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Cullens chat room.

Set in between new moon and Eclipse. Before the events in eclipse. Edward is hunting and they decide to go on a chat room to keep in touch. Everyone creates an account and some pretty random stuff happen.. Ok this is another idea I abandoned and wanna see how people like it. So R+R plzzz! Rated T because I'm paranoid.

The cullens and Bella go on a chat room while on a hunting trip. Bella gets a stalker, Alice gets banned from shopping, Edward is tied to his car, Emmett's car is turned into a swan, Jasper is a good crazy because apparently 'normal people are scary and weird. They don't do ANYTHING. So normal people are crazy and crazy people are good.' and Rosalie...is well Rosalie. Oh, and Mike gets a restraining order. Read and find out what happens with our favourite twilight characters!

4. Punishment conversation between Esme and Bella

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 557   Review this Chapter

-Stopfighting has signed on-

-Bambi has signed on-

Stopfighting: Hello Bella.

Bambi: Hello Esme. Alice rang and said you needed to talk to me. Is everything ok?

Stopfighting: Yes everything is fine. But... Bella. I know you really didn't want Edward to have a punishment, but I'm afraid it was vital. And you will most likely enjoy what I have chosen for him.

Bambi: I will? Erm...are you sure?

Stopfighting: Yes. I have, on good authority, reason to believe you enjoy it considerably.

Bambi: Alice?

Stopfighting: Yes. I did ask her to look ahead and see your reaction. I didn't want to upset you dear.

Bambi: Oh. Well thank you. It's nice for someone to ask me if it's ok, instead of just going ahead and doing it anyway, for once.

Stopfighting: Hmm yes. I have spoken to my children about that. But they don't seemt to listen. I do apologise Bella. For past occurences and most likely future ones.

Bambi: *sighs* It's fine Esme. Anyway, what was your punishment for Edward? I'm quite curious as to why I'd enjoy it.

Stopfighting: Ah yes. I have reason to believe, that you are quite sick of a few things Edward does. Obviously, I can't alter him completely, but I can set him a few rules for a while. For example, you apparently
do not like people spending money on you. Well, mainly Edward anyway.

Bambi: That's right. But what does that have anything to do with it?

Stopfighting: Rule number one: He is only allowed to buy you things if you allow him to. I would pass that rule onto Alice, but I'm afraid that would upset her considerably. She's already distraught over her no
shopping rule. She is quite looking forward to going shopping with you soon, and I wouldn't like to be the person to make her even more upset.

Bambi: Wow. Yes. I will definitely enjoy that. Thank you very much Esme! And yes, even though I do disagree with how much money you are all eager to spend on me, Alice's life is practically lived shopping.
I don't think I can change that or convince her to leave me alone for a while.

Stopfighting: You're quite welcome Bella. Rule number two: If you wish to, you drive your truck to school. Not Edward, Alice or anyone but you. Not in any other car but your truck if you wish. And he has to
go along with it.

Bambi: YES!!! I mean...Thank you so very much Esme! I love Edward's car and everything, but I do miss driving myself.

Stopfighting: I thought so. Again, you're very welcome dear. And the last rule, rule number three: He has no secret conversations around you. If he hears someones thoughts and wants to respond, he responds
at human speed so you can hear.

Bambi: Oh. wow!!!! I am DEFINITELY going to enjoy this! Again, thank you Esme!!!! This is excellent!!

Stopfighting: *laughs lightly* That's fine darling. Just remember, he has to do this for a whole week. If he doesn't, you come and tell me. I will make it two weeks. For every time he doesn't, an extra week is added.
And I'm going to tell him when we come back. So don't tell him yet.

Bambi: Ok! Oh, I've got to go. Charlie's home.

Stopfighting: Ok Bella. Good bye. Say hello to your father from me and everyone.

Bambi: Will do. Bye Esme!

Stopfighting: Goodbye Bella!

-Bambi has signed out-

-Stopfighting has signed out-