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Another Myth to Live Through

The Cullens, an immortal family of vampires, have protected themselves by hiding from the world. That will change forever when magic enters their lives. But what seems at first to be a new opportunity may just cause a new set of troubles. A Twilight / Harry Potter Crossover that takes place post-Breaking Dawn and during the Trio's sixth year.


13. Imprints

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Chapter 13: Imprints

Bella's Point of View

The week passed surprisingly quickly, and we found ourselves back in the Room of Requirement with the Dumbledore's Army. After the last meeting, Harry had gotten a pretty good idea of where we all stood in terms of skills, so he broke us into groups. Ron was in charge of teaching the younger, and less experienced members, Hermione took the intermediate group, and Harry worked with the most skilled. Almost exclusively sixth and seventh years who had been members last year.

Nessie was working with Ron's group while the rest of us were working with Harry.

"You all did very well with the dueling last week, so I don't think there's any need to work more on that for the moment. Instead, I want to work on the Patronus charm. The Ministry's control over the dementors is weakening, and it's important that everyone be prepared for the worst.

"The incantation for the spell is 'Expecto Patronum.'" Harry continued, "But the incantation isn't enough alone. Dementors feed off of happy emotions, so in order to create a patronus, you need to be thinking of a particularly happy thought while casting the spell. Think of the happiest thing that you can, and then say the incantation."

We each found a part of the room where we would have some space to cast the spell, and began attempting to cast the spell. I ran through my memories, trying to decide the best one to use for the spell. My initial thought was when Edward and I were in the meadow, and he admitted to me that he was a vampire.

I raised my wand and said the incantation, and a silvery mist exited the tip of my wand, but it dissipated quickly. The memory from my days as a human was too hazy to be effective.

Instead, my thoughts settled on the moments immediately after the Volturi left the clearing near Forks, when I realized that we wouldn't have to fight that day. I decided that if I had any happy memories, that one was the happiest.

I focused my mind on that memory, lifted my wand and said "Expecto Patronum!"

Immediately, a silver mist shot out of my wand and formed into a wolf that reminded me of Leah or Embry with its silvery gray color. Everyone in the room, including the people in Ron and Hermione's groups stopped and watched as the patronus slowly padded over to me.

The wolf stopped beside me and stood for a moment. It then nuzzled its nose into my side and disappeared.

There were a few scattered instances of applause, and a few shouts of congratulations, and then everybody returned to their work.

Harry walked over to me and said, "Performing the patronus charm on the second try is impressive. Even most full grown witches and wizards can't do it. You must have been think one very happy thought." he added, smiling.

"It was the happiest I could think of." I replied.

"I didn't think anyone would get this far in one day, so I don't have anything else planned. I want to go help the others, so why don't you go work with Hermione, or you can relax and talk with Professor Lupin and Professor Black."

"I think I'll do that." I told him, as I began to walk over to Jake and Professor Lupin.

"What memory did you use?" I heard Edward ask quietly from across the room.

I opened my mind and thought back 'Right after the Volturi left, and I knew that we wouldn't need to fight.'

"That was my first choice, but it didn't work." Edward replied, sounding frustrated.

'Just keep trying other memories. That one was my second. My first thought was when we in the meadow but the memory was too hazy.'

I saw Edward shake his head slightly, and it looked as if he was attempting to concentrate, so I closed my mind to him again.

I arrived on the side of the room where Jake and Professor Lupin were sitting.

"Very impressive Bella," Professor Lupin complimented me, "I've never seen anyone anyone conjure a patronus so quickly."

"Is there any particular reason that you decided to make it a wolf?" Jake asked me.

"I didn't decide what it was, it just turned into a wolf on its own." I told him.

"A person doesn't choose their patronus," Lupin said, "The patronus' form normally shows something about the person's personality or past, or indicates something that had a profound effect on their life. For example, Harry's patronus is a stag, and his father, James, was an animagus who could turn into a stag."

"I guess I've had a 'profound' effect on your life then, eh Bella?" Jake said with a half joking, half smug grin.

"I'm not sure. It was smaller than you, and it was silver like Leah. I guess you just aren't as important to me as her." I joked.

"I thought we had something special Bella." Jake said in a tone of mock hurt. His face straightened quickly however, "Speaking of the others, has Hermione said anything about being able to get wands for them? Seth has been trying to steal mine every time I go down to the house, and Embry and Leah are wouldn't mind one either."

"I'm not sure. Thinking about it though, the other wolves haven't met Harry, Hermione, and Ron, have they?"

"No they haven't. There aren't any classes tomorrow, so why don't you all come to the Shrieking Shack for lunch? It'd be nice to finally get everyone who's in on the secret together. You're invited too of course Remus."

"I would love to come." Remus told Jake.

"I'm sure everyone else will like the idea. I'll tell Carlisle and Esme too, I bet they'd love to have some time away from the act as well."

"I'd like to talk to Carlisle as well." Professor Lupin said, "I've been meaning to ask him how his research is coming along, but I haven't had a chance to yet."

