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Another Myth to Live Through

The Cullens, an immortal family of vampires, have protected themselves by hiding from the world. That will change forever when magic enters their lives. But what seems at first to be a new opportunity may just cause a new set of troubles. A Twilight / Harry Potter Crossover that takes place post-Breaking Dawn and during the Trio's sixth year.


10. Retelling the Story

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Chapter 10: Retelling the Story

Bella's Point of View

Jake, Edward, Nessie, and I arrived in the hallway that housed the Room of Requirement, and found Harry, Ron, and Hermione waiting outside the already visible door.

Harry opened the door as we approached, and held it open as we walked it. Inside was a moderately sized room filled with comfortable looking couches and chairs. We took seats near the middle of the room, and were followed by Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

Harry and Ron seemed to be feeling slightly awkward, and none of us knew how to start. Thankfully, Hermione saved us from sitting in silence for an eternity.

"I told Harry and Ron that you told me everything when they first found out about you guys. I wound up telling them a bit about you guys, mostly Carlisle. I thought that Carlisle's story might sway them, but it didn't work." at this she gave them a slightly exasperated look.

"Good," Edward said, "We don't have to waste time telling his story again. What do you want to know?"

Harry spoke first, "I want to apologize for treating you like I did. I shouldn't have judged you just because I found out you were vampires. You didn't have any choice in the matter, so I can't blame you for it."

"Harry told me what happened, and anyone that Harry trusts, I do too." Ron said. "Sorry about being so unfriendly and all."

"It's perfectly understandable." Edward told them, "I hated myself for what I was for the longest time. Bella was the one who changed that."

Harry jumped at the segue into a question, "Hermione said that you were more than boyfriend and girlfriend, but never went beyond that. Care to explain."

"Edward and I are married." I said simply.

"What? How old are you?"

"Seventeen," Was Edward's immediate reply.

"How long have you been seventeen?" Harry clarified.

I stifled a laugh as Edward admitted, "A long time."

I picked up from there, "Edward is just over a hundred and ten. I met him and his family when I went to high school about five years ago. I was seventeen then."

"How old were you really?" Ron asked.

"Seventeen, I just became a vampire a few years ago." I told him.

I continued before he got a chance to respond. "I moved to Washington when I was seventeen. I met Edward and the Cullens, and after a while, I won't go into details, Edward and I got to know each other. I figured out what he was, with some help from Jake here, but by that point I couldn't care less.

After I graduated, we got married. On the honeymoon, I got pregnant. Because the baby was half vampire, it grew much faster than normal, and when it came to term, it tore through my stomach, and Edward turned me into a vampire to save me. I would have become one anyway, but that's how it worked out."

"What happened to the baby?" Harry asked.

"Nessie wasn't really happy that she almost killed me, but she's turned out fine." I said, jokingly.

"Nessie is your daughter?" Harry asked, disbelieving. "How old are you Nessie?"

"Chronologically, three. I'm physically eleven, and much older than that mentally."

Harry and Ron took a few minutes to digest this. Ron finally spoke, "I'm thinking of it because Bella mentioned you. Why are you here Professor Black?"

"I came with the Cullens from Washington. Harry. You remember the wolves you saw out there? One of them was me. I'm like Professor Lupin, but I can control my transformations."

"Jake's a lot like a wolf animagus" Hermione said to clarify.

"I'm a Quileute. My tribe's legends say that our early ancestors were able to change into wolves. They go on to say that when the Cullens showed up, some of the men of the tribe began turning into wolves again. We made an agreement with them that if they never harmed a human, we wouldn't attack them. We were designed to kill vampires."

"Were the other wolves people from your tribe too?" Harry asked.

"Yes, I asked Dumbledore if he wanted them to patrol the Forbidden Forest after we found the dead unicorn. I assume he told you about that?"

Harry nodded, "So you're all here just to keep an eye out for bad vampires?"

"Actually," Jake said a bit embarrassed, "I came because of this little man-eater." He nudged Nessie, "This might be a bit confusing, but sometimes wolves in my tribe imprint. It's like gravity shifts and becomes centered on the person you imprint on. I guess you could call it love at first sight, but it's stronger than that. Anyway, Nessie's my imprint, and there was no way I could go for such long stretches of time without seeing her, so now I'm here, teaching lessons in a subject I know nothing about." He laughed.

"You seemed to know what you were talking about when you were talking about those myths involving vampires." Harry said.

