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Not an Accident

What if Bella cutting her finger wasn't an accident as we thought? What if it was planned to happen? But who would do that? And what will Edward do now? Rated teen for later chapters


1. Planned

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Rosalie's Pov

Why her? Why a human? Why does he care so much why can't she just go away and never come back? Why couldn't James have killed her then we would be rid of Isabella Swan my brothers "Love"? We are throwing her a party she doesn't even want! She doesn't want to be human something I would give everything to be! I wish I could get rid of her.

Alice's Pov

I saw Rosalie planning something but I wasn't sure exactly what she wanted to do so it was fuzzy. "Rosalie whatever your planning don't do it" I warned. "Alice why do you and the rest of our family care so much for that girl?" "Rosalie we love her because she is part of our family and has been sense Edward meet her. Why do you hate her so much Rose?" I asked after answering the question. "Because she wants to give up all she has to become like us and she got Edward's attention not me. "She said in a whisper. "So you jealous of Bella?" I asked. "Yes, she is a human and doesn't even care she wants to throw it all away!" She screamed. Then I heard the car they would be here soon. "Stop Rosalie there almost here."

Edward's Pov
I heard Rosalie scream "Yes, she is a human and doesn't even care she wants to throw it all away!" as I turned to go down the driveway but Bella didn't which was good. She knew Rosalie didn't like her and she didn't need to feel any worse about it. It was Rosalie that had the problem she hated Bella just because she thought she didn't belong in our family. After Bella stopped begging not to go we walked in. "Happy Birthday Bella" everyone screamed except for Rosalie. Why can't you just leave her Edward! I growled at that low so Bella wouldn't hear me. What’s wrong son? Carlisle ask I just nodded telling him it was nothing.

Rosalie's Pov

Edward growled at me. I knew exactly what to do. While they weren't paying attention to me I made the edge of the paper sharp enough so it would cut her. I blocked my thoughts from Edward by Reciting The Declaration of Independence. Now she would know that she doesn't belong here. She picked up the present and went to open it.

Alice's Pov

Bella was opening the present when I finally saw Rosalie's plan. But it was to late and she cut her finger. NO! Why Rosalie why I wanted to scream. Did she really hate Bella that much that she wants to hurt her? I saw Jasper run at Bella and Rosalie’s smile. I will get her for hurting my best friend like this!

Jasper's Pov
I saw Bella cut her finger then felt all the lust for her blood. But why was most of it was coming from Rosalie couldn't stand the lust and ran at Bella. Edward pushed her out of the way and Emmett held me still so I couldn't get to Bella as I thrashed in his grip as he pulled me outside. I saw Rosalie and she was smiling. So all the lust was on purpose?!

Rosalie’s Pov

I gave off as much blood lust as possible. Jasper lunged for her my plan worked. Now maybe Edward will have enough sense to realize she doesn't belong here. Thank you Jasper thank you. Also goodbye Isabella Swan and I will not miss you and hope to never see you again.

Esme's Pov
I'd been watching Rosalie and her smiling when Jasper attacked Bella. She wanted this all of this to happen and had planed it. I knew my children well enough to know that. I knew she didn't like Bella very much. I just didn't know it was this much. Bella was like a daughter to me and Rosalie is trying to hurt her.

Carlisle's Pov
I know Rosalie is not very fond of Bella but why did she try to hurt her? Does she truly hate her? I love my whole family I can forgive them for what they do. But I still wish they wouldn't try to hurt each other. I'm afraid of what Edward might do after what just happened. He already thinks Bella shouldn't be with him. This might convince him of that even though its not true. He needs Bella she has made him so happy. I know that Rosalie planned this when I saw her smiling at what happened to Bella. After sorting that out in my head I walk over to help Bella. She had a cut in her arm I got the glass out and bandaged it. After Bella and Edward left I and everyone in my family went to go talk to Rose.

Emmett's Pov
I saw Jasper run at Bella and Edward push her back to protect her from him. I grabbed Jasper and held him so he couldn't get to her. As I pulled Jasper outside I could see Rose smiling. I had to check to make sure when I looked again she still stood there smiling then I knew this was not an accident.

Rosalie’s Pov
They were all coming to talk to me I could hear them coming up to my room. "Why Rose why" Alice screamed. "She doesn't belong here" I growled. "But we want her here Rose you don't but we do. Have you ever seen Edward this happy?" Alice again. "He has never been as happy as he is now why do you want to ru-" "Alice please let me speech." Carlisle said. "Yes Carlisle." "Rose why would you do this?" Carlisle asked. I smiled and then said "I don't want her here. What better way to make her go away then to get Edward to believe its to dangerous for her to be around." "So is that why you did that?""SHE COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED ROSE YOU DON'T EVEN CARE!" Alice screamed before Carlisle could say anything else."

Edward's Pov
I just got away from Bella so I could see how Rose would explain what she did. "Rosalie" I called and then ran up the stairs to her room where the rest of my family was at. Everyone went silent even thoughts when they saw me. "So Rose why did you try to kill the girl I love?" ....