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Bella's Destination

(Set During New Moon) When Bella, Jake, Seth And The Gang Go On A Holiday To London, Bella Foresees An Accident On The Train They Were Meant To Be On. 7 Of Them Got Off. In The Months That Follow Bella as Visions Of All Of Her Friends Dying In The Order They Would Have Died If hey Stayed On The Train. How Many Will Survive. Will The Cullens Appear To Help Bella When Its Her Turn To Face Death And Her Final Destination ??? Multi - Chapter.

This Is A Twilight Crossover Between Twilight And Final Destination. I Made It Teen Because I Havent Made It Sound Extremly Revolting So Enjoy

1. The Accident

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The fun group commitee leader pulled 14 names from a hat. The names of the kids that were going to London for the week.

"Bella Swan,Jacob Black, Seth Clearwater, Jessica Stanley, Angela Webber, Mike Newton, Lauren Mallory, Rebecca Jones, Leah Clearwater, Sam Uley, Rachel Black, Lilly Montumery, Eric Yorkie and Emily Young" the leader shouted out through the mic he was holding.

"Congratulations you 14 kids will be spending a week in London, you will be leaving in 2 days so get packing"

I. Isabella Marie Swan took no notice to the fact i just won a holiday away from Forks, i took no notice because i was staring at the silver Volvo that the commitee leader owned. The reason being is that my ex - boyfriend used to drive one just like it, and also my ex being a 90 year old vampire.

So i sauntered home, told my dad and went upstairs to pack my not-so-large suitcase that my vampire ex's sister got me for when i went to visit my mother in Pheonix.

The two days flew. On the morning of the 21st of August i got up, showered and headed to the community centre so we could get a taxi to the airport, where we would get a flight to Heathrow and a train into London city centre.

But something wasn't right. I felt as though something bad was going to happen. Just like when. I gulped at the thought of his name. Edward Cullen left me.

"I can't believe were all going to London " Seth exclaimed as everyone piled into the minibus taking them to the train station.

"I know i can't wait" Lauren smiled at everyone.

"Jake ?"Bella said quietly.

"What ?, you alright ?" he asked concerned.

"Yeah I'm fine i just feel weird that's all"

"You feeling sick ???"

"No i have a feeling something bad's going to happen today"

"Don't be so paranoid Bells" Jessica laughed as they pulled up at the station in Port Angeles.

"I'm not being paranoid Jess i'm just feeling odd about the train"

The train pulled up into the station and everyone started boarding. Lauren, Rebbecca,Leah, Sam, Emily,Lilly and Rachel boarded first then in the other tube there was Bella,Jake,Seth, Jess,Angela,Mike and Eric.

Bella closed her eyes then re-opened them and sat down in an available seat. Jake sat next to her and put his arm around her so she felt more safe.

Suddenly the train jolted and Bella flew off her seat and onto the floor.

"What the hell was that ?" Jess shrieked.

The train jolted again and the front train flew off the tracks and off the edge of the bridge. Suddenly the window of Bella's carriage smashed and cut Jessica and Angela in two.

"OMG !"

Everyone started screaming, then Mike and Eric fell out of the window and Jake and Seth were smashed across the head by the handles.

"JAKE !" Bella shrieked.

Suddenly the carriage fell off the track and Bella plunged to her death.

Bella flew open her eyes as Jake put his arm around her.

"We have to get off the train" Bella shouted

"Why ???" asked Jess suddenly worried.

"The tracks are broken, we need to get off, NOW GOD DAMMIT !"

"Okay okay," Jess exclaimed and grabbed her stuff and got off followed by the rest of her friends on that carriage.

"WAIT !" Bella screamed "THE REST "

Suddenly the train moved and disappeared and all was heard was a crash and scream's that would haunt the 7 friends forever.