"Well actually, most of that was true, that's why. I just used everything I knew about the Volturi."

"That makes sense after Dumbledore explaining Voldemort's plans. It's nice to get to know you better, and I'd like to ask more questions later, but now, the most important question is; how are we going to stop Voldemort?" Harry said.

"It would be easier to figure that out if we knew whether Voldemort has changed yet." Hermione said.

"Alice might be able to see it happening, we should ask next chance we get." I said.

Seeing Harry and Ron's confusion, I added, "Alice can see the future. Some of us have powers. Edward reads minds, Nessie can push images into your mind, and Jasper can manipulate emotions."

Harry took the news in stride, "Regardless, we should prepare for Voldemort to be a vampire. I'd say now would be a good time to re-assemble Dumbledore's Army. We started a group to train in Defense Against the Dark Arts last year because we had a horrible teacher. It evolved into a student group sort of like the Order of the Phoenix. Except we mainly train, we haven't done anything against Voldemort directly, except for once."

"You won't go into any details with the group yet, correct?" Edward asked.

"Not until you're ready for the rest of the school to know. Though I would ask that you let me bring three more close friends into the fold. I would trust them with my life, and they are open-minded people."

"That would be fine. If you just ask them to stay late at the meeting that you are calling so we can explain, it should work out perfectly."

"If we start the word around tomorrow, we could get the DA assembled by Friday I'd bet." Ron said.

"Let's do that then. Hermione, do you still have those fake Galleons we used last year?"

"I have them in my trunk. We can pass them back out at the meeting."

"Excellent." Harry said, "In the meantime, maybe we should look through the library and see if we can find anything on fighting vampires?"

"I know a few books of old spells that might be useful. I'll check some of them out tomorrow." Hermione said.

"Great. In that case, it would probably be easier for you if you spared the details now, and wait to explain everything that might be useful until everyone that needs to know is here. Just so you don't end up repeating yourselves. Oh, and make sure to invite your other brothers and sisters."

"Okay, we will." Edward agreed.

Harry stood up. "It's late, so we should probably be getting back to the Common Room. I'd like to apologize for my actions again Edward, Bella, Nessie."

"It's alright. You came around in the end, that's what matters." I assured him.

Nessie and Edward agreed, and we left the Room of Requirement. Jake returned to his office, and the rest of us began the walk back to the Common Room talking amicably.

When we arrived, the Common Room was nearly empty. Edward, Nessie, and I bade goodnight to Harry, Ron and Hermione. About five minutes later, Jasper and Alice returned, saying that the Aurors had just arrived. Nessie replayed the conversation in the Room of Requirement for them. They both seemed very interested in the DA, and were glad that Harry and Ron had come around.

Jasper and Edward said they would fill Emmett in, and Alice and I said that we would do the same for Rosalie. After that, we said goodnight,
and went to our dormitories.


The next morning, we met in the Common Room, and were joined by Harry, Ron, and Hermione. We made our way down to the Great Hall together, and were greeted by a few surprised looks, which was to be expected
because Harry and Ron had refused to associate with us for the past month.

We sat down, and Ron began placing a mound of food on his plate.

Edward chuckled, "Yes, that is why we don't eat. Actually, we can, but it doesn't provide any nourishment."

Ron stared at Edward for a moment, and then remembered that he could read minds, and nodded.

"How did you guys entertain yourselves in America?" He asked casually.

"We do enjoy the ocassional game of baseball" Edward said, "Though these past six years or so have been so busy, that we haven't really
needed to worry about keeping ourselves entertained."

Harry and Ron asked a few more questions about home, and we told them about Forks and La Push, what they were like, and about some of the
people there. Soon, it was time for class, and Alice, Harry, Ron, and I walked towards Divination.

As we walked, Alice started laughing, "This is perfect. Trelawney is going to try to run me out of class today, by telling me that I don't
have the 'Inner Eye,' and that I would be better off taking some other subject."

Knowing Alice's tendency to go overboard, I asked, "What are you planning on doing?"

"Not much, I'll just predict anything interesting that's going to happen during the rest of the class."

Harry and Ron laughed, "It'll be good for that old fraud to be given a taste of her own medicine. Though, that might not be the right term
seeing as she hasn't predicted anything more significant than what we're having for dinner in years." Harry said.

At that point, we had to stop discussing it, as we had arrived at the classroom. Class began normally, with neither of us seeing anything in
our tea leaves, which we were still using.

