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Another Myth to Live Through

The Cullens, an immortal family of vampires, have protected themselves by hiding from the world. That will change forever when magic enters their lives. But what seems at first to be a new opportunity may just cause a new set of troubles. A Twilight / Harry Potter Crossover that takes place post-Breaking Dawn and during the Trio's sixth year.


7. Trouble in the Forbidden Forest

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Chapter 7: Trouble in the Forbidden Forest

Renesmee's Point of View

I woke up on Wednesday looking forward to the day. Hagrid had told us that he was planning a big lesson for us on Friday, and that he needed today to prepare, so we could just take a free period when we would normally have Care of Magical Creatures. Professor Lupin had told us that he wouldn't be teaching today, but that he had left instructions to the substitute to begin us on a dueling tournament.

And after classes ended, I had my run with Jake to look forward to.

I showered, got dressed, and went to the Common Room. Surprisingly, I was the first person there. A few moments later however, Mom and Dad descended the stairs that led to their dormitories.

"Hi honey, did you sleep well?" Mom asked me.

"Yeah." I said, and then I thought of something, "By the way, what do you and Dad do when you're pretending to sleep? It must be a bit boring."

"Alice, Rose, and I talk mostly. We don't need to worry about waking anyone because we have such good hearing."

"Jasper and Emmett were arguing last night and nothing I said would have stopped them," Dad said, "So I just watched some people's dreams. You can't imagine how hard it is to find someone whose dream isn't obscene."

I was surprised by my father's apparent ignorance for people's privacy, but he cut that thought off.

"I only spent enough time watching each person's dreams to make sure that their subconscious wasn't getting suspicious. It can take a while to go through the dreams of the whole house."

"Do you remember what Catie was dreaming about?" I asked, suddenly curious.

"Her dreams were similar to most of the first year's dreams. She's feeling a bit homesick."

I felt sorry for Catie, but there really wasn't anything I could do to help. Her homesickness would pass like it did for the other first years.

Mom, Dad, and I spent the next hour chatting as the Common Room slowly filled up. We were joined by Alice, Rosalie, Jasper, and Emmett. Jasper and Emmett were still arguing.

"Jazz, it's no big deal, it's not like anyone would notice."

"Emmett, you trying out for a sports team of any kind would be conspicuous. And what happens when there's a game on a sunny day?"

'Is this what they were arguing about last night?' I thought at Dad.

He nodded his head slightly and turned back to Emmett and Jasper.

"Really, no one would notice. If they said anything I could just claim it was magic."

"Emmett, magic can't do everything. It can't, for example make you strong enough to throw the ball all the way across the field."

"I'd tell them I invented the spell."

"Like they'd believe that." Alice snorted.

"Emmett, enough, this isn't getting anywhere. Why don't you just go ask Carlisle what he thinks?" Rosalie asked.

"Come on Rose, I thought you were supposed to be on my side?"

"I would be, but we need to be careful with what we reveal about ourselves."

Emmett seemed unhappy, but remained quiet.

We were joined by Ron, Hermione, and Harry, and made our way to the Great Hall for breakfast. As were walking, and idea popped into my head.

"Hermione, you said that your parents are Muggles, right?" I asked.

"Yes, why?"

"Are there any clubs at Hogwarts where students play Muggle sports?"

"Not that I can think of. In fact, the only club I can think of is the Gobstones club, why?"

"Emmett loves sports, but he can't try out for the Quidditch team, for obvious reasons. I was wondering if there was any outlet for him."

"Well, if you talk to a teacher, they might be able to set it up." She added in a quieter voice, "I've heard that you and Professor Black are close, why not ask him?"

"Good idea, thanks Hermione."

"Don't mention it." she said.

I saw Catie sitting at the table, and walked over to sit with her.

"Hi Catie. I didn't see you in the Common Room this morning."

"I move fast." She said, "I saw you with your family and it looked like your brothers were arguing, and I didn't want to intrude."

I changed the subject, "So what do you want to do with the free period that Hagrid is giving us?"

"I already have all my homework done, even the essays." Catie admitted, "I know that your siblings like chess, and I used to play with my parents once in a while, do you want to play a match?"

"It's not like there's much else to do." I said, "So why not?"

