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Another Myth to Live Through

The Cullens, an immortal family of vampires, have protected themselves by hiding from the world. That will change forever when magic enters their lives. But what seems at first to be a new opportunity may just cause a new set of troubles. A Twilight / Harry Potter Crossover that takes place post-Breaking Dawn and during the Trio's sixth year.


2. Hogwarts and the Sorting Hat

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Chapter 2: Hogwarts and the Sorting Hat

Bella's Point of View

We spent about a week at the Leaky Cauldron. It was great being so close to Diagon Alley because it gave us a chance to learn a bit more about the wizarding world before being thrown into the thick of it at Hogwarts. Edward, Jasper, and Emmett all bought broomsticks. I didn't really see a point to it as none of us had any clue how to play Quidditch, but they seemed excited enough.

Soon enough, the time came for us to leave for school. That morning, we packed our bags, and were sitting around a table in the Leaky Cauldron. We all ordered food, but Jacob ended up eating all of it. We had been sent a letter the night before saying that Professor McGonagall would meet us here in the morning to bring us to the school. We heard a loud pop, and Professor McGonagall appeared next to us.

"Good morning," she said, "The Hogwarts Express is leaving in two hours. We should be getting to the station."

"Hogwarts Express? You mean we have to ride a train to school?" Rosalie said, sounding miffed that she'd have to sit in a cramped train.

"Yes." McGonagall replied curtly, "Unless that is you don't want to attend Hogwarts after all."

Rosalie muttered to herself but remained relatively silent.

"Good, now if you'll please follow me." McGonagall said as she turned and exited the Leaky Cauldron.

We were met outside by two nondescript black cars. We opened the trunk of one, and it seemed as if the trunk took up the space of the entire car.

"Professor McGonagall," I began, "Where are we going to sit? This trunk looks as big as the car."

"It's only had an enlarging charm placed on it. The car will be quite roomy, trust me."

We finished putting our suitcases into the cars, and hopped in. The car was quite roomy once you got inside. Magic was really convenient. The ride to the train station was short, and once we arrived we loaded our suitcases onto trolleys. Well, we all did except for Carlisle, Esme, and Jacob.

"You can leave your suitcases here," McGonagall told them, "Faculty members do not usually take the train to school. The driver will bring you to a house and you can floo from there."

We said our goodbyes, and then entered the station with McGonagall. Once we were inside, she handed us our tickets.

"Your train departs from platform nine and three quarters. Simply walk through the wall between platforms nine and ten and you'll find the platform." With that, McGonagall walked away, and disappeared.

"I have to learn how to do that." Emmett said.

We walked through the station, getting stares from passerby, until we reached platforms nine and ten.

"She said that we just walk through the wall, right?" Nessie asked.

"Yes she did, the wall seems solid enough to me though." I replied.

"I guess there’s no way to find out than to try it." Edward said, he walked directly at the wall, and when he reached it he disappeared.

"I guess it works." Alice said, and we followed.

On the other side of the wall, there was a large locomotive with smoke billowing out of it. It was quite a sight to see. We were surrounded by a number of people wearing robes. Parents were saying goodbye to their children, friends who hadn't seen each other over the summer were catching up, and younger students were trying to load their heavy suitcases into the train with little luck.

"Let's grab a compartment before they're all full." I said.

We quickly walked towards the train and got on board. We found an unoccupied compartment near the end, and quickly put our suitcases away. As we settled in, the door opened and two boys and a girl, all about sixteen years old entered the compartment.

One of the boys was tall, lanky, and had flaming red hair. The other was not as tall, and had glasses and unruly black hair that looked like it was impossible to control. The girl was of medium height, and had a large mass of bushy brown hair.

"Hi," said the one with the black hair, "All the other compartments are full, do you mind if we join you?" He had a heavy British accent, though that was to be expected now that we were actually in Britain.

No one objected, so I said, "Sure."

