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.:Blazing Sun:.

Just several months after Breaking Dawn, Renesmee is now seven months old, with the looks of a four year old. What happens when, after a simple nightmare, she is kidnapped and everyone must team up to save their precious baby girl?

I sometimes update two chapters in one real chapter, just because they're so short. I've already got nearly five chapters done already!

1. Chapter 1: The Nightmare/Chapter 2: The Kidnapper

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Chapter 1: The Nightmare

I moaned as I heard Renesmee’s sharp wail, she’d probably had the same nightmare that had chosen to haunt her for the last three nights again. She refused to show it to anyone, though we easily could’ve put her hand against our cheeks while she slept, we did not want to upset her. I got from my chair at the table and went to help Edward comfort her. When I got to her room, I was surprised to find that he wasn’t there. I lifted Renesmee from her crib and cradled her gently in my arms. Her eyes flew open. Though she was only seven months old, she could already speak in full sentences, though she preferred not to, and was the size of a small 4 year old child. “Where is daddy?” She began the questioning. I tried to answer truthfully, but I didn’t want to scare her more than she already was. “He’ll be back soon.” I said, hoping what I said would take action. “Yes, but where is he? I hope you haven’t let him go out by himself.” The tears started up again, streaming down her porcelain china doll face. I noticed how she didn’t even bother shortening her sentences. “Renesmee, show me why.”

She sighed and gazed up into my eyes, placing her pale hand against my cheek. What I saw was unbearable. It was Edward, paler than I’d ever seen him, in the middle of the forest. His eyes were a glowing gold, though as the dream continued, they faded into red. He spoke, turning his attention to something behind Renesmee’s view. “What do you want?” He snarled, “I thought we were over this.” I heard a dark chuckle as the view turned around. I gasped at what I saw. It was the vampire from the Volturi who had tried to take Renesmee away just a couple of months ago. A deep penetrating snarl challenged Edward to come closer as he spoke in teasing vocals, “Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just continuing what I started.” And with that, he darted past Edward and toward the path to our cottage. I gasped as the memory faded away. “He’s coming, Momma.” I heard her tiny whimper and I said as bravely as I could manage, “Come on, we have to leave, he’ll be here in no time at all.”

Chapter 2: The Kidnapper

We packed light, only bringing two changes of clothes each and Renesmee’s comfort teddy in a small pack. She was stuffing the objects into the pack while I tried to call the Cullen’s phone. No avail, it rang four times, then to the answering machine. I scooped Renesmee up and slung the pack over my shoulder, ready for anything.. Or so I thought. I cautiously opened the back door, and satisfied that no one was there, I ran. I ran faster than any human would have thought possible, but, then again, I wasn’t human anymore. I darted through the trees, Renesmee clinging to my neck from my back until we came to a clearing. It was the place I had gone two years back to see the vampires’ way of playing baseball. I knew all along I couldn’t go to the Cullen house, because when he came to our cottage, and we weren’t there, it would be the next place he would check. I looked behind me, just to make sure, and only Renesmee lay on my back, waiting for me to say something.

I sighed, “Did I scare you?” I asked, unsure of the way she was acting. “Not exactly, I’m more surprised.” Renesmee replied, “Should we keep going?” I thought for a moment, “I thought we may get something to eat. But I’m scared I may hurt you accidentally.” I said, gazing down at my paler than usual hand, “Right now I’m debating whether to leave you, eat, and bring back what’s left for you or not.” She smiled soothingly, “I could run, if anything happened.” I frowned, “That’s just it, though. He’s so much faster than you are. If something were to happen.. The only thing you could do would be to bite him. Even if you had venom, it still wouldn’t do much, though.” I ended up, with much persuasion, leaving her in the clearing, but I was desperate for blood, and the last thing I wanted was for me to hurt Renesmee. But even still, leaving her there was my worst choice at the time..

I picked up the dead fawn and started back towards the clearing. I had taken all of the blood I needed already from it’s mother, this fawn was for Renesmee. When I stepped out into the clearing, before I even looked, I knew something was wrong. As I looked out onto the empty field, I shouted, “Renesmee! Renesmee, where are you?!” I scowled at myself, what was wrong with me?! Allowing myself to leave her by herself. Wow. It was then that I spotted something white on the grass. I rushed over to it, and quickly picked it up. It was a note. I was surprised they left anything at all, actually. The note read:
‘Mommy, mommy, help me!,
Haha, hearing those screams from your precious little girl was fun. Too bad you weren’t here for them. Anyway, just to let you know, little Nessie is safely snug in her own little sack, over my shoulder.’
At this I snarled,
‘So, if you want any chance of seeing your daughter again, you better come and catch her. First place I’m going is the dens, where the wolves are, ya know? Go ahead and come, they’ll have ya another note.’
I nearly ripped the paper up, not wanting to believe it. I folded the paper, stuffed it in my pocket, and ran. I ran to the Cullen’s house.