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Another Myth to Live Through

The Cullens, an immortal family of vampires, have protected themselves by hiding from the world. That will change forever when magic enters their lives. But what seems at first to be a new opportunity may just cause a new set of troubles. A Twilight / Harry Potter Crossover that takes place post-Breaking Dawn and during the Trio's sixth year.


8. Meetings, Meetings, and More Meetings

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Chapter 8: Meetings, Meetings, and More Meetings

Jacob's Point of View

After I recounted that conversation that I'd had with Professor Lupin while in wolf form to Nessie, we walked up to the Castle. We didn't see anybody in the halls, and arrived in front of Dumbledore's office a few minutes later.

I looked at the statue and said the password, "Peanut brittle."

The staircase that led to Dumbledore's office appeared, and Nessie and I ascended. I reached up and knocked on the door.

"Come in," Dumbledore said from inside.

I opened the door, and Nessie and I stepped into his office.

"Ah, hello Professor Black, Miss Cullen. What brings you two to my office at this odd time of the night?"

I glanced at the clock and noticed that it was nearing midnight. "Well Professor Dumbledore, Nessie and I went out for a run tonight. When I fazed into wolf form, I smelled something strange, so we went to investigate. We found a unicorn dead, bleeding from the neck."

Dumbledore thought for a moment, "Miss Cullen, has anyone in your family gone out hunting recently?"

"No," Nessie replied, "And the unicorn's blood didn't smell appetizing at all. We've been going much farther away to hunt than just into the forest."

"This is deeply troubling news." Dumbledore said, "Do you either of you know of the powers of unicorn blood?"

"Hagrid told us a little bit, but not much." Nessie said.

I shook my head.

Dumbledore sighed, "Unicorn's blood carries both a blessing, and a curse. Unicorn's blood is said to give the consumer new life. However, to kill something so pure in cold blood, simply for personal gain, irreversibly changes a person. While it grants the drinker a longer life, it is nly a half life, for when someone kills a unicorn, they kill a part of themself. Their soul."

"Who would be willing to sacrafice their soul like that?" I asked.

"This has happened once before, five years ago. It was Lord Voldemort's first attempt to return after his defeat."

"I have heard people speak of him, but who was he?" I asked.

"He was a terrible wizard. He and his followers, Death Eaters, began a reign of terror, killing all of those they considered impure. All who had intermarried with Muggles, or were born of Muggles were targets, and the Death Eaters were ruthless. There was a resistance group, the Order of the Phoenix, but our operations were ultimately of little use. Then, one day, Voldemort disappeared. He went to a village known as Godric's Hollow to dispose of baby who was prophesied to be the only one capable of defeating him. He killed the infant's parents, and then attempted to kill the child. His spell rebounded however, leaving the child with only a scar."

"And the baby's name was Harry Potter." Nessie said.

"Yes, it was." Dumbledore said. "For years, many believed Voldemort to be dead. But five years ago, he returned. He inhabited the body of our Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor, Professor Quirrell. He sought the Sorcerer's Stone, which would have given him the one thing he desires, immortality. In order to sustain his feeble life in Quirrell's body, he forced Quirrell to drink the blood of unicorns. He was ultimately unsuccessful, and the Sorcerer's Stone was destroyed. However, two years ago, Voldemort was able to return to life in his own body. Since then, he has made a small number of attacks. You can see now why this is very troubling news indeed."

"What do you think this means?" I asked.

"Voldemort may have a new plan to achieve immortality, but I am not sure. And that is what frightens me." Dumbledore said. "I will notify the Order of the Phoenix, and we will try to find out what we can. We will post some guards in the Forbidden Forest, to ensure that we will know if this happens again. Thank you for bringing this to my attention."

"How many people are members of this Order?" I asked.

"We have approximately thirty members."

"And I'm going to guess that most of them have day jobs, or are busy with other Order work?"

"Yes, we have a few members who are doing full time work for the Order, but most of our group are not available to do much. Many of them are still complacent from the years of peace between Voldemort's time of power, and now."

"Professor, you know that I'm a werewolf, but I don't think I went very far into the specifics when I told you. If you'd like I can ask a few members of my pack to come run patrols in the Forest, which will leave the Order free to deal with more pressing matters."