"I don't think we've met have we?" the girl said, "My name is Hermione, and these two are Harry," she indicated the one with black hair, "And Ron." Pointing towards the other.

"We haven't met; we're transferring from an American school. I'm Bella, and these are Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, and Renesmee. It's nice to meet you.

"It's nice to meet you as well." Hermione replied. "So what school did you all transfer from?"

I was stumped, but Alice quickly answered, "We were enrolled in the academy in Salem."

"Oh really, what's it like in Salem?"

This time Edward answered, "It's nice, but it gets quite cold in the winter. The curriculum was not exactly adequate however. The headmaster said that we would need tutoring to catch up."

"Well, if you ever need any tutoring, I'd be glad to help."

Hermione seemed quite nice, but Harry and Ron remained fairly quiet. Just as I was going to address them, the door opened again. A blond haired boy flanked by two fairly large boys stood in the doorway.

"I see the Mudblood, Weasel, and Potter found you already. I heard there were some new students and thought I'd come introduce myself. My name is Malfoy, Draco Malfoy. Let me offer you some advice; If you want to succeed here, don't associate yourselves with the likes of these, I can help you there."

Malfoy seemed like the petty kind of thug that thought money could get you everything and that friendship could be bought. The rest of us seemed to be thinking the same thing, because Nessie replied rather sarcastically, "I think we can figure out who we should associate ourselves with on our own."

"Who do you think you are you little twerp? I think you need to be taught a lesson."

As Malfoy said this, the two thuggish kids he had entered with moved around him and started moving towards Nessie. Edward and I assumed aggressive stances, and Harry, Ron, and Hermione drew their wands.

"Malfoy, you're not really helping you cause of looking like the one that they should befriend by doing this." Hermione said. "Besides, you're outnumbered three to one; don't you normally prefer fights that are unfair in your favor?"

Malfoy paused for a moment before spinning on his heel. "Crabbe, Goyle, let's go." He said, and he walked out.

"Sorry about those gits." Harry said. "They look for any chance to abuse Gryffindors, and since you chose us over him, you're as bad to him as were are."

"What is all this about Gryffindor and Houses that we've been hearing about?" Emmett asked.

"You don't know about the Houses?" Hermione asked. "Well, at Hogwarts, each student is sorted into a House. There are four, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. They are each named after one of the founders of the school. Traditionally, Gryffindors are brave, Hufflepuff are loyal, Ravenclaws are intelligent, and Slytherins are cunning. After the school was founded, there was a falling out between Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin and the two houses have been rivals ever since."

"It seems pointless to be fighting over something that happened between people you don't know that lived hundreds of years ago." Nessie said.

"It's not like we hate them for being in Slytherin, we hate them for what they do to us and how they act." Ron said, speaking for the first time. "They're gits, the lot of them."

"So, what House do you guys want to be in?" Harry asked.

"I think I'd be okay with whichever House, just so long as we're all together."

"So, you're all related?"

We hadn't really planned on what our story would be; we hadn't expected to be asked about it so soon. Edward spoke first. "Yes. Though we're all foster children. Bella, Alice, and Emmett are all related by blood, as are Jasper, Rosalie, and I. Our parents just adopted Nessie a few years ago."

"What happened to your parents?" Harry asked.

"We don't know." Alice replied. All of our first memories are from when we were in the orphanage.

"I'm an orphan too." Harry said, "My parents were murdered by Voldemort when I was a baby."

It sounded like he expected us to know who Voldemort was and to make connections from there, but we were all clueless.

"Who is Voldemort?" Rose asked.

"You've never heard of him in America?"

We shook our heads.

Harry sighed, "He was an evil wizard who was gaining power sixteen years ago. He was taking control of the wizarding government, murdering those with 'impure' blood as well as all who opposed him. It was a dark time. He killed my parents, and then, he tried to kill me. But for some reason, when he went to kill me, the curse rebounded, killing him. Now people treat me like a hero, even though I never really did anything."