About halfway through the class, Trelawney approached Alice and I. "What do your tea leaves say about your future?" She asked us.

"I'm not sure," Alice replied innocently, "I haven't been able to see anything."

"Oh dear. I was afraid of this. I fear that you just do not have the Inner Eye which allows you to divine the future. But worry not, it is
a rare gift. I fear you may be better served if you asked Professor McGonagall to place you in a different class. Other subjects at
Hogwarts may be learned, but the Inner Eye is a gift."

"I haven't been able to see anything about my future, I mean." Alice continued.

"Oh, then what have you seen?" Asked Professor Trelawney.

"Nothing important. But, that candle" she pointed over Trelawney's shoulder, "Is going to go out in three minutes and twenty seven
seconds, Ron is going to fall asleep six minutes before class ends. You are going wake him up right before the bell. Oh and Dennis Creevy is
going to faint halfway through his class Transfiguration today."

"Dear, there's no reason to make up such stories," Professor Trelawney said sympathetically, "Such things cannot be seen in tea leaves. You
either have the Inner Eye or you do not. Pretending will not help, and will only earn you titles such as 'fraud.'"

Most of the class had difficulty containing their laughter at her last comment.

"Maybe you are right, but I think I want to stay just a bit longer." Alice told her, still as innocent as she had been when she began.

"Very well, but I fear that you are wasting your time."

Professor Trelawney continued around the room. About a minute later, someone said "Look at the candle, it's about to go out!"

Everyone turned towards it, and it did in fact extinguish.

"It was exactly three minutes, twenty seven seconds. I kept track with my watch." Seamus said.

"It is nothing but a coincidence. You cannot see events such as that in tea leaves." Professor Trelawney said.

Many people were skeptical of what she said, but everybody returned to their work. As the class neared its end, Someone noticed that Ron had
indeed, fallen asleep. Word made it's way quietly around the room, that yet another of Alice's predictions came true.

Eventually, Professor Trelawney noticed the commotion, "Mister Weasley, feigning sleep to make it seem like Miss Cullen's predictions
were correct is quite improper. All you are doing is feeding her delusions of having the Inner Eye."

In response, Ron gave a loud, genuine, snore.

At this, Professor Trelawney shook him awake, as Ron was mumbling, "Huh, whozzat?" the bell rang.

"Pure coincidence!" Exclaimed Professor Trelawney, "Tea leaves do not show daily events, only the outline of ones life."

Alice, Harry, Ron, and I left the class, with Trelawney still asserting that everything that had happened was coincidence.

"That was bloody brilliant." Ron told Alice. Everyone around us concurred.

We walked to Defense Against the Dark Arts, and met up with Hermione the rest of the Cullens, minus Nessie. I told Edward what had happened
in Divination, and he shook his head, but laughed.

The class was fairly routine. Professor Lupin was lecturing to prepare us to face a Boggart. Something that most of the students had already
done when he taught in third year, but something he felt was worth doing again.

Professor Lupin announced that our homework was to practice the wand motion for the 'Riddikulus' spell and dismissed us as the bell rang.

Muggle Studies was also routine. Esme lectured about Muggle methods of travel, and the rest of the class asked numerous questions. The one
thing that seemed to intrigue most of them was how airplanes managed to stay in the air.

We sat with Nessie at lunch, and talked with Harry, Ron and Hermione. Deciding to return the favor from this morning, I started asking Ron
and Hermione about their families. We had all heard Harry's story from Dumbledore after the message from Voldemort had arrived.

"Ron," I began, "Whats life at your house like? I'm interested to know what it's like living in a magical household."

Ron looked up from the lunch he had been busy devouring. "My family lives in a cottage. It isn't much really, but it's home. All of my
brothers have moved out, so now it's just Mum, Dad, Ginny, and me."

"How many brothers do you have?"

"Five, Fred and George who left school last year, Percy, Charlie, and Bill."

"You have six siblings?" I asked, surprised, "Are most magical families so big?"

Ron turned a bit red at this, "No, they're not. Weasley families just are always big."

Sensing that Ron was a bit uncomfortable, I directed my next question at Hermione. "What about you Hermione? You said your parents are
muggles, what's it like trying to explain magic to them?"

