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Ruined Perfection

Not much about the original Twilight charchter, but they are in there, stick with me! This is going to be part of a series, so hang in there, already written, just getting it posted. Three young women have intresting live, even more suprising 'deaths' Adult for language.


1. Scar to Suicde

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My name is Elvina. The rest of my name is unimportant. I don’t use it anymore. Even Elvina was not my given name. I don’t remember my given name anymore.

All this has already happened. I just don’t want to forget. I’m different for my friend Anastasia like that. She always hated to remember. Though...I’m pretty sure she kept a diary. Here goes nothing.

Last time just wasn't enough for him, was it? He told me that he loved me, but the scar on my face had ruined it, and his face had said it all. And me, I was broken, and it took me years to heal again, and then just like that he comes back. And I let him into my life because, he 'apologized' and it was a part of the life that I was supposed to have. Not the one I was dealing with right now. Sure I had Rosemarie, and Anastasia, and I loved them. But they would have to go on without me. I left them notes, telling them everything. And now I was sitting in a forest, with a knife in my hand, trying to decide whether I should slit my wrists, or stab my heart. Slit my wrists I decided, because that way the pain would last longer, and I would be able to go over my memories one last time.


"Elvina you ready for practice yet?" Victoria asked me. She was the red-headed slut that was supposedly my best friend. But to be popular you needed to make sacrifices, like having a real best friend.

"Yeah, Vicky I'm ready, let's go." We walked off to cheerleading practice. I was the captain, and we had a big game next week that we had to get ready for. We were doing great, and I was on top of the pyramid as usual, and it was one of the tricks that took us the longest to master. Today, Melissa Crawford (who was a base) had a cold, and she sneezed, throwing herself off balance, and making the rest of us tumble. Everyone fell, and of course I was the one that had to take the worst of the fall. The pain was so bad it knocked me out. When I woke up I was in a hospital, and there was a cast on my leg. I was horrified, when the doctor said that the break was so bad that I'd end up with a limp, and it got even worse when he said that my cheerleading days were over. And to me, that meant that my days of popularity were over. Throughout middle school I had a really tough time with being noticed by people. I had glasses, and I had a fashion sense that makes me shudder when I think about it now, I was pretty much a nerd. But the summer before high school began I had transformed myself into something else. Getting rid of the glasses, and improving my style, not to mention throwing my books out the door, I worked my way up the social ladder and eventually I was on top. So now, when it was coming to an end, I was devastated. I put so much time to become the self-centered, shallow bitch that I was. Maybe when I got back to school things would change, maybe no one would care, and everything would still be the same. Boy was I wrong. I had been shunned completely. Like it was my fault that I had missed the football game, and our cheerleaders embarrassed the whole school. How the hell was it my fault? Melissa was the one who sneezed, and I had to pay for the damn consequences. I had been put into a wheelchair, because it was too early for crutches, and my boyfriend Kody was nice enough to help me out. Even my teachers ignored me; I had never been a bad student, so I saw no reason for them to do so. My parents were still the same, they loved me unconditionally, but Mum and Dad had been starting to drift apart, and Mum started to drink more than she should. So Kody was all I had left, and he was the only one there for me. Or at least I thought he was until I found out he was just and asshole like the rest of them. One night mom was really drunk, and she had no idea what she was doing. She took a knife, and was heading toward dad, who was also drunk, but he was close to passing out. She meant to stab him, but I was near them, and somehow she managed to drag the knife across the side of my face. She had realized what she had done, and she immediately dragged me to the hospital, giving the doctor some fake excuse, and trying her best not to act drunk. The doctor took her lame ass excuse and no suspicions were raised. But me, I was doomed with this absolutely horrible scar on my face. I was ugly, and this ruined any chances of getting me my former life back. Mum and Dad had gotten divorced after that, because dad blamed mum about the scar. I was angry at mum, and I moved in with dad. But when he started dating skanks, I decided that I had to forgive mum and move back with her And the day Kody saw me; the bastard told me it was not going to work out, now that I was ugly and disabled. He had actually had the nerve to say that to me, the guy who I had loved, the one who told me that he loved me, and nothing would ever change that, he was the one telling me it wasn't going to work out. I was absolutely heartbroken, and for three weeks I became numb, and when I regained myself I was prone to serious depression. My mother, who had quit alcohol after what she had done to me, took me to several doctors, and I was given anti-depressants. And like the fool I was I used them to become high, and forget everything. But mom found out, and she made me clean myself up. So by the time graduation rolled around I had become a new person. And I had actual friends, Anastasia and Rosemarie. Those were not their given names either. Anastasia changed hers after her brother died. She never told me her real name. Rosemarie... She changed hers after she got adopted. Her original name was.....ummm...Scarlet I think. They both had their own troubled pasts, and that was prolly why we were able to get along so well. We knew what it was like, but as I begun to change I realized that my problems were the lamest of them all because all I had lost was my heart, my beauty, and popularity. I had begun to get used to the lack of attention around me, and I felt content with Rosemarie and Anastasia. My heart had begun to heal, but whenever I saw Kody in the halls, I felt like a sharp needle was poking at my heart at leaving holes that were to big to close. As for my beauty, the scar was clear as ever, but it had begun to fade. And eventually I'd be able to put cover up on it. Rosemarie, Anastasia, and I were going to New Jersey for college, and Mum had bought me a car. But she wasn't going to let me ship it to New Jersey, so we decided to drive it there or something like that. I left details up to Anastasia.

