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Another Myth to Live Through

The Cullens, an immortal family of vampires, have protected themselves by hiding from the world. That will change forever when magic enters their lives. But what seems at first to be a new opportunity may just cause a new set of troubles. A Twilight / Harry Potter Crossover that takes place post-Breaking Dawn and during the Trio's sixth year.


5. New Friends and Rides From Werewolves

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Chapter 5: New Friends and Rides from Werewolves

Renesmee's Point of View

It was early on Monday morning, and I was walking down to breakfast with Mom, Dad, Alice, Jasper, and Hermione. Rosalie and Emmett had stayed in the Common Room, and Harry and Ron were doing last minute work that they had neglected to do over the weekend. I sat down at the table, but didn't bother filling a plate. From what Nahuel had said, there would some random foods that I would like, but I didn't really feel like trying anything at the moment. Mom, Dad, and Hermione were talking together most of the meal, so I sat in silence. Dad began chuckling lightly and looked up the staff table at one point, but I paid it no mind.

I was glad that the rest of my family seemed to be enjoying Hogwarts, but to me, school was painful. After one week, I hadn't managed to make any friends, or even to get to anyone very well, except for Hermione. The worst part was dealing with Jacob. I got to see him every day in class which was nice, but I couldn't really talk to him, unless there wasn't anyone around. I knew that Dumbeldore knew about imprinting, and that Mom had explained the concept to Hermione, but I was fairly sure that none of the other students or staff knew. I'd remember to ask Dad later to see if he could let me know. I would have asked at that moment, but I didn't want Jake to hear me asking, because he might think I was embarrassed about it, which wasn't the case.

I was looking forward to Care of Magical Creatures class today. I liked Hagrid because he seemed to always be in a good mood, and he really enjoyed working with animals. He'd told us that he had seen a unicorn in the Forbidden Forest a few days ago, and he was going to see if he could get it to come out so we could see it. Normally, lessons on unicorns were reserved for older students, but Hagrid had decided to make an exception because seeing one in the forest was so rare.

The bell rang, I said goodbye to my family and Hermione, and began making my way out of the castle and towards Hagrid's hut. As I was walking, I heard someone walking up behind me and turned around. She looked as if she was a first year. She was about an inch and a half taller than me, and had plain brown hair. I knew she was in Gryffindor by the color of her scarf.

I began to turn around, and continue towards the hut, but stopped when she said, "Hi." She said it so quietly, that I could barely hear her, even with my stronger than normal hearing.

"Hi," I replied, keeping the surprise out of my voice.

Most of the younger students had stopped talking to me after a few days because I never seemed interested in the conversations, and they rarely understood what I was saying. The older students didn't want to talk to me either, because most of them thought theywere too good to be talking to a first year.

She seemed to gain a little confidence at my response, "My name is Catie Pierce."

I couldn't remember meeting her before, so I assumed I hadn't. "I'm Nessie Cullen, nice to meet you."

"I'm going to Care of Magical Creatures. Is that where you are going?" she asked.

I nodded my head, and we began walking to Hagrid's hut in silence. When we arrived, there was already a small crowd of students gathered. As we Catie and I joined the crowd, Hagrid came out of his hut.

"Mornin' class." he said, and we chanted a greeting back to him. "I got a treat for you today. I was able to get a friend o' mine to give me something to make the unicorn come here this mornin'."

Hagrid walked about fifty feet from his hut, and we followed him. Once he was far enough away, he stopped, placed something that I couldn't see clearly on the ground, and waved his old umbrella at it. The object seemed to shimmer for a moment, and then returned to normal.

"Wait just a momen' now." Hagrid said, "It should show up soon."

We didn't need to wait long, because after about forty five seconds a large, pure white horse came walking slowly out of the forest.

"Now make sure yeh stay quiet." Hagrid said in as close to a whisper as he could, "Unicorns don't like loud noises. I reckon that if you were slow, and quiet, she'll let the girls pet her."

Most of the girls in the class seemed ready to make a mad dash at the unicorn, and the boys seemed mostly indifferent. Hagrid called the girls out one by one to pet the unicorn and then decided to see if the unicorn would let the boys pet her, which she did. After that, Hagrid explained a little bit about the properties of unicorn blood, and said we could have the rest of the period to relax.

