.
David giggled happily, and I took that as a yes. I drove quickly to La Push and
stopped at the Black’s house.
I got out of my seat and sighed, I could do this. Right?

I turned around and held up a finger at David. He nodded, and I continued to walk When I got to the door, I opened it without knocking.
He, despite himself, was ecstatic at the sight of me. He was probably mostly happy because I was still myself, not a bloodsucker.
“Bells!! You’re alive!”
I stuck my tongue out at him, and then shook my head.
“I know. Jake, I need your help. I’ve got a huge problem.”
His brow furrowed at he walked over to the doorway where I was standing.
“What is it?”
I looked up at him, smiled, and took his hand.
“Close your eyes and follow me.”
Jake did as I said, and I led him to the back door of the car. I opened the door, let go of his hand, and got David out.
“Open your eyes.”

Jake’s eyes went wide as he studied David’s smiling face.
“W-Who.. What.. He looks just like you, Bells. But.. where’s the lee- I mean the dad?”
“That’s the problem. Edward and his family thought I died.. and they left. I think you’re the dad, Jake.”
He stood in shock as I spoke, mouth dropping just the slightest.
“H-He’s my s-son?”
“Do you w-want me to be the d-dad?”
“I do, but do you even want to be his dad? This is a big decision, Jake. No going back, too.”
“You’ve always known I love you Bells. Of course I will.”
Jake gave David a goofy grin and stroked his head gently. David giggled happily and put his hand on Jake’s arm.
Jake’s eyes glazed over and his mouth dropped again.
“What the heck?”
I could barely hear his whisper, and I figured David was showing him something.
When his eyes went back to normal and David’s hand dropped, Jacob looked at me, as if expecting something.
“Yes, he just showed you his gift. What’d you see?”
I spoke smoothly, fluidly, seeing as my response was prepared.
“Interesting.. He’s pale and he has powers, yet his skin is hot and he’s growing fast.. He must be a mutt, a mix of all three of us.”
Strangely enough, I didn’t have to ask what he meant by, ‘us’. Jake didn’t want to make me upset by mentioning his name.
“Yes, Jake. I know. What did you see?”
I knew he was hiding something from me. He sighed, and told David to show me.
Suddenly, I was in the guest room at the Cullen house again. Carlisle and the others had already left, except for Edward.
Edward was looking at what would be David, and straight into the eyes I saw through.
The look on his face was the worst part of the scene.
He was scowling at David, looking disgusted. He was growling, too. He glared one last time at David, then stalked out of the room.
The scene faded.