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.:Blazing Sun:.

Just several months after Breaking Dawn, Renesmee is now seven months old, with the looks of a four year old. What happens when, after a simple nightmare, she is kidnapped and everyone must team up to save their precious baby girl?

I sometimes update two chapters in one real chapter, just because they're so short. I've already got nearly five chapters done already!

2. Chapter 3: The Explanation/Chapter 4: The Plan

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Chapter 3: The Explanation

I zoomed past the green trees whizzing around me. I came to a sharp halt in the backyard of the huge Cullen house, they called it that even though it was more of a mansion. Thankfully, Alice was sitting on the edge of the porch, most likely awaiting my arrival. She motioned me to come to her, and I trotted on up. Her eyes were dark, with a glowing golden ring outlining each eye. I was amazed, I had never seen her like that. Alice gripped my arm, probably tighter than the slight pressure I felt. “Where’s the note? We’ve all been worried sick.” I noticed her paler than usual hand squeezing my arm tighter as we walked into the house.

All of the sudden, I was flooded with questions. “Are you alright?!” “Where is the note?” I tried to ignore them for now, but Carlisle said, “Please, everyone, calm down. I’m sure Bella’s tired, and she’ll answer our questions in a minute.” Finally, Rosalie, Jasper, Esme, and Emmett backed off. I slumped into the nearest chair, the only thing I could hear was my own, not needed, just a habit, breathing. I looked up after a while and immediately noticed someone I probably should have noticed right when I walked in. After all, that recognizable, tousled bronze hair and those glowing, coal black eyes were hard to miss. “Edward.” I gasped softly, my voice hoarse and raspy. In an instant, he was at my side. I weakly handed him the note and he arched his eyebrows as his eyes widened in shock. “That.. What should we do, Bella?” I could tell he was furious. I was also surprised that everyone was asking me what to do. I sighed, “We need to go to the pack lands.”


Chapter 4: The Past

As much as I kicked and screamed, that mean man would not even set me down for one minute! I shrieked again, and the man reached behind him to hit my back through the bag. “I said shut up, you little punk!” he snarled, it seemed like all he actually did was snarl. He never talked. “What do you want?! Just let me go! You’re a mean man, ya know it?” He dropped the bag that held me and growled, “You should know what I want! You’re the one that saw it.” he seemed even angrier than before. I tried to play innocent as I pried the bag open. “What did I see? What in the world are you talking about?” I put my most guilt-less face on. It worked, as I gazed up, his face went from mad to upset to confused all in a matter of seconds. I could hear the man muttering to himself, “What? Didn’t I grab the right one?” He shrugged it off and his face returned to an angry emotion. He chuckled, “Well, little one. I need you anyway. Your parents will be extremely.. Interested in where I’m takin’ ya.” I could hear an Italian accent in his deep voice. And then he shoved me back into the tiny, dirty sack, I realized the whole time I was out, I didn’t even see, much less recognize, where we were. Though, I did know what he was talking about. He wanted me to show him the numbers in my memory from the last time I was taken. Last time. That’s two too many. Anyway, the numbers were to a safe that held lots of weapons for what I would consider destruction.