I sat down on the grass a little bit away from the rest of the class. They all seemed to think that getting to pet a unicorn was the greatest moment of their lives, but I didn't see what was so great about it. To my surprise, after a few minutes, Catie sat down next to me.

"Hi," I said.

"Hi," Catie replied quietly.

I figured that I might as well talk to her, even if I wasn't interested in the conversation, it was something to do.

"What did you think of the unicorn?" I asked.

"It was an intriguing lesson, I never knew that unicorn blood could do all those things? I can't see how anyone could bring themself to kill one though."

"Yeah," I agreed, "Plus, from what Professor Hagrid said, it seems like it wouldn't be worth it."

"I heard that you and your family are from America." Catie began. I nodded. "What's it like there?"

"It's actually pretty similar to here. The biggest differences are the accents and the sense of humor."

Catie gave a small laugh at my joke, "What's it like being so far from home?"

"It's not bad, my entire family is here, so I'm not homesick. It feels a lot like an extended vacation to be honest."

Catie's voice grew quieter again, "Why did you come over here to sit? Why not sit with the others?" She seemed embarrassed to be asking the question.

"Honestly, I haven't been able to make many friends."

"Neither have I." She said, sounding depressed.

"Maybe it's because you're so quiet?" I offered, trying not to make it sound as if I were criticizing her, "If you tried talking to them, I'm sure they'd like you."

She didn't deny that she was shy. Instead, she asked,"Why don't you try that yourself?"

"I did, but I don't really relate well to people my age. Most of my friends are older. Why are you so quiet?" I added.

"I live in a small village. There are only about two thousand people in it, and my family is the only magical one. My parents aren't very good at talking to Muggles, so I didn't have a chance to make any friends. I guess I just never really learned how to be social."

This reminded me that I had never seen her before today. "You're a first year Gryffindor right, doesn't that mean we're in the same dorm? Why haven't I seen you before today?"

"Oh," she said, "I always go to bed early. I find it hard to read in the Common Room because it is so loud, so I go to the dorms to read. I close the curtains on my four-poster before anyone comes up, that way I'm not bothered. Because I go to sleep so early, I also wake up pretty early."

Thinking back on it, I remembered an extra bed in the dormitory, but the curtains were always drawn around it and I had just thought that it was an extra. I couldn't really think of a response, so we remained in a comfortable silence for the last few minutes of class. The bell rang, and Catie and I began walking towards Potions. We were silent for the whole trip. I was glad that Catie didn't seem to feel the need to chatter incessantly like most of my classmates, it was nice to just walk in relative silence for once.

Once we arrived in the dungeon, I took my seat next to my partner, Billy Easton. He had orange hair, and was a short, even for eleven years old, and seemed to be hyperactive. The upside to this was that it could be entertaining to watch him as he tried to restrain himself from bouncing of the walls. The downside was that it gave Snape an excuse to yell at us, mostly me. I wasn't sure why Snape seemed to dislike me as much as he did, but he hated me with a passion. I had asked Dad, and he said that Snape simply hated all Gryffindors, but Snape didn't treat anyone nearly as poorly as he treated me.

Snape swept into the classroom and said, "Today you will make an engorging potion. For those of you without the brain power to figure out what it will do, it will make the hands and feet of the consumer grow larger. The instructions are on the board," he waved his wand, and the instructions began appearing, "Begin."

Billy went to get the ingredients that we needed out of the supply closet while I began preparing the cauldron. We finished with about ten minutes left in class and began cleaning up. Snape began walking around the room, making sure that everyone's potions looked as they should.

He reached us, "I see that you are not completely inept Easton, I have no doubt that Miss Cullen," He sneered my name, "Was of little help. You get an O for today, Miss Cullen gets an A."

I was angry that he gave me a lower grade than my partner for no reason, but was relieved that he hadn't failed me. Dad had told me to ignore it if he did something like this, because he was just trying to provoke me. It seemed as if Dad had known more than he told me. I decided to ask Dad when I saw him in the Common Room.

Snape assigned us a six inch long essay on the possible uses of an engorging potion, and then the bell rang, signaling the end of the period.

