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As the clouds moved

Victoria's killed many people, heres one of them. Language, bit of lemons..


1. The clouds move slowly.

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As the clouds moved, the sun illuminated the room. It was a simple room, with white walls and dark brown furniture. On the walls, there were large white canvases, waiting to be painted. On the hardwood floors, there were glass jars filled with water, and some filled with paintbrushes. Lying down on the white sheeted bed was a boy. He was 24 years old, wearing stripped boxers, with dark blonde hair and light blue eyes. His name was Glenn. He lay with his hands behind his head, staring up to the ceiling.

Life was very good for Glenn. His nude paintings were a hit in the city, so he lived in a nice life in a penthouse two streets down from Central Park. He got up from his king sized bed, and walked over to his massive window. Outside, New York’s busy streets were just waking up. Gazing down, he watched as people walked around. Glenn noticed how different everyone looked from up here, and how it was like there were random balls of hair walking around. This made him laugh aloud, which he didn’t do to often.

Buzz Buzz went his cell phone from across the room. He ran over, looking around his drawers and under his bed.

“Oh great,” He muttered to himself. He looked around more, trying to listen for the buzzing. Then he saw his cell phone sitting in one of the glass jars lying on the floor. He ran over, taking it out and flipping it open.

“Hello?” Glenn asked while looking around his closet, trying to find his grey jeans.

“Hi!” Said a cute voice on the other line. It had a girlish sweet tone, but it defiantly sounded hyper.

“Uh, who is this?” he asked uncertainly. He had a rather bad feeling...

“Oh, my name is Bex, and you’re Glenn Harshwood, right?” Bex asked after a quick giggle. Glenn sighed. Yup, he knew who this would be.

“Yes, I am. I’m guessing your calling about modeling?” He asked with a slightly sarcastic tone. As usual, she didn’t notice it at all.

“Yes! Oh my gosh, how’d you know??” she gasped.

“Lucky guess” Glenn’s tone was flat.

“Anyways, yes, I am a model, and I realize that you’re looking for one?” she continued as if she didn’t notice.

He sighed.

“Yes, I am” he muttered as he tried to put on his blue and black striped shirt.

“Great! So, how about I meet you by your studio at around 10? You can see if I’m suitable!” she giggled the last part. He already knew the answer to that.

“Uh, yea, 10. That’d be great. See you soon” He replied gruffly.

“Perfect! Bye!!” Bex practically yelled the last part. He sighed as he snapped his phone shut.

Did anyone understand art anymore? Stupid, hyper models practically threw themselves at him, convinced that there the next Mona Lisa. They’d come in and pose, fidgeting and giggling practically the entire time, and then they’d corner him and start to moan about how there shoulders were sore and that it needed to be massaged. Then, they’d begin to tell him how like a fairytale this was, prince falls for servant, artist falls for model. Then she kisses him and put his hands on their breasts. After, he’d tell them that he wasn’t interested and that they needed to leave. They would gruff and cry, screaming on how he wasn’t that great of an artist anyways, and they’d slam the door shut, which was something that had always bothered Glenn.

He sighed as he locked the door of his apartment. He walked down the street, smiling at the people who passed him. They weren’t stupid, empty and shallow, like those models. They were like balloons, pretty to look at and fun for a moment, but boring and annoying after a bit. Filled with air, and if you popped them you’d be in trouble.

At the corner of the avenue, was his studio. It was an old building that was crumbling away before he found it. He smiled despite himself. He loved that place so dearly; it was like a home to him. His penthouse was great, but some nights he’d get the old sleeping bag out and slumber under the canvases, smelling flowers and oil paints, dreaming dreams of beautiful women and colors.

He unlocked the doors, and stepped in. It was a lot like his penthouse, white with dark brown furnishings. He had a lot of his art work put up, but he also had pieces of art by other artists.

Once he got in, he went to his newest canvas. He had just ordered it yesterday. I was as tall as him, and as long as him. Glenn stared up at it, craving the day he’d get to use it.

It was actually on a Thursday morning when he thought of the idea. He was walking in Central Park, IPod at hand, donut in mouth, when he saw her. Standing near the edge of a tree, was a girl. She looked maybe 20 years old, but the look in her eyes made her look 100. Her skin was paper white, eyes black as the night sky, hair smooth as silk. Yet, even though she was probably the most beautiful thing Glenn had ever seen, she looked trapped. Trapped how? He wasn’t sure. But later that day he’d purchased that canvas and waited. He waited for just the right model to call, to walk by, to capture him like that girl did.

Ding Ding! Went his door. Oh great, Glenn thought.

“Hi!” a tall, bright blonde girl said as she strutted into the studio. Stilettos, short black dress and big hungry blue eyes. Damn it.

