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Edward never came bcak for Bella and Bella never jumped off a cliff. Instead Bella was forced to marry a demon. After a year of being beaten Bella runs away to new Jersey. What she finds there is something that left two years ago. Can the cullens help bella defeat the demon out to get her?

I'm sorry i don't know What happened that bruise erased but i reposted this. But i won't be reposting the first three chapters because i do not have them any more. sorry.

1. Chapter 4

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Edward’s POV

As I walked by the living room I heard the piano playing, or rather someone playing it. I peeked my head around the corner to see Bella sitting at the piano guiding her fingers across the keys. I smiled as I lisiened to the melody. Then she began to sing.

“Somewhere there’s a land across the sea.

Somewhere there’s blue bird trying to touch the sky

Somewhere out there there’s a place I long to be

Somewhere there’s a place where lovers dwell

My heart seeks the warmth of love

My heart aches for the company of a man

My heart yearns for the sweetest love desire

I will find my own place to fill my needs

I know there’s a place somewhere waiting for me

And even though I’m all alone now

I’ll face the darken cage some how

My life is mine to live

I won’t let heartbreak live it for me

For I know that somewhere out there

There’s someone waiting for me

Somewhere there’s a girl dancing the sea

Somewhere there’s a man waiting for her to see

Somewhere there’s a dream just waiting to be explored

Somewhere there’s a place where lover’s dwell.” A tear ran down her face as she finishe the last note. I took a step forward careful so that she didn’t hear me.

“That was beautiful.” I stated she gasped and turned towards me.

“Oh Edward you startled me.” She said wiping the tear away. I took a step forward.

“That was a great song Bella.” I looked down at the lyrics on the piano. “did you write it?” she nodded. I picked them up and studied them. “What inspired you to write them?”

“I guess I missed having you play so I started writing some on my own while Jeremy wasn’t home.” She paused and looked down at the keys. “He hates music.” I frowned. Damn that Jeremy if no I will get my hands on him and I’m going to kill him.

“What was it like living with him?” I asked hesitantly while wrapping a lock of her hair around my finger. She gasped quietly, but swallowed a recovered by looking away.

“Terrible.” She said. “It was always a routine. I would wake up and he’d beat me before going to work. I would sit at home all day, cooking cleaning waiting for him to come home. I didn’t dare leave the house, if he came home and I wasn’t there he…” she trailed off and looked over at me. My hands were balled into fists. “Maybe I shouldn’t tell you this.” She noted. I looked at her worried brown eyes. I breathed and sighed.

“Yeah maybe not.” I said releasing her hair. She looked around the room as if noticing something for the first time.

“Where’s Miranda?” she asked. I gave her a surprised look. How come she seemed so calm when she said Miranda’s name.

“Um probably in her room or something, why?” she shrugged.

“Just wondering.” She yawned. “I better get to bed.” She said getting up. “Night Edward.” I waved.

“Night Bella.”