"I couldn't impose upon your friends to do that." Dumbledore said.

"I'm sure they won't mind. I know Seth's always been interested in travelling, and things have probably gotten boring in La Push. I'm sure that once they heard the story, the whole pack would want to join the Order."

"I can see that you are set on this, and I must admit that it would help. I do not think think it wise however to induct you into the Order. Your eagerness is wonderful, but for now, I believe it would be best to keep your... abilities, a secret to all who have no pressing need to know. And because you cannot do magic, members of the Order would become suspicious very quickly."

Nessie, who had been relatively silent said, "I'm sure that my family would want to help, and we can do magic, so there would be no need to reveal our secret to the Order. Plus, with our abilities, we could be an asset."

"Miss Cullen, I have no doubt that you are right, and though you are wise beyond your years, you still look to be a child to the naked eye. Generally the Order does not allow members under the age of seventeen. And because the rest of your family are acting as sixth year students, they would be under seventeen as well. Rest assured, that if the need arises and the time is right, I will ask you and your family for help."

Dumbledore directed his attention back towards me, "Getting back to the prospect of bringing members of your pack to patrol the Forbidden Forest, assuming that they are willing, I can arrange to have them floo to the Castle at their convenience. I will also be able to provide the adequate lodging"

"That would be great, I don't think that they would appreciate sitting in a plane for twelve hours. I'll speak to them tonight, and tell you how to reach them tomorrow. Before I go, there is one other thing I would like to talk to you about, regarding Professor Lupin."

"Ah yes. He has been very anxious to speak with you since I told him about your similar condition. Did you speak with him recently?"

"Well no," Jake said sheepishly, "At least not face to face. I've been busy trying to set up classes and haven't had the chance. But tonight, when Nessie and I were running I was able to hear his thoughts as if he were the Alpha of another pack. We actually decided that we'd meet tomorrow before classes began so we could talk."

"That is quite interesting. Do you know much about the differences in the physiology between your pack, and normal humans?"

"I'm not much for science, but Carlisle said that we have an extra chromosome or something once."

"I believe I may have a theory as to why you were able to hear Remus' thoughts, but I do not wish to air it until I have further confirmation. I believe it would be beneficial if Carlisle and I met along with you and Remus so we could discuss this."

"Okay, I'll tell Carlisle on my way to take Nessie to the her dormitory."

"Very well," Dumbledore said, standing up, "I shall see you tomorrow morning. Goodnight Jacob, Renesmee."

Nessie and I left Dumbledore's office and began walking towards the Hospital Wing.

"So why do you think you were able to hear Professor Lupin's thoughts?" Nessie asked.

"I don't know Nessie. Dumbledore has ideas, and if he wants Carlisle there, they must involve some sort of science or medicine that would sound like gibberish to me." I laughed, "I'm planning on meeting Lupin, seeing what he's like, getting to know him, and just letting Dumbledore and Carlisle do whatever they think they should."

"And who are you thinking you about asking to patrol the Forbidden Forest?"

"Well, I know Seth would love to do it, and since he just turned eighteen, I figured I'd ask him. And if Seth comes, I'd put it at about eighty-twenty odds that Leah will want to come too, just to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid. I'm not sure about anyone else."

"I think you should have Quil or Embry come." Nessie said.

"I can't ask Quil, he has Claire. I don't think Quil would want to be so far away from Claire for long, and I doubt that Claire's mother would approve of sending her to England. Embry would make a good third person to bring though, thanks for the idea."

We arrived at the Hospital Wing and went inside. Carlisle was in his small office, looking as if he was just about to leave. He looked up and noticed Nessie and I standing there and walked out to meet us.

"Hello Jacob, hi Nessie. What are you two doing out so late?"

I gave him a summary of the night's events, and told him that Dumbledore wanted him to meet with us the next morning.

"I think I may have an idea of what he's thinking. I'll meet you tomorrow morning." He said.

"Great, I'll see you tomorrow."

Nessie and I bade him goodnight, and I escorted Nessie back to the Gryffindor Common Room. When we reached the portrait, I gave her a quick hug goodnight, and then walked to my room. I threw my clothes on my bed and phased in my bedroom, hoping that someone would be patrolling back home. I was lucky, and noticed that Embry was out running.