“I’m assuming you’re Bex?” Glenn said politely enough. She flashed him with a smile. He frowned.

“Yes, you assumed correctly. So, let’s just get straight down to business, shall we? Am I what you’re looking for?” She looked down devilishly, while flexing her legs at the right time.

To any man, she’d be the sex god, coming to grant all there deep dirty desires. To Glenn, she was stupid.

“No, I’m sorry. Perhaps for another painting” he said quickly as he reached down into the cabinet to find some paintbrushes. He could hear Bex stifle a gasp behind him.

“I...oh, but are you absolutely sure?” she asked sexily. He turned around and stared at her in the eyes. It was like staring into a puddle. Blue, shallow and empty.

“Quite” he said a tad angrily. He wasn’t really in the mood for this crap.

“But are you-” she kept going annoyingly, but at that moment something caught Glenn’s eyes. From outside the window, a pale white girl with lively red and orange hair walked by. Even though it is sort of chilly, she is wearing nothing but a t-shirt and jeans. And on her face, was that trapped look.

“Excuse me,” Glenn cut Bex off as he sprinted to the door. He slammed them open, frantically looking around for where she walked off to. There, down the street, with the bright red and orange hair tied up in a pony tail. He sprinted down the side walk, bumping and pushing his way through. Finally, he reached her.

“Excuse me, miss” he said while panting. She turned around slowly. Her eyes were a dark red. He stifled a gasp.

“What?” she spat. She didn’t look like one who wanted to be bothered with. He didn’t care.

“Miss, I...I’m Glenn Harshwood, an artist. And...I was wondering would...would you like to model for me?” he said. She stared at him. Her eyes pierced into his chest.

“I’m no good” she muttered as she walked the other way. Glenn ran around to her front.

“Uh, miss, you don’t understand. You are exactly what I have in mind” Glenn said while holding on to her shoulders. She removed his hands with her strong cold hands.

“Look, I’m trouble. Trust me. You look like a nice kid. Now get lost” she looked at him for a moment with complete and utter grief, and then she kept walking.

“Please! I’ll take my chances!” He yelled across the sidewalk. She kept walking.

“You don’t live forever!!! Why not??” He yelled. She stopped abruptly. She turned and looked at him dead in the eyes. He crossed his arms. She looked up to the sky and sighed.

“Fine” she muttered. His heart soared.

Half and hour later, the canvas was set up, she was posing. She was standing up, arms out slightly, legs out slightly, head tilted down. Her black eyes were staring up at Glenn. Glenn looked at Victoria, tilting his head to the side.

“What?” she spat. She seemed to do that a lot.

“Well, I’m not sure. There’s something missing about all this” Glenn walked around her again, adjusting her cold arms. He wondered for a moment whether he should give her a sweater when he realized what is missing. But how could he ask her?

“Would you like something to drink?” Glenn asked while reaching in to the cupboard for some ginger ale. Maybe, he thought, he could ease in to the subject.

She stifled a giggle “No, I’m fine”. Why would she find Glenn asking her if she wants a drink funny?

He shrugged, while pouring himself some ginger ale. As he sipped, he wondered about how he should ask her.

“You are really quite beautiful, Victoria” Flattery usually worked.

She stared out the window and sighed.

“I know,” Victoria almost whispered. He sipped his drink.

“I...I think what’s missing from the painting is ...” He began.

“You want me nude, don’t you?” she asked with tad bitterness to her tone. Well, it only made sense that she’d notice. Practically the entire room was filled with paintings of naked women!

“Well...Yea, but I completely understand if you don’t want to do it. I mean, I just picked you up from the sidewalk! I am so happy you decided to do this anyways!” Glenn said.

She looked at him with her dark red eyes. He decided not to ask about her eyes, because she’d probably get touchy. Suddenly, a wide devilish grin curled on to her face.

Victoria winked, “Fine”.

Glenn jumped up in the air with excitement, while spilling some of his drink. He got out the proper lights, a special purple robe, and closed the curtains and locked the door. She didn’t look nervous at all, in fact, she looked excited, almost devilish.

He shrugged it off, being so excited about painting.

“Alright, are you sure about this?” he asked for the fiftieth time. He was a bit uncomfortable with the whole situation.

She smiled, “Definitely” Victoria said clearly while stripping off her shirt. Glenn was quite shocked with this, because most girls went into the bathroom to change.

She was the exact same shade of white under her shirt and out. Her breast bone was a tad lower than usual, she had small round breasts that didn’t sag, her ribs were clearly visible, and she had nice abs and a small tummy.

She untied her long curly orange hair, which sprung out in to all different directions.

Victoria slipped off her jeans, which reviled her long white legs. After, she slipped off her small black underwear, showing a small groin with small light orange hairs. Her butt was well rounded, but a little flat. Her legs weren’t long, but were strong and powerful looking.

