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Storybook Love

I'm sick of Bella/Edward So heres a different couple.


1. Giant Mutant Grizzly Bear

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"Haha! I can’t believe that you and Ben think the whole bear story is real, Angela!", Jessica laughed. I felt my face break out in a deep red blush, but inwardly I was laughing my head off. I know that it’s true. See, I appear human...but I’m not. I’m actually an Elf. In fact, my whole family is, as well as my mate (my "boyfriend" to humans)’s "family". "Family" because we don’t really have "families". We are not born, but created. To be transformed you must be human-other "mythical creature" cannot become Elves. The transformation begins when an Elf meets someone who is very, very sad. The emotion is so strong that it gets to the point where the Elf can no longer stand it, and then-no one is quite sure how this part happens- the depressed person stops eating. They then pass out, and awaken as Elves, and stop aging we never actually age in appearance, but many Elves, like my "Mother", have the gift of changing other’s appearance. So I have been able to live three different lives while here in Forks , Washington, my "granny", my "grandma", and me. There are several human misconceptions about Elves, one of the most common is that many, many humans think that we are rather "ditzy" and always happy. This is not true, we do feed on emotion, though, that is why a depressed person affects us so much. Other than that, we are remarkably similar to vampires: we have problems with the sun (we don’t sparkle but instead, we appear to glow), we have even better reflexes, much better grace, are almost as fast, and a range of special abilities. For example: I can heal almost anything, and cannot cause anyone physical pain, except in the transformation process, which does hurt a little, though not nearly as much as becoming a vampire. Ben can do almost anything with plants (his bedroom looks like a forest exploded in it) and the can control the weather. We are not the only so-called "mythical creatures in Forks, though. There are the Cullens, a coven of "vegetarian" vampires who drink only animal blood, and down at LaPush, there are "protectors" a rather large pack of werewolves. The wolves were the ones that got the "bear" story started. They had been very careless lately, and a few hikers had seen them. Ben and I had heard about it and as a joke on the wolves, decided to spread it around that we had seen the "bears" to. That is what Jessica was currently giving me grief about. I was begining to wonder if the joke was on us!

"A giant, mutant, grizzly bear? Come on Ang! Get real! Jessica scoffed.

"It’s true!" I protest in a purposely feeble voice.

"Of course it would seem that way-if your high! Just what were you high on Ang? LSD? PCP? Or love?" She started to laugh-err cackle is more like it.

"I don’t do drugs, Jessica." I tell her quietly, "You should know me better."

"Yeah, Ang , your right, I guess I do know you’d never do drugs, but what about love?" She started to cackle again.

"Just what were you and Ben doing in the woods anyway?"

"I told you and everyone else already: Hiking."

"Sure, but what else were you two doing?"

"Jessica! For the last time: WE WERE HIKING! Would you please, go away!"

"Fine!" Jessica sulked for a bit before stalking away. She was quickly replaced by Ben.

"Was she giving you grief about us again?’

"Yeah, she was. Do you remember how last time she started to do this to people, Mike left her?"

"Yeah, so she set her sights on me!" he laughed.

"She can try!" I cried out fiercely. He gets a worried look in his eyes until he realizes that I’m mostly kidding.

"As long as she doesn’t try and get you to go out with her!" He laughed again. I stare at him for a minute, as he calms himself down, before we both burst out laughing. Then he abruptly turned serious.

"Do you wanna go out to dinner and a movie with me tonight?"

"Sure, Ben! Of course I’ll go- just one little condition!"

"What’s the condition Ang?"

"Not another action/guy flick ‘k?" I chuckled. The last EIGHT movies had been action/guy flicks!

"Alright, we’ll go the that new romance ok?"

"Yeah, Ben, sounds great! Pick me up at four?"

"Sounds good, see ya then!"

"Bye, Ben." We’d arrived at my house. I waved and went inside and up to my room so I could do my homework, pick out a good outfit, and wait ‘till four.