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New School Again

Cullens go back to school No Nessie or Jake sorry


1. Chapter 1

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'New School AGAIN' I sighed, curling up to Edward on our last night as a married couple to the public eye. “Bella, up and shower, NOW, make up in my room in 15 minutes.” Alice’s high soprano voice said from downstairs. I groaned but grudgingly untangled myself from Edward. He pouted. I sent him images of last night and darted out of the room, hearing the growls start. I quickly showered and dressed in the dark blue skinny jeans and a dark blue long-sleeved top, and surprise, surprise, black stiletto heels. “Alice why do you rush me so much?” I said to her while walking down the stairs and to her giant beauty salon sized bathroom. She answered me when I stood next to her. “Number one, because I want you to look perfect. Number two is because I think it’s funny! And lastly what are you wearing. Last night I told you that you were going to wear, a white spaghetti strap, knee high dress with a black waist band, and a black mini sweater. And your shoes are black calf high boots. And you’re wearing that Good thing I bought an extra pair.” "Alice... we get too much attention as it is, why don’t you let me dress myself today and you can give me a complete makeover later." I bargained, I really didn’t want to wear a dress to school. Her eyebrows rose, in complete shock and in a daze she nodded. I hadn't let her give me a makeover in the past 20 years. I hugged her and turned out into the living room, where only Emmett and Jasper where sitting, Jasper was making Emmett self-conscious again, this he only does every few years when we go to school, he does it at long intervals so Emmett doesn’t get suspicious. "Are you sure I look okay? I mean I know their only humans but I want them scared of me, not to laugh at me..." Emmett whined, I bit my lip, it looks like this time Jasper double dosed the insecurity, normally he is really only jumpy and nervous, looking in more mirrors than Rose owns, and stretching his face up and shaking at nothing at all. "You'll be fine, but your muscles look a little flabby, maybe you should lift a few weights before school" Jasper egged on, what did he add to the stupidity? Vampires can’t change, meaning his arms wont loose fat, the only way to remove something is to take a bite, and anyway, Emmett’s arms are pure muscle. Emmett squeaked and ran to the garage. The rest of the family had joined us to watch the rest of Emmett's performance. "Wow, really Jasper, you out did yourself this year." I said, I could hear Emmett lifting his Jeep as we spoke. "How much stupidity this time?" "Stupidity? all I did was use his normal amount of nervousness and self consciousness." Jasper said innocently, he nearly had the lie passed as truth until a smile cracked on his face. We all walked to our cars and drove to school. Every time we move to a new place it’s always the same, people staring people wanting us longing us. You could see it in their eyes. As we walked into the building to get our schedules, I could tell Edward was reading minds. But as soon as he started to calm down he looked concerned. Edwards POV “Look at the new kids!!!” “Eww, why are they holding hands?” “Why are they so pale?” “OMG!!! Another vampire coven maybe we could be friends? It’s a good thing we live close by!!” What was that last one again? Another vampire coven? Who? What? How many? I tracked the thoughts to a female, she was frozen at 18 by the looks and she was with one other a male. I shot Alice a look and her face was blank. Then I saw it. They were friendly, and the leader would become friends with Bella, my Bella. “Guys we have to go. Now!" "STOP BEING SUCH A PIG!!!!!" Alice said. "Why can't we meet them I mean come on, they look nice enough?" Bella complained. "Fine we'll talk to them, invite them over and what not, but if they do or think something about destroying us we will turn on them!!" I finaly gave in.