There was a short pause in the conversation, so I decided to fill it. "So Jake, how did the others react to the wand Hermione gave you?"

"Seth's reaction was priceless." Jake said, laughing lightly, "He nearly passed out when I used that disarming spell to make his fork shoot out of his hand. Once I convinced him that I wasn't actually able to do magic, and that is was just the wand, he all but started begging for one. It would have been almost pathetic if it wasn't so comical."

I imagined Seth on his knees begging Jake for the a wand, and I had to admit that the thought was comical. I was pretty sure that Jake was exaggerating just a bit though.

"Embry and Leah were a bit less obvious about it, but I could tell that they want one too. Embry kept asking me about the different things it could do, and Leah spent the whole time making fun of me. She may have mellowed out a bit in the past few years, but she can still be as sarcastic as she ever was when she wants to be."

I heard a bit of a commotion over from Harry's group and turned to see a gigantic silver bear standing next to Emmett, who seemed very proud.

Harry walked over to Emmett, and talked with him for a moment before returning to helping the others. Emmett sauntered over to us and sat down.

"Nice work with the charm Emmett." Professor Lupin told him.

"It makes sense that your patronus would be a bear." Jake told him. "You might as well be one yourself sometimes."

Emmett laughed, "I'm just glad I was able to do the charm at all. It looks like Edward is having some trouble doing it though. He always has been a depressed sort of person."

Just as Emmett finished speaking, there was more commotion, I turned and saw Edward watching a silvery fox pacing circles in front of him.

"Looks like Edward got it. A fox suits him. He is more of a thinker and planner isn't he?" Jake said.

The fox disappeared, and Edward cast the spell again, apparently to make sure he could duplicate it, and then walked over towards us.

"Nice job."I said as he sat down.

"Thank you. I'm surprised that it took me so long to figure out what memory to use. It is quite obvious now that I think about it."

"What memory did you use?"

"I thought of when I saw you in Italy and realized that you were not, in fact, dead." He paused for a moment before saying, "But now, for less morbid thoughts, I overheard that we are going to spend tomorrow at the Shrieking Shack?"

"If you want to come, then you're welcome to." Jake told him.

"Sure." Edward said, "If anything, it will let us get everyone up to date on what is going on with Voldemort. Trying to keep everyone informed is difficult with this charade."

We sat and chatted idly for a little while while the rest of the group practiced. Luna, Neville, Ginny, and two other students who I didn't know were able to successfully produce a patronus before Harry told everyone to call it a night.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione walked over, as we stood up to get ready to leave.

"You're really doing well teaching, you guys." Jake said.

"Thanks. It's mostly the students, they're all trying really hard." Harry said.

"I was talking with these guys while you were busy," Jake began, gesturing towards all of us, "And we were thinking that it'd be a cool idea to get together tomorrow. Do you guys want to come to the Shrieking Shack for lunch tomorrow? House elves deliver food for all our meals, and it would give you a chance to meet Leah, Seth, and Embry."

"That sounds like a great idea." Ron said.

"Would you mind if we invited Luna, Neville, and Ginny too?" Harry asked.

"Not at all. The more, the merrier."

"What time do you want us to show up?"

"The elves normally bring food around noon, so a bit before then would be perfect."

"We'll come at around eleven thirty then."

With our plans settled, we bade goodnight to Jake and Professor Lupin, and returned to the Common Room.


The next day, we met up with Carlisle, Esme, Professor Lupin, Harry, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, Luna, and Ron in the Entrance Hall at eleven o' clock. From there we made our way across the grounds to the Whomping Willow. Harry picked a branch up off the ground, and poked a knot in the tree, causing it to go still.

We reached the tunnel beneath the tree safely, and began walking through it. Within a few moments, we had reached the end of the tunnel. Edward, who was at the front of our group, knocked on the trapdoor, and a few moments later it was opened.

"Hey guys," Jake greeted us, smiling.

"Hi Jake." I said as I stepped into the room. "Where are the others?"

"Leah wanted to make sure that nothing slipped past us, so she recruited Embry and Seth to do a patrol a bit farther out than usual. They left me as your welcoming committee. They should be back in a few minutes. I have to admit, she is taking this job a bit more seriously than I would have expected." Jake added.

"Wow, this place is a lot nicer than it was the last time we were here." I heard Ron say from behind me.

"The House Elves have done a really good job cleaning it up." Harry said.

"You guys have been here before?" Jake asked.

"Three years ago." Hermione replied, "Though it was under much different circumstances."

Harry seemed to go a bit quiet at the mention of their previous visit to the Shack, so Jake tried to change the subject.

"Well anyway, the others should be back anytime now. Once they do get back, we can eat."

We sat down the in small living room. The room seemed like someone had crammed as many chairs as possible into it, because it was very crowded. I noticed that with everyone sitting, there were three extra chairs, presumable for Leah, Embry, and Seth. How the House Elves had heard of our plans, I didn't know, but they were very good at their job.

