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Losses and Gains

Alice has left Jasper for a nomad by the name of jared. Everyone in the family is worried about Jasper. Jaspered feels so empty and so lost. He stays with the family only because Alice makes him. He almost feels the need to give up completely on life when an unexpected visitor pops in. This is after the events of breaking dawn


1. Chapter 1

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I shut my eyes and took a deep shuddering breath. I walked out of my room and down the stairs. I put on a facade but i know that my family can tell that it's nothing. Even little Renesmee can see that.

She left me. Alice left me. She was my whole world, my everything but i'm sure she didn't feel the same. She must have never felt the same considering she could leave me so easily. Jared was her new reason for being and i couldn't find it in me to stand in her way.

I could have destroyed that worthless bastard in mere seconds but that would have hurt Alice to deeply. I hated him. I hated him just for being alive. But i was in an eternal debt to him. He kept her happy. He kept my small petite pixie happy and i was forever in his debt.

It was to much for me to handle especially when they were in the same room as me or when they made love. The passion of their relationship tore me apart and i couldn't handle it. But each time the thought of leaving even crossed my mind Alice would stare at me with her eyes wide and fearful and i would banish the thought from my head. It was moments like those that made me believe she actually cared and i relished in those stares of fear and remorse.

I sat on the couch and stared at the television seeing nothing. Bella and Edward were snuggled up together on the other end of the couch. Jacob and Renesmee were playing happily together on the porch. Rose and Emmet were in the recliner with Rose in Emmet's lap. Esme in Carlisle were sitting snuggly in the middle of the couch and Alice and Jared were sitting in the love seat with Alice in Jared's lap.

I was sick of this. I was sick of all the lovey dovey feelings that surrounded me. I honestly didn't see a reason for me to even be alive anymore. I began thinking of ways for me to die when I heard a gasp come from the other side of the room. I didn't have to look over to see that Alice was looking at me her eyes wide at the decision i had made. So i didn't look at all.

"I'm going out," i announced and got off the couch. i had my foot out the door when i heard Alice scream

"DON'T LET HIM GO! STOP HIM!" everyone seemed surprised by her sudden outburst and i took advantage of their shock by sprinting out the door. I jumped over Renesmee and Jacob and headed to the general direction of Italy. I was going to have the volturi kill me and considering how Alice and i destroyed their plans for destruction on our family they should be pretty damn willing.

I pushed myself as hard as i possibly could and i took off even faster.

I was running faster than i ever had before and i thought i was going to make it until i saw a figure break through the trees in front of me. If it were Emmet i would have jumped over him. If it were Edward i might have attacked him. If it were anyone else other than her i would have made it through. But i couldn't because it was her. It was the one woman who broke my heart but would always have it. Alice.

"Please," she begged her voice sounding close to a sob. "I know that i hurt you," she continued "I know that i shouldn't even be allowed to talk to you at this moment but i'm begging don't do this Jasper," i flinched when she said my name "Your worth so much more than this," she screamed gesturing to the area where i was running to. She approached me slowly then and placed her tiny hand on my chest, my heart ached.

"You don't know how sorry i am my feelings can't even portray it the proper way," she whispered to me. At that moment the rest of my family came running towards us. That's when Alice's hand left my chest and i almost growled at the loss. I knew that she was heading back into the arms of her beloved Jared. At that moment Carlisle's hand came down on my shoulder in a comforting sort of way.

"Son-" he began to say but i cut him off.

"I'm sorry. I was having a moment of complete and utter stupidity please forgive me," i said addressing my whole family. They all looked at me with a sense of pity.