'Hey Jake, what's up?' Embry thought once he noticed that I had phased.

'I have something I want to ask you, Seth, and Leah, could you go grab them? It would be easier to ask all of you at once.' I replied.

'Sure thing, just gimme a minute.'
A few minutes later, Embry phased, and I was alone. A few minutes later, he phased back, along with Leah and Seth.

'Hey Jake, what's going on? What was up with you hearing the other voice when Leah and I were talking with you earlier? Is there another pack out there?' Seth asked immediately after phasing.

'No, there isn't another pack. Let me start from the beginning...'

I explained to them what had happened with the Nessie and I finding the unicorn, my discussion with Lupin, and my meeting with Dumbledore.

'So, I was wondering if you guys would mind coming to Hogwarts and running patrols around the Forest for a while?' I asked after I had finished the story.

'That would be great. La Push has been getting a bit boring recently. Plus, it would get Mom of my case about getting a job' Seth replied.

'Well, I'm not letting Seth go halfway across the world alone, so I guess I'm coming too' Leah thought.

'What about you Embry?' I asked.

'Like Seth said, there's not much going on around here, so why not?'

'Great, I'll tell Dumbledore tomorrow'

'So Captain Canine, how are we going to be getting to England?
' Leah asked.

'Dumbledore said that he can arrange to floo you over. I'll tell him to meet you at the Cullen's house tomorrow at around nine.'

'What is 'flooing'?
' Seth asked.

'You travel between fireplaces. It's not as bad as it sounds' I added after hearing their reactions.

'I guess we'll find out.' Embry thought, 'We'll see you tomorrow Jake.'
I bade them goodnight and phased back. I got ready for bed quickly, and feel asleep the moment my head hit the pillow.


I woke up early the next morning and got dressed. I looked at the clock, and decided that Lupin was probably already awake. I left my room, and walked towards his office. When I got there, I knocked on the door. A moment later, Professor Lupin opened the door.

"Ah hello. It's nice to finally meet you in person. I'm Remus Lupin." He held out his hand.

I took it, "It's nice to meet you as well. Jacob Black."

"Well now that we have the formalities out of the way, we might as well get right at why we're both here. What happened last night?"

"I'm not really sure. I was out running as a wolf, and talking with some members of my pack back home. I heard your thoughts, but they couldn't so I told them to phase out so I could figure out what was going on. The only other time that I've been able to hear the thoughts of another wolf, and the rest of my pack couldn't is when I was talking to another alpha."

"You speak of the transformation so casually, is it that easy for you?"

"It was a bit difficult to control at first, but now it's second nature. The only problem is clothing." I admitted. At Lupin's strange look I explained "It took a while to figure out a way to keep your clothes with you when you were a wolf. Before that, we had to deal with a few rather embarrassing situations." I added, recalling some of the more entertaining examples. "What's transforming like for you?"

"In all honesty, it's excruciating. The Wolfsbane potion let's me keep control of my mind, but it doesn't help the pain. What's worse is that I can't control it. But Albus has been kind to me, and gave me a job that I enjoy, so I can't complain."

I remembered the conversation with Dumbledore from the night before, "Speaking of Dumbledore, he said that he had a theory of why I was able to hear your thoughts last night. He and Carlisle will be coming to meet with us."

As if on cue, Dumbledore and Carlisle entered the room.

"Hello Jacob, Remus. I trust that you are well this morning?" Dumbledore asked.

"I'm doing well, thank you." Lupin said.

"As Jacob has already informed you, I believe that I may know why you were able to hear each other's thoughts last night. I met with him last night and he did some research. I believe he has some news that may please you."

Carlisle stepped forward, "Yes. I went to the library last night, much to the annoyance of Madam Pince," He added with a slight chuckle, "And did some research on wereolves. Specifically, the physiology of werewolves. There weren't many sources and most of them were rather old, but what I did find out was intriguing. Apparently, werewolves like yourself Professor Lupin have a total of forty-seven chromosomes. One of which is unpaired. Werewolves such as Jacob however have a total of forty-eight. This could mean any number of things, but I have a few ideas. If I could ask you a few questions however, that may help my research."