College was absolutely amazing. We were all recovering, and Kody would wander around in my mind, but there was no needle. My limp was gone, but the scar was there. But now I was able to use cover up, but I decided not to. If anyone was to like me they'd have to like me scar and all. Anastasia was slowly drifting back to alcohol, but she was going through a rough patch so I let it be, as long as it wasn't to worrying. I knew it was wrong, after the experience I'd had with drinking. But...she, well, I’d rather have her drinking than smoking meth again. She was really scary then. I didn’t know her, but, from my place, safe among my popular "friends" she was really scary.

And that's when everything good, had to end, and the world needed to come crashing down. The one day I was late to my English I class I ran into a guy, and because of my, oh so fantastic luck it was Kody.

"Kody" I breathed. I wasn't sure if I was shocked or angry. But I was sure it was a mixture of both.

"Elvina? Is that really you?" I nodded curtly, not wanting to respond. I remembered exactly what he has said to me. Ugly and disabled, as if! I was walking normally and my scar wasn't even that noticeable any more. I was, dare I say it, pretty.

"It's been a while"

Oh course it has! Jackass.

"Obviously." Not hiding the venom in my tone. I glared at him, and I wondered how he had the guts to talk to me after what he’d said before. And as I pondered this he said,

"Oh crap, the last time we talked…when we broke up…I said…Shit."

"Well nice to see that you haven't lost your memory. And Kody you can't honestly expect me to be all nice to you, after what you put me through, can you?" He started to speak but I stopped him.

"And DON'T tell me I'm just holding a grudge! You left me because of this," I pointed to the scar on my face, "and that's something I don't want to talk about, or forgive you for. Look. Kody, get something through you fucking dumb ass skull. I hate you!"

"But Elvina-"

"SHUT UP!" And then I did something I had never done before. I slapped him in the face.

"Just get the hell out of here. I don't want to see you again." I stalked off to class. When I got back to our apartment, Rosemarie and Anastasia saw me, and I broke down. They were there to comfort me, but it wasn't comfort I wanted. Deep down, way, way way, deep down, I wanted him back. I wanted to pretend nothing bad had happened between us. But Anastasia and Rosemarie couldn't know about that. I didn't tell them, but Rosemarie and Anastasia weren't idiots. They knew exactly what was going on with me, and they told me, it was up to me, on what I should do, but they were there for me no matter what the decision. Kody was all too willing to take me back, after I apologized for slapping him. I was happy, but I was suspicious. What would make him take me back so easily? I still didn't wear cover up, because I was prepared for him to let me go at anytime. After being together for 6 months I let down my guard, and decided that he really loved me. Just like last time.

And then I walk in on him and some girl kissing. And I knew my world was going to end. When he looked at me, he gave me a look that said we're over. That's it, not a word, not an apology, just a simple look that said get lost. And I did. I couldn't find myself. It was over, my life was no longer left living.

I ended up sitting in a forest, bleeding. Waiting for my death, I was about to close my eyes for the last time when I felt something on my neck. And I was too weak to scream, but I was able to feel the fire. Death really was painful.