None of us knew what to say, so we remained silent. A kindly old woman came around pushing a trolley stocked with sweets. Harry and Ron bought a large number of them and began eating in a fashion slightly reminiscent of Jacob. Hermione looked at them and shook her head with a slightly exasperated sigh as she pulled a sandwich out of her bag.

"Do you want any?" Harry offered.

We declined, and he and Ron continued eating. Hermione grew slightly suspicious when none of us ate anything, but she didn't say anything.

The train ride continued, and we made conversation with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Harry seemed to be very down to earth for someone who was treated like a hero, and Hermione seemed very intelligent.

As we were talking, I remembered what that Malfoy kid had said, and asked. "What did Malfoy mean when he said 'Mudblood?’?”

Hermione answered, "It's a derogatory term for people who can do magic, but have non-magical parents, people like me. People in Slytherin, along with being cunning, are traditionally seen as 'magical purists' who think that only those with fully magical blood should be educated."

We sat in silence for a little while, and then Hermione stood up and said, "We should get changed, we're almost at school."

Each of us got changed, though Rosalie grumbled about having to wear robes because they didn't look good on her, and soon enough the train was slowing down and stopping at the station.

"Firs' years over here!" we heard a bellow from near the lake.

"I guess that means I better go over there. I'll see you later." Nessie told us, and she walked towards the large bellowing figure.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione followed Nessie and walked up to the large figure. "Hey Hagrid, how was your summer?" Harry asked.

"It was great 'Arry. Now who are these new faces?"

Harry introduced us to Hagrid and promised that he would visit him sometime later in the week.

"That's Hagrid, he teaches Care of Magical Creatures, and he's the Groundskeeper." Harry explained.

"He's huge." I said.

"Yeah." Harry agreed, but he seemed as if he was omitting some piece of information.

We continued on to the carriages, which were pulled by large black horses.

"Those are strange looking horses. What kind are they?" Edward asked.

"You can see them too?" Harry asked.

We all nodded.

"They're called Thestrals. You can only see them if you've watched somebody die."

"Ah." Edward said.

We got into the carriage, and were pulled up towards the castle. It was a magnificent sight with its high walls and turrets. We entered though the main doors, where we were stopped by Professor McGonagall.

"Hello again. Because you are new to Hogwarts, you will need to be sorted to find out where you will be staying. If you will follow me, you will be sorted after the First Years."

We followed her, and were led through a number of corridors until we were behind a group of young children. I could smell Nessie among them, and waved at her when she turned around. She waved back, and went on talking to someone next to her.

"Please wait here while the First Years are sorted. We will call you in once they are done." McGonagall said.

We nodded, and stood obediently while she led the younger children in.

We heard Dumbledore speak through the large doors in front of us. "Welcome, welcome to yet another year at Hogwarts. Before I get ahead of myself, we must, as we always do, sort the incoming students."

At this, Professor McGonagall led the First Year students through the doors. Our acute hearing was quite useful, as we heard her speaking as if she were standing next to us.

"Please approach the stool and place the hat on your head as your name is called."

"A hat sorts us?" Jasper asked, "Doesn't that sound a bit ridiculous?"

"Well, we are in the magic world now. Anything is possible." Edward replied.

"Cullen, Renesmee." We heard McGonagall say.

There was a long silence, and suddenly we heard a voice roar, "Gryffindor."

The process continued for a while, until McGonagall called the last student, Michael Zekos.

"Now, I hate to keep you all from eating," We heard Dumbledore say, "But there is one more piece of buisness before the feast." There was a loud groan at his words.

"We have six transfers from an American school this year. They are sixth year students, and need to be sorted."

At this, the doors opened, and McGonagall beckoned us forward. As we walked in, we heard a number of gasps as people saw us for the first time, but we ignored it.

"Please approach the stool and put the hat on your head when I call your name. Cullen, Alice."

