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Cullens chat room.

Set in between new moon and Eclipse. Before the events in eclipse. Edward is hunting and they decide to go on a chat room to keep in touch. Everyone creates an account and some pretty random stuff happen.. Ok this is another idea I abandoned and wanna see how people like it. So R+R plzzz! Rated T because I'm paranoid.

The cullens and Bella go on a chat room while on a hunting trip. Bella gets a stalker, Alice gets banned from shopping, Edward is tied to his car, Emmett's car is turned into a swan, Jasper is a good crazy because apparently 'normal people are scary and weird. They don't do ANYTHING. So normal people are crazy and crazy people are good.' and Rosalie...is well Rosalie. Oh, and Mike gets a restraining order. Read and find out what happens with our favourite twilight characters!

6. Error: User Fail

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-Bambi Has Signed On-

-Tinkerbell Has Signed On-

Tinkerbell: Just remember not to squeeze too much, or else he'll hiss. He hates that.

Bambi: Oh, ok. So, what about when I need to rub it?

Tinkerbell: That's easy. Kind of scratch it. Alternate between stroking and rubbing. Oh, and don't forget to stroke underneath. He'll like that.

Bambi: You're sure he'll like the toy?

Tinkerbell: Oh please, Bella! He loves you so much, it wouldn't even matter if-

-Lionking Has Signed On-

Tinkerbell: ...

Bambi: ...

Lionking: Alice...? What, pray tell, are you doing with my fiancee?

Tinkerbell: Just chatting, Eddie. -Grins-

Bambi: Yeah, Edward. Don't worry about it. I just needed to ask Alice a few questions.

Lionking: Oh. May I enquire as to the topic? I may be able to assist you.

Tinkerbell: -Snickers- Oh, I doubt you'd want to help Bella with this. As to the topic... let's just say that... it involves showering and purring.

Lionking: -Gasps- Bella! I assure you, I do not purr! I may shower, but my purring is very rare!

Bambi: ..You purr?

Tinkerbell: -Laughs-

Lionking: Erm... You were not talking about me, were you?

Bambi: No. We were not.

Tinkerbell: -Falls out of chair, during a fit of laughter-

Lionking: Alice. I truly despise you.

-Lionking Has Signed Out-

Bambi: Alice, why is he angry?

Tinkerbell: -Inhales strongly- Oh, that was hilarious. My dear brother got the wrong end of the stick. -Bursts into laughter-

Bambi: I don't understand. I thought he knew about tomorrow? I mean, really. I'm only watching my neighbour's cat.

Tinkerbell: -Chuckles- Yep. He knows now. Poor, little Edward.

Bambi: Alice, I- Oh, sorry. Dinner's ready. Gotta go.

Tinkerbell: Bye! Don't forget to rub his belly! And make sure you don't squeeze him!

Bambi: Yeah, sure. See ya, Alice.

-Bambi Has Signed Out-

Tinkerbell: Wrong end of the sparkly stick. -Laughs hysterically-

-Tinkerbell Has Signed Out-