I decided to actually try some human food to see if I liked any of it, but it all tasted like dirt to me, so I gave up. After breakfast ended, I said goodbye to my family and Hermione, Harry and Ron still ignored me for the most part, and Catie and I returned to the Common Room.

We set up the chess board and began playing. I discovered quickly that Catie and I were a fairly even match.

As we were playing, I decided to strike up a conversation, "So, what is your home like?"

"Well, I told you yesterday that it was a fairly small village." She began, "My parents bought a house that was a bit separated from the rest of the village, near a cliff the overlooked the ocean. I think they hoped that if they weren't near the village, the other villagers wouldn't notice us."

"Did they notice you?"

"They did at first, but my parents acted so coldly to them that they eventually stopped trying to get to know us. I guess that it was for the better. My parents work in the Department of Mysteries, and if Muggles found out about anything that they did, they'd get in huge trouble with the Ministry."

"Department of Mysteries?" I asked.

"Oh right, you're from America so you probably haven't heard of it." Catie said, "It's where the Ministry does all sorts of stuff that they don't want the average person to find out about. Spell experimentation and the like. People who work there are called Unspeakables because they can't say anything about what they work on."

"So you don't actually know what your parents' jobs are?"

"Beyond the fact that they both studied spell theory intensively, no. Though from that I'd assume that they're involved in spell development."

We finished our game of chess, and after our free period ended, we made our way to Potions.

As usual, Snape treated me rather coolly though the class passed without any major incident.

We entered the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom and took our seats. Professor Lupin had told us that he wouldn't be teaching today, but hadn't explained why, so we waited to see who our substitute was going to be. I was surprised when I saw my Grandfather walk into the room.

"Hello class," Carlisle said, "My name is Doctor Cullen, and as you probably know, I am assisting Madam Pomfrey in the Hospital Wing this year. Professor Lupin is unable to teach today, so I will be supervising the class. He told me that he wanted me to begin a dueling tournament for him. He also wanted me to make it clear to you that you are to use disarming spells only, nothing else. He has already drawn up pairings for the tournament, so if you would please come to the front of the room when your name is called."

I watched the duels with decreasing interest as the class wore on. The outcome of most of the duels were was based on who would be the first to trip over their own feet while trying to fire a spell. Finally, my name was called.

"Nessie Cullen, and Russell Peters."

We both stood and walked to the front of the room. We took our places across from each other, and assumed dueling stances. I pictured my plan in my head. I would cast a spell immediately after Carlisle gave the signal, and hope that he was too surprised to dodge it.

"Begin," Carlisle said.

Immediately, I fired a spell at Russell, hoping that he wouldn't be expecting such a quick offensive. He sidestepped the spell, though it looked as if the edge of it passed through him. Instead of counterattacking, he just stood there, so I fired another spell at him. This time, he didn't dodge it, and his wand went flying.

"Very good, the next pair will be Miss Simmons and Mister Green."

I returned to my seat, and Catie congratulated me on my victory. I saw Russell talking to his friends, and decided to listen in.

"It was weird," he said, "I dodged her first spell, but as it went by me, I got this picture in my head of me standing still, and her hitting me with a spell, and next thing I knew, it happened."

"Stop making excuses," his friend said, "You lost. To a girl." He added, as if it was the world's greatest insult.

I ignored that, and listened to Russell's response, "I'm serious. I'm not sure what it was, but I don't think magic is supposed to make you see things in your mind."

Russell's friends remained skeptical, but I was worried. I looked at Carlisle to see if he had heard the conversation. He made eye contact with me and gave a slight nod, so I took that to mean that he had. I'd have to go talk with him after my run with Jake.

Class ended before Catie had to duel, for which she was thankful. "I'm not very good at Defense Against the Dark Arts, I don't stand a chance. Do you think Professor Lupin will grade how we do in the duels?"

I tried to put her at ease, "Don't worry about it. Half of the kids are tripping over their own two feet. If you can stay standing, you have a good shot at winning." I laughed, "And I don't think Professor Lupin is grading us, I think he's just doing this as a warm up for our next few lessons."

We sat down in the Great Hall and ate lunch. Mom and Dad sat down next to me, and I discreetly showed Mom what had happened during my duel today. Both she and Dad were perplexed, but agreed that it would be better not to jump to conclusions, and that I should talk to Carlisle later on.

