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This AWESOME banner was made by TheRealCullen, who I want to thank, and advertise. Read her stories! (also, I really reccommend Rosie Pimple, totally awesomeness) A small look into the mind of a specific Cullen. Can you guess who it is? (rated because I am paranoid) Excerpt:"I really was narrow, all around."

Okay, there will be a sequel, called Broken, but I'm not making a series or anything. I'm also working on This World and Finally Free, so it might take a little while. But here we are. Now, who do you think this might be? ;3

1. Narrow

Rating 5/5   Word Count 527   Review this Chapter


I used the word narrow quite a bit. It was one of my all-time favorite words, because it described a lot about me. My waist, it was narrow. It was perfectly proportioned, balancing perfect rounded breasts above and a firm, tight behind below. Narrow, the heels of my favorite Stilettos were tall and narrow.

A while back, I had accepted my past. Though it was horrific, I knew it shaped my perfect life today. So I could stand and say, the alley I was murdered on was narrow. Like I said, I used that word a lot, and I liked that word. A lot.

But, there was a lot I didn't like. Such as the pathetic human that came around all the time. Her name was Isabella, and everyone knew I hated her. She was the polar opposite of me. She was shy, plain, and human.

I hated her for being human; she aged, and could bear children. I wanted that, and she was throwing such a priceless treasure away like trash, just by being near us.

But then...there was always something else. I wasn't sure what it was. I could say that I was narrow, my waist, my heels, my perfectly sculpted nails. She...not so much.

I mean, she was pretty, I would give her that, but she was nothing to me. What did Edward see in that? And with that thought, it hit me. I really was narrow.

I was jealous. Of a human. For taking Edward's attention. I mean, I didn't love him, but that didn't mean I couldn't want him to join the line of men who loved me.

I just couldn't take the fact that she had bested me. She had won a man I could never touch.

I had always thought Edward was just indifferent. He was always so...Edward. I never found a way to describe him. I had brushed off his not being interested in me as not being interested in anyone.

Yet now, a human who couldn't beat me as far as fashion and looks went came along and stole him away. Proving that I couldn't have whoever I wanted. And that angered me.

Who was she to think she could come along and take away someone who should have been in love with me? Especially when that someone was a vampire. She could have her human men, and do the things I couldn't. Reproduce and age. Get a job and love unconditionally. Take walks on a public beach. Go to the zoo with the little ones.

And here she was, ready to give that all up for someone. Someone who loved her. But he didn't love me. That infuriated me, not only did she, like all the other human females, dangle this perfect humanity in front of me, but she stole someone that was originally supposed to want me. And her happiness, it made me angry.

I really was narrow, all around. I had a narrow waist. The alley I died in was narrow. My beautiful, expensive heels were narrow. I was...perfect...and narrow minded.