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Cullens chat room.

Set in between new moon and Eclipse. Before the events in eclipse. Edward is hunting and they decide to go on a chat room to keep in touch. Everyone creates an account and some pretty random stuff happen.. Ok this is another idea I abandoned and wanna see how people like it. So R+R plzzz! Rated T because I'm paranoid.

The cullens and Bella go on a chat room while on a hunting trip. Bella gets a stalker, Alice gets banned from shopping, Edward is tied to his car, Emmett's car is turned into a swan, Jasper is a good crazy because apparently 'normal people are scary and weird. They don't do ANYTHING. So normal people are crazy and crazy people are good.' and Rosalie...is well Rosalie. Oh, and Mike gets a restraining order. Read and find out what happens with our favourite twilight characters!

5. Lack Of Interest and Immortality

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-Bambi Has Signed On-
-Lionking Has Signed On-

Bambi: Hi, Edward. :)

Lionking: Good afternoon, Bella.

Bambi: How has your day been?

Lionking: Quite good, thank you. I've decided to compose a new piece for the piano.

Bella: Oh, fantastic! Is this another inspired by me? I have to say, the last few hundred made my heart beat erratically and I blushed all the way through each and every one of them. Because, you see, I am a human and I have these human actions. It's quite annoying actually, because I'm not yet a vampire. How I wish this issue could be resolved...

Lionking: -Ignores- This time, no, it's not. This piece is, oddly, inspired by Emmett. I have already decided to name it 'Noise'. I think it quite apt, really.

Bambi: How touching. Now, back to my problem-

Lionking: Really, all it consists of, is banging repeatedly on random keys. It creates such an original sound.

Bambi: Uh huh, wow. Now, you see, human's are weak and-

Lionking: Of course, I have broodingly stared at portraits of you, whilst yanking my hair out, wondering about the wolf who plans to steal you away from me.

Bambi: -Is sidetracked- Aww, really? How sweet. -Blinks- Right, well-

Lionking: He drools, did you know? Whilst human and wolf, he drools. Not constantly over you, for sometimes he sees food, but he does allow saliva to drip past his lip, nonetheless.

Bambi: Huh, really? He is a hunk'a man meat... It's so hard! I cannot possibly choose between you both! Sparkly and distracting... Or furry and warm... Good gosh, I can't decide between the walking dead, or a furry creature! How could I ever decide?

Lionking: I can run at incredible speeds.

Bambi: So can he!

Lionking: I have magnificent hair.

Bambi: So does he!

Lionking: I shall pine over your existence, lust for your blood and body, push you away at every available opportunity, keep secrets from you, order you around like the pet you seem to be and attempt to force a future on you, that you haven't really thought about.

Bambi: That's all very well and good, but what about Jacob? He's pined over me as well! He's human, he has a beating heart, he can turn into a wolf and he is actually a real teenager! Ignoring the fact that, he guilts me into kissing him, could potentially scar me for life and might just glance at another woman and leave me, he's a solid choice! I could have children with him, grow old with him and he could protect me just as well as you!

Lionking: ...I Sparkle.

Bambi: -Groans- Fine, I'll marry you and live a barely planned out existence.

Lionking: Yay!

Bambi: I mean, what's the worst that could happen, right?

-Bambi Has Signed Out-
-Lionking Has Signed Out-

Volturi-Is-#1: -Grins evilly- Jane, fetch me my cloak. We have a coven to petrify to undeath. Oh, and then we have lots of angry pouting to do, whilst we run away, leaving everyone feeling rather disappointed in the terrible climax ending. So, yes, get me the silk cape. I'm feeling in a silky kind of mood. -Flicks hair over shoulder-