Rosalie, Nessie, Alice, Emmett, Ron, and Hermione seemed deep in conversation already, as did Harry, Jasper, Edward, Esme and Alice, I decided to listen in on the conversation between Jake, Carlisle, and Professor Lupin.

"Professor Snape has been surprisingly helpful," Carlisle said, "At the rate that we are progressing, I may have a potion ready for you by Christmas."

"I assume Snape has been so helpful because he is getting tired of brewing Wolfsbane for me on a monthly basis," Professor Lupin said sarcastically, "But that is wonderful news. I'm amazed that you've been able to do so much in such a short time."

"Creating a magical remedy for something that nobody's been able to cure for thousands of years? That's normal for Carlisle, he's like super-doctor." Jake laughed.

"I wouldn't go that far, but I do try my best." Carlisle said.

As they were laughing, I heard the front door of the Shack open. A few seconds later, Leah, Seth, and Embry walked into the room. They stopped in the doorway after seeing that we were already there.

Jake jumped up, "Hey guys. I guess it's time for introductions." He turned to the group from Hogwarts, "This is Seth, Leah, and Embry," he said indicating each person as he said their name. "This is Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, Luna, and Professor Lupin."

There was a short chorus of "nice to meet you's," and then a slightly awkward silence.

Jake quickly filled it by saying, "Why don't we go eat?"

We moved into the Shack's small dining room, which was crowded with just enough chairs to fit us all around the table. We all sat down, and after a few moments four house elves appeared carrying large trays of food. One asked my family if they could get us anything, but we politely declined.

The next few minutes were spent in relative silence except for the sound of silverware on the plates. I noticed with some humor that the both the Pack, and Ron used the same method of eating; shovel as much food into your mouth as fast as possible.

After a few minutes, conversation started to pick up. Hermione, Ginny, and Neville were talking with Leah, who seemed to be warming up to them, and Harry, Ron, and Professor Lupin were talking with Embry.

Luna was talking with Seth, who seemed more jovial and animated than usual, which I would have thought was impossible.

Edward gave me a small nudge, "Have you noticed Seth?" he whispered.

"Yeah. He seems even happier than usual."

"Does the way he's talking with Luna remind you of anyone?"

I thought for a moment before it dawned on me, "He didn't, did he?"

"It really was quite interesting to hear his train of thought while it happened. It was like a car going from one hundred to zero in a millisecond, everything other thought just turned off. I wonder what Leah will say when she finds out that Seth has finally fallen prey to imprinting?"

"We'll have to break it to her gently." I said, "I just hoped she doesn't figure it out before we get the chance."

Edward nodded and returned to his conversation with Carlisle. I decided I would try to jump into one as well. It seemed that everyone, except Seth and Luna, were now part of the same conversation, so I joined that one.

"So, Professor Lupin, I hear that you might be joining our Pack sometime soon?" Embry joked.

"Please, just call me Remus. That goes for everyone by the way, as long as we're not in class. As for joining your Pack, Carlisle is working on something that will allow me to change form at will, like you. But with Jake being the leader, I think I'd rather try my luck elsewhere." He grinned.

"I'm a great leader," Jake said in a tone of mock hurt, "Tell him guys."

"Well, you are only the Alpha because of blood. And I'm pretty sure that it's been proven that hereditary rule isn't the best idea. So, I'm going to have to go with no." Leah responded.

"Plus, the only reason you're Alpha now is because you weren't good at being a subordinate. Sam practically threw you out of the other pack." Embry added.

"Okay, now you guys are just blatantly lying." Jake said.

"Think whatever you want to, oh might Alpha." Leah told him, laughing.

"Well, using that as proof that you are all, in fact, insane, I think I'll go with my earlier decision of not joining in." Remus said.

"We never expected you to, to be honest." Jake said, "We're just joking around."

Remus nodded, "To be honest myself, I was thinking about asking you if you would mind an extra member, assuming Carlisle's potion worked. I know that I wouldn't be helpful with your patrolling and whatever you do back home, but I thought it would be nice to be connected to a group rather than alone."

"In that case, assuming Carlisle can make the potion, we'd be happy to have you. Right guys?"

"Of course." Embry said.

"Why not?" Leah agreed.

Jake looked to Seth. "Right Seth?"

Seth didn't seem to hear Jake, and continued talking with Luna.


Seth still failed to react.

"Seth...? Wait a minute. Oh no." Jake said, apparently beginning to figure out what had happened.

Luna poked Seth lightly, "I believe that Professor Black is trying to talk to you."

Seth turned, "Oh. Whats up?"

Jake was silent for a moment, before resolving on a course of action, "Seth. Did you imprint?"

While half the room was trying to figure out what that meant, the other half was waiting for the answer.

"Yes, I did." Seth said.

Leah looked furious, "Great, just what we need, another freaking imprint slave."

Jake sighed, "Well, this is going to be fun to explain."