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Edward never came bcak for Bella and Bella never jumped off a cliff. Instead Bella was forced to marry a demon. After a year of being beaten Bella runs away to new Jersey. What she finds there is something that left two years ago. Can the cullens help bella defeat the demon out to get her?

I'm sorry i don't know What happened that bruise erased but i reposted this. But i won't be reposting the first three chapters because i do not have them any more. sorry.

3. Mercedes sing a long

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Alice’s POV

I grew nervous as I sat in my room. The eclipse was two weeks away and we still hadn’t found a way to get rid of Jeremy. Worry for Bella picked at my stomach. I was hungry, but I didn’t want to leave. What if Jeremy attacked while I was out hunting? I want the chance to kill the sick bastard.

“Alice?” jasper asked from the doorway. I turned to him with a solemn look plastered on my face. There was no use trying to hide my emotions, he could feel them anyway. Which at times seemed a little more invading then Edward’s power to read minds, but that was probably because jasper was my husband.

“Hey.” I said. “What are you up to?” he shrugged.

“Nothing, but Rosalie and Bella told me to tell you that their going shopping and to see if you wanted to go.” I smiled despite what I had been feeling. A shopping trip was just what I needed.

Miranda’s POV

I had and Idea. A brilliant beyond brilliant idea. I have just the thing that will get that bitch Bella out of this house and away from my boyfriend and its fool proof.

Edward’s POV

I watched as the girls gathered into Rosalie’s Mercedes. I was a complete wreck. How could they think of going out on a shopping trip when there was a psycho prostitute demon out there who wanted to impregnate Bella. The thought of Bella in Jeremy’s arms disturbed me.

What was I thinking? I wasn’t still in love with Bella was I? Yes, I was. I knew I was.

Bella’s POV

I slipped on a pair of shades as we slipped into the car. Edward and Jasper climbed into the back seat with Alice. It was the condition they had set. We could go shopping but they had to supervise.

Rosalie took off out of the drive way at lightning speed. My hair tossed in the wind, but everyone had grown so immune to my smell that it felt okay. Even Jasper was starting to resist it, for that I was grateful. I was already worried about one guy trying to kill me, I didn’t need another one.

Rosalie turned the radio on and She, Alice and I all began to sing ‘Girls just wanna have fun’. The boys tried plugging their ears, which only made us sing louder. On the way over to the mall we went through lost of songs. ‘Miss American pie’; ‘best thing about being a woman’; and ‘brown eyed girl’ -in which Both Alice and Rosalie sang to me. This caused a huge blush on my part.

Finally we pulled into the mall parking lot and Rosalie slowed down to a normal speed. She snagged a parking spot up front and we all jumped out of the car.

“Okay.” Alice said. “For the next four hours we are going to shop until we drop.” Then she rapped an arm around my shoulder. “Or at least until we feel like it.” All three of us laughed.