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Cullens chat room.

Set in between new moon and Eclipse. Before the events in eclipse. Edward is hunting and they decide to go on a chat room to keep in touch. Everyone creates an account and some pretty random stuff happen.. Ok this is another idea I abandoned and wanna see how people like it. So R+R plzzz! Rated T because I'm paranoid.

The cullens and Bella go on a chat room while on a hunting trip. Bella gets a stalker, Alice gets banned from shopping, Edward is tied to his car, Emmett's car is turned into a swan, Jasper is a good crazy because apparently 'normal people are scary and weird. They don't do ANYTHING. So normal people are crazy and crazy people are good.' and Rosalie...is well Rosalie. Oh, and Mike gets a restraining order. Read and find out what happens with our favourite twilight characters!

1. Don't ship people to China. That means you Edward.

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 978   Review this Chapter

Cullen chat room.

-Lionking has signed on-

-Tinkerbell has signed on-

-Bambi has signed on-

Tinkerbell: Hello everyone!!

Bambi: Umm...Hi Alice.

Lionking: Hello Alice. Hello Bella.

Bambi: :D Hiya Edward. I miss you. It's weird talking over the internet with you.

Lionking: I miss you too love. And yes, it is slightly different not being able to hear you talk.

Lionking: How are you today Bella? Are you coping without me?

Bambi: I miss you terribly but I'm...ok.

Lionking: Bella? What is it? If you miss me that bad then I can come home...

Bambi: No! It's not that! Don't come home now!

Lionking: Oh..ok...sorry.

Bambi: No! I mean..I didn't mean...gah! I didn't mean I don't want you to come home. I miss you more then words can describe. But if you leave, then you'll have to go away all over again.

Lionking: Oh I see. So what is up with you then? If it's not about missing me that much.

Bambi: Edward. You know I miss you THAT much. It's just...

Lionking: Bella? Please tell me.

Bambi: Well...

-Rawrimagrizzly has signed on-

Rawrimagrizzly: YESSSS! HELLO PEOPLE!

Bambi: Emmett?

Rawrimagrizzly: Yes Bella, it is me. The one and only. Emmett. -Crowd goes wild-

Bambi: ......

Lionking: ........

Rawrimagrizzly: Lionking?! WHAT? Where on earth is that from? Hmm...hang on..deer..and a lion.....


Bambi: ........

Lionking: ......

Lionking: You are an idiot.

Rawrimagrizzly: -Acts shocked- How dare you! I am an incrediberly smart genus!

Bambi: .......Hahahahahahahahaha.

Lionking: Hahahahahahahahahahaha

Lionking: No Emmett. Sorry. You ARE in idiot.

Rawrimagrizzly: Huh? What did I do? Are geniuses not smart anymore?

Bambi: Hahahaha. Emmett. You spelt incredibly and genius wrong.

Lionking: Yes, so you are neither of them if you can't even spell them right.

-Worldofmirrors has signed on-

Rawrimagrizzly: HA! Rose is sooo gonna kill you now!

Worldofmirrors: Emmett? Who am I gonna kill? What did they do? ARE MY SHOES OK?

Rawrimagrizzly: Yes Rose, they are fine. But Edward and Bella said I'm an idiot.

Worldofmirrors: Oh. Is that all? You had me terrified then! DONT DO THAT TO ME EVER AGAIN!

Lionking: Hahahaha. Wow Emmett, way to bring in re-inforcements.

Rawrimagrizzly: ROSE? They said I was an idiot and you don't do anything???

Worldofmirrors: Well Emmett, it's not actually hard to see that you are the duh in body-builduh. But you're my big duh so it's ok.

Rawrimagrizzly: HA! She showed y-

Rawrimagrizzly: WHAT? You agree? B-but...

Lionking: EMMETT. Bella was about to tell me what was wrong with her before YOU came on and started being all...you. So shut up!

Worldofmirrors: Ugh, problems? I'm outta here.

-Worldofmirrors has signed out-

Lionking: Right Bella. What is wrong?

Tinkerbell: Erm Edward. Before Bella tells you what is wrong, you must be calm and not do anything reckless. I mean it. I can see something very bad happening if you do.

Lionking: Oh hi Al-

Tinkerbell: Yes, yes. You both forgot I was on here and hi Emmett. Remember Edward. Calm.

Lionking: Ok...now Bella, PLEASE tell me before I go insane.

Rawrimagrizzly: Before? Kind of late th-

Lionking: EMMETT. SHUT. UP. NOW.

Rawrimagrizzly: Ooooh. Touchy. But Ok, shutting up. I wanna hear whats up with Bella before you eat her. ;)

Lionking: .....Ok Bella. Please tell me.

Bambi: It's just that...since I've made an account on here, Mike keeps requesting to be my friend and I think he's stalking me.

Bambi: ......

Bambi: Edward?

Bambi: Are you there?

Tinkerbell: NO EDWARD DON-

-Lionking has signed out-

Tinkerbell: NOOOO. Bella, Edward is coming home. I am going to have to go and stop him before Mike ends up in China. And before you ask, yes I'm serious. Stay where you are Bella.

-Tinkerbell has signed out-

Bambi: Well that went well.

Rawrimagrizzly: Duh, Bella, it didn't! Did you not read? Edward is trying to send Mike to China! Come on, that was obvious!

Bambi: .....

Rawrimagrizzly: What?

Bambi: Yeah...Emmett, you do know what sarcasm is right?

Rawrimagrizzly: DUH. I'm like the king of it. No-one can be sarcastic like me.All hail the ruler of all things sarcastic!

Bambi: .........

Bambi: Ok, you're starting to scare me now so bye.

Rawrimagrizzly: WHAT? NOOOO-

-Bambi has signed out-

Rawrimagrizzly: *Scoffs* How dare everyone leave me here on my own?

Rawrimagrizzly: Hang on...


Rawrimagrizzly: Hahahahahahaha. In your face Edward! I can do the one thing you can't! Make Bella scared of me!

Rawrimagrizzly: .....Ok I'm bored.

Rawrimagrizzly: Ooooh what does this button do?

-Thank you for registering for free ipods. Enter your credit card number, your social security number and your address.-

Rawrimagrizzly: NO. WAY. Free ipods! All for some silly little numbers! Yes!

-Thank you for entering your details. Please read terms and conditions for more details.-

Rawrimagrizzly: Hmm..what's that at the bottom?

-You will not receive any ipods or anything from this company. You may however be charged for our services. Our service is quite expensive and may wipe out your bank account. Do not alert the police as we are bugging your computer and phone line now. You will be watched until further notice. Goodbye.-

Rawrimagrizzly: Huh? What the hell? What does that mean?

-1 hour later-


-Rawrimagrizzly has signed out-