Alice walked up to the hat with dance like grace. The hat was a rather unimpressive thing that looked quite old. She placed it on her head, and after a few seconds, what looked like a seam in the hat opened and shouted "Gryffindor!"

Alice smiled and danced over to the table and sat down next to Nessie, who I saw was with Hermione, Ron, and Harry.

McGonagall continued, "Cullen, Bella."

I walked tentatively up to the hat, and placed it on my head. I sat there, awkwardly for about a minute, but nothing happened. I looked around, embarrassed. McGonagall looked quite confused, but did nothing. My eyes met Nessie's, and she spoke very quietly and quickly, so only I, along with the rest of the Cullens, could hear.

"Unshield your mind."

Confused, but following her advice I did so.

"Very interesting, I heard a voice in my head. I see now that you are able to block others from accessing your mind."

"Who are you?" I thought back.

"I am the Sorting Hat. I decide what house to place you in by reading your mind."

"In that case, please put me in Gryffindor with Nessie."

"I'm not so sure. You're loyal, that's for sure. You'd make a good Hufflepuff."

"Please." I pleaded.

"Very well... Gryffindor!" The last word was shouted through the seam in the hat.

I hurried over to the table, ignoring the stares, and sat next to Nessie and Alice. I gave Nessie a quick hug, and spoke so only she could hear, "That was nerve-racking."

Nessie laughed, and McGonagall called Edward next. He was sorted into Gryffindor, as was the rest of my family.

The students were getting restless by this point. Dumbledore stood and said, "I must delay your meal only once more." The groans at this were immense, "I would like to introduce three new members of faculty. Doctor Carlisle Cullen will be joining Madame Pomfrey in the Hospital Wing. His wife, Esme will be the new professor of Muggle Studies. And the teacher for our new class, History of Magical Races, will be Professor Jacob Black." As Dumbledore said each of their names, they stood, and acknowledged the polite applause from the students.

"Now, I do need to be a Legilimens to know that I am likely to be attacked if I delay your meal any longer, so dig in."

"He's sharp, I'll give him that." Edward said, chuckling.

Suddenly, food began appearing on the plates in front of us. Harry and Ron began shoveling large helpings on to their plates; I looked at the staff table and saw Jacob doing likewise. Hermione took a more reasonably sized portion, and began speaking with us.

"I'm surprised you all were put into the Gryffindor."

"Why? I asked."

"Well, the only other family that has all been in the same house is the Weaslys. Even the Patils, who are twins, are in different houses."

"That's odd." I said.

Ron looked up, and noticed that our plates were empty. "Aren't you guys hungry?"

"No, our mother made us a very large breakfast this morning." Alice said. "I can't eat another bite."

Ron seemed confused at the idea of being so full as to not be able to eat, but let the topic drop.

"Speaking of your parents," Hermione said, "Are the two people that Dumbledore introduced your parents?"

"Yes they are. Dumbledore offered them the positions when he came to talk to us about transferring."

"He visited you personally?" Ron said through a half full mouth, "He must have really wanted you guys to come."

"He said that it would be nice for the students here to meet some people that they wouldn't normally." Edward lied, "And it's a great opportunity for us to learn about England."

The conversation continued amicably. About halfway through the feast, Edward said, "Carlisle wants us to meet him in the Entrance Hall after the meal is over." He spoke quietly and quickly so that only Nessie, myself, and our siblings could hear.

The feast ended, and Dumbledore stood again. "Thus begins another new year. Prefects, please escort your students to their dormitories."

We bade Harry, Ron, and Hermione goodbye and promised to meet them later. We walked into the Entrance Hall where Esme and Carlisle were waiting.

"Hello," Carlisle said, "How are you all holding up thirst wise?"

We all replied that we were able to control our thirst fairly easily.

"Good. I think we should set up a regular hunting rotation. Every two weeks should be sufficient. So as not to draw attention to ourselves, we shouldn't go all at once. Edward, Bella, and Nessie can go on Mondays. Jasper and Alice can go on Wednesdays, and Rosalie and Emmett can go on Fridays. Esme and I will hunt on Sundays. Dumbledore has told me that there is a forest a few miles away from here that has plenty of animals that we can feed from."