She turned around to find Glenn staring at her.

“What? Never seen a naked woman before?” she asked playfully. He couldn’t help but laugh.

He posed her proper ally, sat behind his canvas, and began to draw.

It was then when he really realized just how beautiful Victoria was. How her cold white skin had such a sharp edge to them, but it looked almost like that she was trying to keep it from being so edged, so sharp.

If you ignored her immense beauty, you really could see how ... scary she looked. She looked fierce, angry, and when she was angry, she took it out on everyone else.

But she also looked sad. Sad that ... that she was this sharp? This scary? That she had this amazingly beautiful body? Maybe because everyone made assumptions about her. Like how Bex looked like a scrawny high school girl next to Victoria, the goddess of beauty and sex. Maybe she really does want people to see her fierceness, her true self. But maybe she doesn’t.

Glenn sighed as he got up to get some more white. Victoria was a mystery. She was like a great ocean, beautiful and dangerous.

Victoria was also an amazing model. She didn’t move at all. It was like she was a statue, made from marble.

About 4 hours of modeling and painting, Glenn finally asked “Want a break?”

As she nodded, it looked like a statue came to life.

They walked over to the dark brown leather couch on the side of the room. Over top of it, was a painting of a young dark skinned woman in a bright jungle.

Victoria gracefully plopped down on the couch, not bothering to put on the purple robe. This didn’t bother Glenn much, but he was starting to get worried that she would get all sexual.

But she wouldn’t, she didn’t seem to be that kind of girl. At least he hoped.

“It’s looking good” she said.

“Well, I guess” Glenn had always been very modest.

“I say it looks good” she stared at him. Glenn noticed just then, even after 4 hours of staring into them, Victoria’s eyes had before completely black.

“Do you live in New York?” Glenn asked, trying to make conversation. She casually stretched her legs over his lap.

“Sometimes” she grinned. What was with this sudden change of mood?

“Have you lived anywhere out west?” he continued, trying to puzzle it all together.

“Not really. But I’m thinking of going” she stroked the hair out of his eyes.

“Down to California?”

She laughed “I’m not that into the sun”

Glenn nodded. It was obvious, looking at her skin.

There was a long silence, with Victoria stroking Glenn’s hair and Glenn massaging her feet.

Suddenly, she jumped up and leaned into Glenn’s neck. Her arms were like cages around his arms.

“Oh, I’m just going to fuck it. I’m a vampire” she said as she inhaled the air around Glenn’s neck. Beads of sweat started to form around his temple.

“W-what?” Glenn tried to say as he tried to get Victoria off of him.

“Yup, you heard me. Told yea I was trouble” she murmured as she licked his neck. Shivers went through Glenn.

“Here’s what’s going to happen. You’ll sit still, and I’ll do what I need to do” she whispered seductively as she reached her hands up his shirt. Were her hands always this cold?

“I-I...” he tried to say but Victoria’s lips were on him. She kissed fiercely, leaving no breathing room. He tried to push her off, but she only held him down. Just when he thought he was going to pass out, she let go and started to unzip his pants.

“W-what ar-re you doing?” Glenn said as he gasped in the air. She ignored him and got right to work.

They were both naked, lying on the couch. His eyes were sore from being so wide open, sweat was forming on his neck, and he was praying in his head.

She smiled the same smile that she first did when she agreed to this.

“Guess” she whispered.

Suddenly, they were one. Glenn gasped as he realized what was happening.

They speed up, with Glenn groaning in unwanted pleasure, and Victoria moaning in restraint and happiness.

After an hour, they lay exhausted on the couch, Victoria on top, with Glenn lightly massaging her breasts.

He could feel like something more was going to happen. He kept her busy by sucking lightly on her left breast. She sighed in pleasure.

“I guess I won’t kill you now” she murmured quietly. He tensed up, but kept massaging to keep her occupied.

“But, you know, it’s getting awfully hard” Victoria whispered. Then she suddenly she inhaled his scent again.

“Yup, I can’t resist. But this will be sad, you know. I like you” she said as her arms climbed from his man-hood to his neck. He tensed up immediately.

“Then don’t kill me” Glenn asked cautiously. Victoria paused, thinking about this. She shrugged.

“I’ll get over it” Victoria whispered as she leaned in and bit.

Glenn gasped out in pain, but soon went limp.

Ten minutes later, she wrapped up his body in one of the blankets lying around. On top of the cold body, she wrote down a quick note on a paper.

‘Sorry, couldn’t help it’

She wondered whether she should take the half finished painting, but decided to leave it.

They could put it on his grave.

Victoria slipped her clothes on, locked the door behind her and walked out on to the sidewalk.

Soon, she was in Central Park. She breathed in the early evening air.

This all happened as the clouds moved.