After lunch, Catie and I went to our Transfiguration class. We were rather surprised when we entered the classroom, because professor McGonagall was not in the room. Instead, there was a cat sitting on her desk. Nevertheless, we took our seats. When the bell signaling the beginning of class rang, there was still no sign of Professor McGonagall. Without warning, the cat jumped off of the desk, and transformed into Professor McGonagall.

"Hello class. I can see by the fact that I have surprised you, that most of you are not familiar with Animagi." She said.

Under the shock at watching a cat transform into my teacher, I wondered if McGonagall could teach Jacob to transform while still wearing clothes. Having to undress every time he wanted to phase must be annoying for him, plus he'd never destroy any of his good clothes. Alice was always livid when that happened.

Professor McGonagall began to explain, "Animagi are exceedingly rare, in fact there have only been four that I know of in the past one hundred years. This is because the skill and determination required to become one are immense, and many find that it is completely impossible for them to become an Animagus at all."

"Who are the four Animagi that you know of?" One boy asked.

"Myself," McGonagall said, "And three former students of mine who are all deceased. James Potter, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew. The fact that they were able to become Animagi is astounding, because they did it at such a young age. It's only been found out that they were Animagi recently, because of developments in the war against You Know Who."

Professor McGonagall continued with her lesson on Animagi, and explained all the laws and regulations regarding them. She then assigned us an essay on how Animagi related to Transfiguration, and how being an Animagus could be useful.

As I entered Jake's classroom, a thought occurred to me. Jake didn't have to keep the fact that he was a werewolf a secret, he could simply announce that he was a wolf Animagus. I wasn't sure what he would think of the idea, but I decided to talk to him about it later.

History of Magical Races passed without incident, and Jake finished his lessons on vampires. I told him that I'd meet him in the Entrance Hall after dinner, and walked with Catie to History of Magic. Surprisingly, I was able to stay awake throughout he entirety of Professor Binn's droning lesson about the Goblin Wars.

Catie and I met up with my family after class, and we returned to the Common Room. Catie and I found a table and worked on our essays for Transfiguration. After a few hours, we had finished the essay, and went to the Great Hall for dinner. I decided not to try anything because I was going hunting with Jake afterwards.

I saw Jake stand up and leave the staff table, so I bade Catie and my family goodbye and went to meet him in the Entrance Hall.

"Hi Jake," I said.

"Hey Nessie, you ready to go for a ride?"

I nodded, and we walked down to the Forbidden Forest together. We left earlier than we had the last time we went hunting, and there was still a bit of sun left, so we had to walk deeper into the forest before Jacob could faze. As we moved deeper into the forest, I smelled something that I was unfamiliar with. The scent was sickly sweet, stronger than a vampire's.

"Jake, do you smell that?" I asked.

"No," He said, "My sense of smell is better when I'm a wolf, let me faze, and then we can go for a run."

He retreated behind a tree, and came back a few moments later in wolf form. He walked up to me happily and licked my face.

"Yuck, Jake." I said, wiping my face with my hands.

He knelt down, and I climbed on to his back as I had done before. Jake bolted into the forest, taking a different route from his last run. I put my hand on him, and sent him an image of my question, 'Do you smell anything strange now?'

Jake nodded his head up and down, and I asked another question, 'Want to see if we can find out what it is?"

He seemed hesitant at first, but nodded his head eventually. He slowed down to what could be described as a trot, and began sniffing the gorund. Jake apparently picked up the scent, because he immediately changed direction and began heading deeper into the forest.

Jake and I had been searching for fifteen minutes or so, and the scent was gradually becoming more powerful. We saw a small clearing up ahead, and I sent a question to Jake, "Let's take a quick break up ahead."

Jake barked his agreement, and walked towards the clearing. When we entered the clearing, we were both shocked by what we saw. A large, white horse was laying on the ground, dead. A silvery looking fluid was seeping from its neck. After a few moments I recognized it as the unicorn that we had seen during Hagrid's class a few days ago.

I immediately sent the images of the class to Jacob, along with the question 'Do you think we should tell someone?'