"We start hunting next week then? We did feed just before leaving America." Edward said.

"That sounds like a good plan Edward. Now I suggest you all head up to your dormitory before you get caught out late."

We bade Carlisle and Esme goodnight, and made our way up to the Gryffindor dorms, Edward leading the way because he had memorized the path by reading the minds of a few students. We stopped in front of a picture of a Fat Lady.

"Password?" She asked.

"Gumball." Edward answered.

The painting swung open like a door, and revealed a small passage. We walked down it, and emerged into a cozy room adorned in red and light by a fire. We saw Harry, Hermione, and Ron and made our way over to them.

"Hey, where did you guys all go?" Hermione asked. Harry and Ron were busying playing a game of chess to speak with us.

"Our parents wanted to talk to us for a second, so we were held up."

"Oh." She said. "Well, since you weren't here when the Prefects were giving the tour, the girl's dorms are up that staircase, and the boy's dorm up that one." She indicated two staircases next to each other.

"We'll be in the same dorm," she said to Alice, Rosalie, and me, "Because we're in the same year."

"What about Nessie?" I asked, trying not to sound protective.

"She'll be with the other first year students."

"Checkmate." Ron said. "Harry, it's hard to believe, but you've gotten rusty. I didn't think you had enough skill to get rust on."

"Ron, just because you're the best chess player this school has ever seen doesn't mean you get to insult everyone else." Their bantering continued.

A smile popped on to Alice's face suddenly. "Hey Ron, how about a game? I'm pretty good at chess myself."

"Sure, why not." Ron said.

I had to restrain my laughter. Alice's ability to predict Ron's every move would give her an obvious advantage.

They set up the board and began to play. The game was quite even at first, something Ron didn't seem used to, but he seemed to enjoy the challenge. As the game progressed, a small crowd gathered to watch. Ron normally didn't have much trouble dispatching opponents, so a game that lasted this long was a rarity.

Finally, after nearly two hours, Alice said, "Checkmate."

Ron looked at the board from three different angles, trying to find a way to escape, but he couldn't. He stood up and said. "Good game Alice."

"Yeah, that was fun. We should play again some time."

"Sure. I'll beat you next time though." Ron said.

Once the excitement of the chess king being unseated died down, people began making their ways up to bed. Rose, Alice, Nessie, and I followed Hermione when she announced that she was leaving for bed. She kindly pointed out the First Year's dormitory for Nessie, and Alice, Rose, and I hugged Nessie good night. We then continued up to the Sixth Year's dorm.

Hermione showed us our beds, got changed and into bed, and closed curtains around her four-poster.

Alice, Rose, and I did the same. After about fifteen minutes, Rosalie announced, quietly, "This is pointless. I'm going to see Emmett."

"Rose," Alice cautioned her, "It might not be the best idea to burst into the Boy's dormitory in the middle of the night. It would look a little odd."

"Why don't we just go down to the Common Room, and think at Edward. He'll hear us and they'll come down."

We walked down to the Common Room, and saw Edward, Jasper, and Emmett waiting for us.

"Well, this is a bit of a predicament." Edward commented. "We're expected to sleep every night, and we're all separated."

"Well I definitely will not go nine months without..." Rosalie began but Edward cut her off.

"Rose, I don't think any of us are happy with this, but until we can figure something else out, we'll just have to deal with it."

Rose stopped complaining, but didn't seem any happier.

"Instead, maybe we should use this time to learn a bit of magic?" Edward suggested, "I was able to 'borrow' a few first year level books from the dormitory."

We agreed that that was a good idea, and spent the night attempting simple spells. By about four in the morning, we were able to levitate small rocks in the air. We decided to call it a night, believing that to be a good start, and headed back to our dorms.