"Of course, ask away." Remus replied.

"These may seem a bit odd," Carlisle warned, "But please bear with me. First, when you are in wolf form, how much stronger are you compared to when you are human?"

"A fair bit stronger, I nearly destroyed the Shrieking Shack back before Wolfsbane was discovered."

"Okay. And around the time of the full moon, do you notice yourself being hungrier than usual?"

"Normally I feel too sick to eat, but when I force myself to eat, I never seem to feel full."

"And do you eve run a temperature around the full moon?"

"I'm not sure, I don't think I've ever checked."

"Well," Carlisle said, finished with the questions, "Nothing is certain yet, but I believe that the reason you and Jacob were able to hear each other's thoughts is that you are both fundamentally the same when it comes to being a werewolf."

"Then why can I control when I phase, and he can't?" I asked.

"I believe that the extra chromosome that you have, the one that Remus lacks, is what controls the 'symptoms' of being a wolf in the Quileute Tribe. The growth, the high body temperature, the lack of aging, and the ability to control when you phase."

"So what exactly does this all mean?" Remus asked.

"I believe, that with some further study, and perhaps some help from Professor Snape, a potion could be produced that would give your body cells a forty-eighth chromosome like the ones found in the Pack of La Push. Meaning, you would be able to control when you change forms. However to be sure, I would like to take a blood sample so I can do more research. I'll also need some of yours Jacob."

"Of course, I'll let you have some blood. If I'll be able to control my transformations, I'd be willing to give almost anything." Remus said, seeming incredibly excited by the news."

"You can have mine too. It would be great to help." I said.

Carlisle produced two needles, and drew blood from my arm, and Remus' arm. He put the blood into vials, and tucked them into his pocket.

"I'm not sure how long this will take, or even if I am correct, but I will get started on studying these immediately." Carlisle said, excusing himself, and walking out the door.

"Well this was quite a productive meeting," Dumbledore said, "Which is quite a nice change from the usual. Before I leave you two to chat, did you contact your friends yet Jacob?"

"Yes I did, I told them to be waiting in the Cullen's house at about nine o'clock. I knew that you knew where that was already, and I thought it would be easiest for you if they were all in one place."

"In that case, I will go retrieve them, and show them where they will be staying. I'm sure that you will want to see them, so I will point them in the direction of your classroom once classes end."

Dumbledore left, leaving Remus and I alone. There was still about an hour until breakfast began, so Remus and I stayed and talked for a little while. I learned a bit about Remus' history and what it was like being a werewolf in the magical world. I was surprised initially at his mentions of the bigotry. But when I thought about it, it made sense. The only reason that the La Push Packs hadn't experienced it was that we kept our condition secret for the most part.

Remus was quite interested in learning about my history as well, and like most people, found the concept of imprinting somewhat disturbing at first, but fascinating. I told him about my first transformation, how the Packs ended up splitting, and what the Pack mentality was like. He seemed particularly interested in the Volturi, but I told him to ask Carlisle or Esme about it, because the knew more than I did.

Eventually, we left for breakfast, and then for our classrooms. I was glad that I had gotten a chance to talk with Remus, and hoped that Carlisle would be able to find a way to help him.


Most of the classes I taught passed slowly that day. I didn't have any plans, so I ended up just improvising as I went along. My improvising wasn't as smoothing as I would have liked, but it got the job done. Nessie and I had a quick chat after her class, and I told her that Seth, Leah, and Embry would be arriving today, and that she should come back to the classroom after her final period if she wanted to say hi to them.

After the last class of the day, I called Edward and Bella to my desk, "Did Nessie haved a chance to tell you about what happened last night?" I asked.

"She did." Edward replied.

"After I got back to my room, I phased, and asked Embry, Seth, and Leah to come run patrols here. They got here earlier today, but Dumbledore said he'd send them here after classes. I figured that you'd want to stick around and say hi."

"That'd be great, I haven't spoken with either of them since before we left." Bella said.

"I can hear their thoughts," Edward said, "They'll be a few minutes, they just left where they'll be staying. I believe it's called the Shrieking Shack. Nessie said that you were able to communicate with Professor Lupin while in wolf form? Did you learn anything new about that this morning? His thoughts were very confused and preoccupied during class."