Jake quickly nodded his head, but rather than begin running towards Hogwarts, he went in the opposite direction. I decided not to say anything, and just went along with the ride. After a while we arrived at the edge of the forest opposite Hogwarts Castle. Jake knelt down, and I hopped off his back. He retreated behind a tree, and emerged a few seconds layer as a human.

"What happened to telling someone about the unicorn?" I asked.

"We will, I just figured that you'd want a little while to relax first."

We relaxed near the edge of the forest, talking for a little while. As the sun began to set, Jake said, "It'll get dark soon, and Edward wanted me to get you back earlier this time. We should get going."

"Okay," I said, "But I think I want to run this time. I need to stretch my legs."

Jake fazed, and we began running back towards Hogwarts.

Jacob's Point of View

As Nessie and I were running back to Hogwarts, I noticed that Seth and Leah were running patrols around La Push.

'Hi Seth, hey Leah, everything looking good back home?' I asked.

'Hey Jake,' Seth replied, enthusiastic as always, 'Things look fine.'

'Yep we're doing fine. How are things at freak-o academy?' Leah asked.

Over the past three years, Leah's personality had calmed down a bit, but she was still sarcastic as ever.

'Things are good here' I replied, 'Nessie and I are out for a run. The school's grounds are amazing.'

'How is everyone doing with the magic?' Seth asked.

'Amazingly, they've completely caught up with the rest of their class. I haven't seen much of it for myself, but I have seen Bella levitate her pile of books and Emmett used magic to trip someone yesterday. He got two detentions for it.'

Both Leah and Seth laughed at the memory of Professor Flitwick yelling at Emmett.

'Great, so now all of the leeches are mindfreaks instead of just Edward, Alice, and Jasper.' Leah added.

Seth continued asking questions about Hogwarts, and Leah surprisingly seemed to be interested in my answers as well. When Nessie and I were about halfway back to Hogwarts, the sun set completely. I continued talking with Seth and Leah, but suddenly, I heard a third voice. It was faint at first, but it became clearer as we got closer to the castle.

'Who...Seth and Leah?...recognize...names...La Push?...confused.'

'Hey Seth, Leah,' I thought, 'I'm hearing another voice, but it's really faint. Are you hearing anything?'

'No, I'm not hearing anything.'

'Neither am I. Maybe you've finally lost it oh fearless leader?'

I ignored Leah's comment, 'Could you two phase for a little while so I can try to figure out what's going on?'

They both agreed, and phased out. I looked ahead, and noticed that we had almost reached the castle.

'Hello?' I thought.

'Hello? What's going on?' The voice responded.

'Can you hear me?' I asked, feeling a little stupid, because I was pretty sure about the answer.

'Yes, who are you?'

'I'm Jacob Black, who are you?'

'I'm Remus Lupin, why can I hear your voice in my head? Are you a Legilimens?'

I thought for a moment, 'Wait, Professor Lupin?'

'Yes, I teach at Hogwarts.'

I looked up at the sky, and noticed the moon. It was full.

'Tonight is the night of the full moon, so you're in wolf form right now. Dumbledore told me that I would want to talk to you, but I haven't had the chance.'

'How do you know Dumbledore?'

'I teach at Hogwarts as well. I'm the new Professor for History of Magical Races. I'm a werewolf too, but slightly different from you. I can control when I change.'

'Yes, Albus told me about you. That still doesn't explain why I can hear your thoughts however.' Lupin, who seemed to be regaining his composure, asked.

'My entire pack can hear each other's thoughts when in wolf form, and alphas can hear other alpha's thoughts when in close proximity.' I hazarded a guess, 'I assume that because you're not part of a pack, that you're, technically, an alpha, which is why we can hear each other.'

'I've never had this happen before, or even heard of it.'

'Well, how many other werewolves do you know personally?'

'None,' he admitted, 'I'd like to continue the conversation now, but I can tell from your thoughts that you are busy. I would like to speak with you tomorrow morning however.'

I looked at my surroundings, and noticed that Nessie and I were just about to get to the edge of the forest.

'I guess I'll come meet you tomorrow. I'll come to your office before breakfast?'

'Sounds like a good plan, I look forward to speaking with you.'

Nessie stopped at the edge of the forest, waiting for me to phase. I phased, threw my clothes on, and walked with her out of the forest.

I decided to recount to Nessie what had happened during our trip.

"That was a very interesting run..."