"I tried to explain it to them a lot when I was younger, but I wasn't allowed to show them, so it was difficult to explain very well. I've
given up on trying to explain much to them, because it's just such a foreign concept that you have to see it to understand it. They have
done their best to be supportive though. I also don't tell them much because I don't want them to worry about the danger I get into with
Harry." She added with a twinge of sadness.

"I had to do the same thing with my dad when..." I looked around to make sure no one was listening, "...I was changed. We explained the
bare minimum that we could, and he promised that he wouldn't ask questions. I still haven't told or seen my mother since then."

"What do you parents do for a living?" Hermione asked.

"My Dad is a police officer in Forks. My Mom follows my step-Dad, who plays baseball. What do yours do?"

"My parents are dentists."

"They did a good job with your teeth." I commented, seeing Hermione's perfectly aligned teeth.

"Actually, I did that." She replied sheepishly. "Malfoy hit me with an engorgement charm once, and my teeth grew to a huge size. Madme
Pomfrey reversed the spell, and I let her do an extra bit of tidying up. My parents weren't happy. They didn't trust magic with something
as important as my dental health." Hermione laughed. I joined in laughing as we picked up our books and made our way to the
dungeon for Potions.

Snape had us working on the Draught of Living Death today. The first surprise came at the beginning of class when he allowed us to select
our own partners. I took the obvious choice in Edward.

At the end of class, he looked at the part of the potion that Edward and I had brewed and surprised us again by saying, "Acceptable. Five
points to Gryffindor."

We spent the entirety of the walk to Charms trying to figure out what had happened to Snape to make him actually give points to Gryffindor.

Professor Flitwick was testing us today, by haveing us enchant an apple to emulate tap-dancing around a table. I had some trouble at
first, but did relatively well. Emmett did not fair nearly as well. When he was finished, his apple looked more like it had been run over
by a car full of tap-dancers than it had been tap-dancing.

After Charms and History of Magical Races, we chatted with Jake for a few minutes. Then, we returned to the Common Room before dinner.

A few minutes after getting to the Common Room, Alice and Jasper, and Emmett and Rosalie left, saying that they had things to do. Hermione
also said that she was going to the library to start doing research.

Edward, Nessie, and I were sitting near the fire, watching Harry and Ron playing chess when a brown owl started pecking at the window.
Harry stood up and opened the window for it. The owl landed on his shoulder, so he removed the letter from it's leg, and it flew off.

Harry came back, and read the letter, "Dumbledore heard that we're re-starting the DA. He asked me to get someone to observe the group,
seeing as the legitimate clubs here all have Professors who watch over them and make sure they don't get into any trouble."

"Do you think Professor Lupin would go for it?" Ron asked.

"I was actually going to go ask him now. I'm sure that he'd be willing to help."

"Perhaps you should invite Professor Black as well?" Edward suggested, "I'm sure that they would appreciate a chance to get to know each
other, seeing as they are in similar situations."

Harry seemed to understand the hint, "That's a good idea Edward. Do you, Bella, and Nessie want to go ask him while Ron and I ask
Professor Lupin?"

"Of course." Edward replied.

Edward, Nessie, and I walked to Jacob's office and went inside.

"Hey, guys whats up?" He asked.

"We were wondering if you wanted to come to the meeting of the group that Harry was talking about yesterday. Dumbledore wants a Professor
to be at the meeting because the other student groups have to have a Professor present. Professor Lupin will probably be there as well." I
told him.

"Sure, why not. It'll be cool to get to see some real magic" Jake said.

"It's also a good excuse for you to be there so you can be there while we explain our story, again, to Harry's friends."

"Maybe we should just write a book." Jake suggested, "We can put all the basics about vampires and werewolves in it, and just hand it out
to people that need to know. It'd so much easier than telling the story so many times."

I laughed, "I don't think we'll need to tell the story many more times."

"Ah well, just a thought." He paused for a second, then added, "I was just about to go to the Shrieking Shack to have dinner with the Pack. Do you want to come?"

"No, thank you." Edward said, "Harry and Ron would be wondering where we went."

"Can I go?" Nessie asked.

I looked Edward, and a second later, he said, "I don't see why not. Is that okay Jacob?"

"Of course," Jake said grinning.

"We'll see you back in the Common Room." I told Nessie, "Bye Jake."

As Edward and I returned to the Common Room, I could feel the anticipation of the DA meeting building up. I was very curious to see
how Harry, supposedly the only person who could defeat Voldemort, was preparing himself for the battle.