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Losses and Gains

Alice has left Jasper for a nomad by the name of jared. Everyone in the family is worried about Jasper. Jaspered feels so empty and so lost. He stays with the family only because Alice makes him. He almost feels the need to give up completely on life when an unexpected visitor pops in. This is after the events of breaking dawn


2. Chapter 2

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I sat down on my bed in the room that use to belong to Alice and I. I was LIVID. I found my way out. I found my way out and that damn pixie had to take it away from me. She couldn't even grant me this one thing. I know she didn't love me anymore but she could have a little bit of mercy on me. Just then there was a knock at the door. I sighed and whoever it was took it as a signal to let themselves in. I should have been expecting it. If not from the incident that just happened then from the emotions of guilt and pain and self-loathing. But i was still utterly surprised to see the pixie i hated. The pixie that hurt me more than any vampire. The pixie who i would forever love sit next to me on the bed.

She sighed and my muscles tensed.

" How are you doing?" she asked me. I sat there staring at nothing not responding. That's when i felt a deep pain shoot through me. I looked over towards Alice and saw that pain clear on her face. I breathed in a deep breath.

"I'm fine," i said to her softly. She sighed and tried to place her hand on mine but i jerked away from her. I felt that pain shoot through me again but this time i didn't care. She can't expect me to be so nonchalant about all of this as if i never loved her. As if i still wasn't in love with her.

"Jazz-" she began in a low voice but was cut off by a loud crash that sounded in the living room. In that same instant a vampire burst through my bedroom door. His eyes were red. Not like a normal vampire red no they were glowing red. Literally.

"You" he said pointing at me "are coming with me," Alice got up quickly and took on a defensive crouch. The guy was fast. Within a mere second Alice was going through the wall.

"Alice!" i screamed. I tried to stand up but was stopped when the vampire wrapped his right hand around my neck. Within an instant i felt the air around us shift and i felt as if we were tearing through some type of gentle fabric.

The vampire threw me down and stepped back. I immediatley stood up ready to defend my self when i noticed we were no longer at the house. We were in a dark room and it held the stench the vampires, werewolves, humans, and other scents i did not recognize.

"Where are we," i snarled. He just gazed at me and i felt pity radiating off of him. I ran over to him and grabbed him by his shirt. "Answer me!" i demanded. He grabbed my hands and took them off his shirt.

"Let it out," he said to me in a sullen voice

"What are you talking about?!" i half screamed at him.

"Let out all your pain. Let out all your anger. Let out everything your filled with that you've been holding in." I cocked my head back in surprise.

"What makes you think that? I'm perfectly fin-" i didn't get to finish my sentence as he cut me off.

"You just lost the love of your life, and your fine? Please Jasper your anything but fine your an utter mess. You don't know up from down anymore." I opened my mouth to rebute but couldn't. He was right. I'm barely able to hold myself together. At that moment i felt something happen that hasn't happened in hundreds of years. A tear fell from my eye. No it wasn't just one tear it was hundreds. They were falling from my eyes and a sob pushed it's way out of my body. I fell to my knees and let out a strangled scream as i let all my pain and anger and hatred leak from me.

"I'll pick up your peices," the vampire said as he walked out of the room leaving me to my breakdown.