"To make a long story short, Carlisle thinks that with help from Professor Snape, he might be able to devise a potion that would allow Remus to control his transformations like I can. Carlisle said that Remus had one more chromosome than humans, but one less than La Push werewolves." I ran through the conversation in my head so that Edward would be able to hear it from the source rather than through my explanation.

"Interesting. I will have to ask Carlisle about his findings." Edward said quietly.

Nessie walked into the classroom and we asked her about her day. A few minutes later, Leah, Seth, and Embry walked in.

"Hey Jake, how's it going?" Embry asked.

"I've been doing well. This teaching job isn't half bad."

"Of all the careers I would have picked for you, teaching is the last." Leah said, "How many children have you mentally scarred for life so far?"

I pretended to be thinking and counting them off on my fingers, which made everyone chuckle.

"So how was your trip?" I asked.

"Floo powder is crazy," Seth replied, "One minute, I'm standing in the Cullen's living room fireplace, the next, I'm spinning around and end up halfway across the world."

"Yeah, magic can be weird like that." Bella said, "Did you notice that the paintings are alive?"

"Yeah," Leah snorted, "The Headmaster gave us a quick tour, and a painting of some crazy knight challenged us to a duel. This place couldn't be freakier if the whole Volturi showed up."

"Let's hope they don't." Edward said seriously.

"If they did, maybe we'd actually get a chance to tear a few of them to pieces this time, right?" Leah responded.

"Anyway," I tried to change the subject, "Where did Dumbledore put you guys up?"

"He refurbished some place he called the Shrieking Shack." Embry answered, "Apparently there's some sort of legend about ghosts living there, so people avoid it. It's pretty nice actually."

We made some small talk about recent events back home, and at Seth's request, Bella, Edward, and Nessie performed a few simple spells. All three of them seemed impressed.

Nessie, Bella, and Edward left to go to dinner to tell the rest of their family of the new arrivals. Leah, Seth, and Embry invited me to come back to the Shack so I could check it out. They said that Dumbledore promised to have food sent down, so I agreed.

As we were walking, Leah asked, "So did you find anything out about the other wolf?"

"Yeah, I met him this morning. Carlisle and Dumbledore were there too. He's like a real werewolf, he only transforms at full moon, and he needs to take a potion to remain in control of his mind when he does. Carlisle did some research, and he thinks he might be able to make something that will let him control the transformations like us."

The rest of them digested the information as we walked. They led me to a tree that seemed to be moving on it's on accord. Seth picked up a long branch, and started poking at it's trunk. Eventually, the tree stopped moving, and we walked over to it, and into a tunnel beneath it. As we walked through the tunnel, Embry explained what Dumbledore had said about the Whomping Willow which cleared my confusion.

We reached the end of the tunnel and opened a door that led into the Shack. The Shack was small, but well lit and decorated, and had all the necessities. It also had three seperate bedrooms. A few minutes after we arrived, a house elf apparated into the small dining area, nearly giving us all a heart attack, and left dinner on the table.

The next ten minutes or so were silent except for the sounds of our eating. When we had finished, we sat around the table talking.

After a while, I looked out the window. "It's getting dark out, I should get going. Before I go, we should set up patrol schedules though. We don't have to worry about the day time, because the centaurs have that pretty well covered. I think they'd stop anyone in the forest, friend or for honestly. For nights, I figure three people can do five hour shifts each night, that way one of us can rest each day. I'll run the first shift tonight, who wants the next two?"

"I'll take the second shift." Leah volunteered.

"And I'll take the third," Seth said.

"Any objections Embry?" Embry shook his head so I continued, "Okay, then you can take the first shift tomorrow, I'll take second, Leah third, and Seth can have the night off. We'll just rotate like that."

I said goodbye, and headed back to the tunnel. When I reached the other end, I poked at the Willow's trunk until I found the spot that made it stop moving. I then ran for the forest, and once I reached the threshold, I took my clothes off and phased.

As I ran, I slowly let my wolf instincts take over, and focused on one thing. Making sure nothing that could endanger my friends could get near the forest.