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Okay so when I started I didn't even have a plot I was just sort of writing and this happened! So far it's pretty good! Alternate New Moon: When Edward leaves Bella she runs after him refusing to believe he left her. Victoria turns her and from there on Bella's life changes. What happens when she eventually runs into Edward again? That's all I'm going to say. NEW IMPORTANT AUTHORS NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. Preface 1

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Forks, a town so small it is barely a town. Interesting things almost never happen here (at least human things). No one famous or important has come from this place. Yet, even in the most uninteresting places, amazing and terrible things can happen. People fall in love, babies are born, unbreakable friendships occur, and people meet their soul mates. People are betrayed, feelings of love go away, death occurs, emotions are tricked into making believe someone could possibly love, and when the deceiving leave hearts are shattered into millions of piece.

I was one of the foolish ones stupid enough to believe he could ever love someone like me. As a cause of allowing myself to be this stupid, when he left I lost myself completely. Even if he had loved me, I wasn't good enough for him and pushed his love away. I had been merely a toy a distraction if you will, at first, I had been intriguing purely because he couldn't read, and my mind then he grew tired of me.

I had always known that I was destined for nothing but pure ordinariness or even less. In school I was the girl who sat in the back unnoticed. People literally walked right through me, I was that girl and in a big city school, it was quite easy, to just fade into the background. Instead of being on a sports team or joining a club at school, I would curl up at home with my iPod and a book. Content, I had been and I never understood why I would need anything more. There was one thing all of the characters in my favorites had though; love and that may have been the one thing I yearned for.

When someone started paying attention to me and I misinterpreted it for love. Maybe at first it had been love but at the end, it wasn't. Even during our brief time together, when we had been happy I knew I wasn't good enough. Why would someone god-like and angelic fall in love with a simple, plain, boring schoolgirl? He always said I wasn't those things but I couldn't help but disagree.

Even though he had shattered my heart, I took content in knowing he would be safe and alive (figuratively speaking). I needed him to exist even if I didn't because, I had made him the center of my world for so long and even if I wasn't part of his world he would always remain unseen in mine. Perhaps if I hadn't of let him drift into the center I wouldn't have destroyed myself the moment he said goodbye but that wouldn't have been even the slightest bit me. It's in my nature to care and put myself last.

If in a sudden moment, he needed me to save him I would drop anything to fix everything that goes wrong in his world. I will always and truly love Edward Cullen no matter what happens.

My story begins where ours left off, a cold, dimming forest in Forks, Washington.