As I left the dungeon, Catie walked up beside me, "I don't know why Professor Snape gave you a lower grade. I was watching you for a little bit, and you did most of the work."

"I don't know why either. From what Edward told me, Snape doesn't seem to like anyone in my family." I replied, having to remind myself to call Dad by his first name.

"Maybe you should bring it up with one of the other teachers, see if they can get anything done about it?"

"I think that would be what Snape wants. If I did that, it would be proof that he was getting to me. He hasn't given me a failing grade yet, so I think I'll try to wait it out and hope he gets bored."

We continued walking towards Defense Against the Dark Arts, and I changed the direction of the conversation, "So, what's it like being the only magical family in a village?"

"It's horrible to be quite honest," she said sadly, "My family might as well have been living alone in the middle of no where. I didn't have anything to do at home except read, because I couldn't have any friends. That's why I was looking forward to coming to Hogwarts so much, because I could finally make some friends. But when I got here, no one my age was interested in the same things as me, and none of the older kids wanted to talk to me."

"It's sorta the same for me." I said, "My family was also only magical family in the town we lived in, and we were foster children, so that also kept people wary around us. The school in America wouldn't let us come because they didn't trust us."

Though the circumstances in my story were fabricated, the end result was true. I was never able to go to school or make friends my age back in Forks because I grew so quickly. The only person that was near my age that I associated with was Claire, and she wasn't much for conversation because she was only about five.

"So what did you do to keep yourself entertained?"

"I read a lot, like you, and my brother has a huge CD collection, so that kept me busy as well.

"CDs..." Catie said, as if trying to recall something, "Those are the shiny discs that Muggles use to listen to music?"

"Yes," I replied, "Edward has thousands of them."

"What kind of music do you listen to?"

"I listen to Classical music mostly, Beethoven, Bach, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, and others. I also listen to some rock music, but not much. I abhor rap though. Do you listen to music much?"

"Not much," Catie admitted, "And I don't really listen to anything Classical, I like some Muggle bands though, Muse, Silversun Pickups, Rush, Shaimus and some others."

I recognized the name Rush, but the others were a mystery to me. "You said that you read a lot, what kind of books did you read?"

"Mostly the classics," Catie said, "Shakespeare, Homer, Dante, et cetera."

"Same with me. My parents are really into old literature."

As I spoke, we arrived at the Defense Against the Dark Arts, and took our seats.

Professor Lupin had announced to us that he was a werewolf on the first day of classes, but he didn't look at all like the werewolves I knew. Then again, he didn't have the same control over his changing as Jacob and the pack. From what Professor McGonagall had said, I guess the La Push Pack were closer to Animagi than werewolves, but I didn't bother with the semantics.

Professor Lupin entered the room, "Hello class, today we will be doing a bit more work on the Expelliarmus spell. Tomorrow, we will be moving on to a new subject, so make sure that you have the spell mastered by the end of the day. It may be a simple spell, but it is effective and can save your life. Partner up and get to work."

I immediately walked over to Catie and offered to partner up, and she agreed. We spent the rest of the class launching spells at each other, and by the end of the class, we were practicing casting the spell without having to speak the incantation. Neither of us had any luck, but Professor Lupin complimented us on our attempts.

Catie and I left Defense Against the Dark Arts and made our way to Transfiguration where Professor McGonagall had us turning pieces of straw into needles. By the end of the class, I had succeeded in making my piece of straw shinier, and Catie's was sharper than before. McGonagall awarded five points to whoever caused a noticeable change to their piece of straw, and dismissed us.

As we walked towards out next class, I began mentally preparing myself for seeing Jacob. I was dying to see him, but I knew that I had to keep up the charade of not knowing him. Catie seemed to notice that I was concentrating on something, and didn't bother me. We entered class and I sat down next to Catie. Jake had said that he didn't care where we sat for class, as long as we were in the room, so I didn't have to worry about assigned seats.

Jake walked in, seeming a bit more confident than he had for his first class, and announced, "Hello class. Today, we will be beginning the section about vampires."

I was surprised, but kept my face neutral, I was sure that Jake had a plan of some sort.

"Before we open the book, can anyone tell me anything they know about vampires?"

One girl raised her hand, and Jacob called on her, "Yes Casey?"

"Aren't vampires supposed to be incredibly pale and only come out at night?"

"Correct, anyone else? Uh yes, Adam?"

"I've heard that vampires tend to stay alone, or travel in groups of two. I think it was because if the groups were larger there would be fighting over food."

"Also correct. It seems that you all know the basics. I thought that we'd do something a bit different today however. As you know, I'm from America, and the Muggles in America have a few different legends about vampires. Muggles in America have the same physical view of vampires, pale skin, can't be out in the sun, but American myth also includes something about a group called the Volturi. According to American myth, there is a large coven of vampires that live in Italy that enforce the laws of vampires. Supposedly they have done so for thousands of years."

I was shocked that Jacob would teach us about the Volturi, especially since they kill anyone who finds out about them, but then Jacob said, "Now of course, this can't possibly be true, would anyone like to hazard a guess as to why?"

I raised my hand, and Jake called on me, "Well, vampires never live in groups larger than two without a large amount of strife, how could there be a coven big enough, and powerful enough to exert its will worldwide?

"Very good. Does anyone else have any ideas? Yes Samantha?"

"Well Italy is mostly sunny, so how would they survive there?" Samantha asked.

"Also a good point."

The rest of the class was spent with people poking holes in the 'myth' of the Volturi using what they knew about vampires. Jacob's class plan had worried me for a while, but it ended up being quite funny with the things that the other students were saying about vampires. After the bell rang, and Jake announced that we had no work for that night, I told Catie to leave, and that I would catch up to her, and walked up to Jake's desk.

"Really Jake, the Volturi?" I asked him, using a tone of mock fear, "You know that they'll be coming after you now."

Jake laughed at my tone, and said "Well, Caius might, but I think I can take him. Aro would probably be too busy collecting something, and Marcus couldn't care less." I laughed, "Besides, Edward endorsed the idea, I thought it at him this morning during breakfast."

My voice became a bit softer, "I hate having to act like I don't know you."

"It's like torture." he agreed.

"I wish there was some way that we could hang out together without anybody getting suspicious."

"Yeah, it would look odd for a teacher and a first year student to be hanging around with each other. I have an idea, I'll ask Edward and Bella if you an I can go hunting, just the two of us, after their class. I'm sure they won't have a problem with it."

"That sounds like a great idea. Where should I meet you?"

"Wait in the Entrance Hall after dinner. I think you should probably get going to your next class. Edward and Bella's class will be showing up soon."

I groaned, "I don't think Professor Binns would notice if I was late."

"I don't think I've met him yet."

I began walking towards the door, "I'll explain later, see you tonight."

I looked around to make sure there was no one nearby to see, and began running at top speed to History of Magic. I got there in about thrity seconds, and sat down just as the bell rang. I tried to listen as he droned on, but I gave up about halfway through the class and settled on doodling in the margins of my notebook.

Class ended, I met up with Catie, and we began making our way to the Common Room.

"What's your family like?" Catie asked.

I took a second to think before answering, "Well, despite the fact that we're foster children, some of us are actually related. Bella, Alice, and Emmett are siblings, as are Edward, Jasper, and Rosalie. I was just adopted a few years ago."

Catie seemed surprised that I supposedly wasn't related to anyone in my family by blood, "What was it like going to live with them? Not knowing your parents or their other kids must have been rough."

I laughed lightly, "When Carlisle and Esme adopted me, so did my siblings. Jasper, Emmett, and Edward treat me like any caring brother would treat a little sister, and Bella, Alice, and Rosalie do likewise. We're as close as any family, whether we're related by blood or not. I'm incredibly lucky to have been adopted by Carlisle and Esme."

Catie seemed to ponder this for a while, and we ended up at the entrance to the Common Room, I gave the password, and we walked in. I saw Mom and Dad sitting and playing chess. The only fair games of chess Dad ever played were against either Mom or Alice, because Mom was able to prevent Dad from knowing her plans in advance, and because Alice was able to see Dad's plans just as easily as he saw her's.

I thought a question at dad, 'Dad, did Jake talk to you?' He nodded almost imperceptibly. 'Is that a yes?' Again he nodded. I thought my thanks at him, and he returned to his game.

Catie told me that she wanted to go do some reading, so I told her that I'd meet her in the Common Room before dinner. She agreed, and ran up the stairs. As she left, Alice and Jasper walked into the Common Room, and Alice was laughing almost hysterically at something.

"What's so funny Alice?" I asked.

"Professor McGonagall told us to choose our elective classes today because we've pretty much caught up to the rest of our year. They offer Divination as an elective."

I laughed with Alice for a few moments, and then sat down on the couch to watch Mom and Dad play chess. Watching them play was comical, because of the looks of surprise Dad would give when Mom made a move that he wasn't expecting. He wasn't used to being surprised, which made him get frustrated, which just made the game funnier.

"So how was your day Nessie?" Mom asked.

"It was better than I expected it to be. I finally met someone in my class that I can actually talk to."

I put my hand on her shoulder, and showed her images of my day, particularly the conversations I'd had with Catie. Mom opened her mind to Dad so that he could watch my day as well.

When I was finished, Mom said, "It's nice that you've made a friend, and I'm sure that you'll have fun with Jake tonight."

I nodded, "By the way, how is Hermione taking the news? I haven't seen her since you told her about us." I kept my voice low to make sure no one heard us.

"She's taking it well," Dad said, "She hasn't changed the way she acts towards us at all. If anything, it's made her trust us more. She told us that she would be willing to help us explain it to Harry and Ron, which we plan on doing some time in the near future. It seems that most of the people here respect Harry, so if we get him on our side, the rest of the school will follow."

I sat on the couch, watching Mom and Dad for a little while, until it was time for dinner. Catie came down the stairs from the dormitory, and we walked to the Great Hall. We sat down with my family and talked about different assignments we had. Apparently, Catie finished our six inch essay from Snape before dinner, and she gave me some ideas that I could use to write mine.

After dinner, I told Catie that I was going to the librabry to work on the essay, and that I would see her later on. After she left, I went to the Entrance Hall to wait for Jake. After a few minutes, he showed up, and we walked out the doors and on to the grounds. We walked into the Forbidden Forest just far enough to be sure that we couldn't be seen from the castle.

"Finally, no more charade." I said, as I gave Jacob a hug.

He returned the hug, saying, "I've missed being able to talk to you."

I agreed, and took his hand. I showed him images of the past few days. He laughed at Dad and Mom playing chess, and was happy that I had been able to make a friend.

When I was done, we sat against a tree and talked a bit about the past week.

After a while. Jake said, "How about we go for a ride before we go hunting?"

I was slightly confused by what he meant, but before I could ask, he had run off behind a large tree. A few moments later, he returned as a large wolf. He walked up next to me, and knelt down. Motioned with his nose towards his back. Then I realized what he had been talking about, climbed on to his back, and held on.

It felt like Jacob had exploded beneath me as he took off running at top speed through the forest. After about ten minutes, he changed course, and we exited the forest, far from Hogwarts. I began sniffing the air, and recognized the scent of deer. Jake must have smelt it as well, because he began running in that direction. As we neared the source of the scent, I jumped off Jake's back, and approached the deer on foot. Once it was in sight, I jumped on it and snapped its neck. I heard Jake do the same to a deer nearby.

I drained the deer of it's blood, and then went to find Jake. I found him finishing off his deer. I waited for a moment until he was done, and then he walked over to me and knelt down again. I climbed up on his back, and he ran back to where we had started. I climbed off of Jake's back and waited for him to go change back. Instead, he turned around, gave me a grin, and licked my face. I started laughing, and he laughed as best he could in wolf form. Then he walked behind the tree, and emerged a few moments later as a human.

He sat down against a tree with me, and said, "That was fun."

I laughed, and agreed, "We should do it more often."

"That sounds like a good idea, how about on Wednesday?"

"Sure, I'll meet you in the same place, okay?"

"It's a date." Jake said, and I laughed at my friend's choice of words.

"Just don't let Dad hear you say that, you know that he doesn't want us dating until I at least look like I'm at the age where people start dating. And I'm in in no rush to start dating either."

Jake laughed, and said, "Good night Nessie." as he wrapped me in a hug.

And with that, we returned to the castle, waiting for Wednesday to come.