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Not an Accident

What if Bella cutting her finger wasn't an accident as we thought? What if it was planned to happen? But who would do that? And what will Edward do now? Rated teen for later chapters


2. don?t. Be. An. Idiot.

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Edward's POV

She huffed, turning away from me. I could hear her mind sputtering, looking for a convincing reason for her actions, without giving away whatever she was hiding. I narrowed my eyes at her.

"Rose?" I warned.

She turned to me, a new fire in her eyes. "You know it would have happened sooner or later anyway Edward. I just helped it along, to convince you; to save her humanity. Don't play dumb. You know."

She smirked after her little speech, and I felt despair creeping in with the fact that everything she said was true. Her thoughts silently agreed that I either had to change her, or keep her at risk with my presence. Or…

Rose's thoughts intruded into my head again. She shouldn't be around vampires. She'll just end up dying one way or another. We should have left before it got out of hand.

She concentrated solely on this thought, leaving no room in her mind for anything else. She stared hard at me, deep pools of black burning my own. And then, an idea came to me. A wonderfully heartbreaking idea.

It's never too late.

There was always a second chance, and this was it. A loophole to my earlier agreement to Bella, a crack in what seemed to be steel. A break in our bond. Fate threw me another chance to save the girl I loved, and I would take it. Breaking my heart wouldn't matter, as long as hers healed to beat through her human life. I would do something so cruel and vile that it sickened me to my core, but in the long run, it was the wisest choice presented to me.

I would leave her, my angel, my sunshine in the darkest of midnights. My lamb.

Alice gasped in horror, her eyes glazed as Rosalie grinned a smile that would send the devil running for cover.

Rosalie's Pov

I huffed angrily at his question. Wasn't it obvious? Or was he just stupid? She didn't belong here, and if she stayed, she would either be killed or be damned to this life. I'm just showing Edward another option. Leaving.

"Rose?" he warned.

I turned to face him, spitting, "You know it would have happened sooner or later anyway Edward. I just helped it along, to convince you; to save her humanity. Don't play dumb. You know." I smirked after that. He knew I was right.

So I gave him the other option. She shouldn't be around vampires. She'll just end up dying one way or another. We should have left before it got out of hand. I concentrated on this single thought, not allowing him to hear the silent congratulations at myself for not revealing anything. I stared hard at him, probing his eyes with my own. I could see it on his face he knew that he had to leave.

I heard Alice's gasp and I knew I was right.

I smiled, narrowing my eyes as my face stretched to reveal a full row of gleaming white teeth.

He knew what he had to do.

Alice's Pov

Rosalie sighed dramatically at his question, looking away and crossing her arms like a small child. "Rose?" he warned.

She turned to him, her eyes drilling holes into his. "You know it would have happened sooner or later anyway Edward. I just helped it along, to convince you; to save her humanity. Don't play dumb. You know." she smirked after the speech.

I knew that she knew what this would make him feel; make him hate himself even more then he already did. I wish I would have seen this before! If I had this wouldn't have happened. Oh, poor Jazz! Everyone knew it wasn't Jasper's fault, but he didn't. It was Rosalie who had done this.

This should have never happened! Edward and Bella deserved to be together and happy. Rosalie stared hard at him, probing his eyes for a minute. I could see the realization on his face, followed by pain and resignation Then I saw it…

Bella and Edward standing in the woods outside her house, her looking heartbroken and him looking indifferent.

"You…don't…want me?"


I gasped, staring at Edward. He wasn't stupid enough to do this!

Rosalie smiled evilly, revealing that she knew what was going to happen. Please let her be wrong.

Edward's Pov

I know leaving her will be the hardest thing I have ever done. But I will do it for her.

Rosalie is right, it's much too dangerous for a fragile human to be around vampires.

"You're right, Rosalie. She doesn't need to be around us," I said softly. Oh, how I wished she was wrong.

"Edward that's not true! She loves you! It will break her heart if you leave!" Esme cried.

"But it's better for her. She doesn't belong here, with us," Rosalie sneered.

"Edward you can't do this to her! You love her! It will just kill you both to be away from each other!" Emmett said, exasperated.

"Even so, it's still best for her not to be around vampires. Don't you see? This way, she can live a happy normal human life! But only if I'm gone," I argued.

Edward, don't be an idiot! Emmett's right! You can't do this! You saw the vision too! You saw the look on her face! This will destroy her! Alice yelled in her head. I cringed, remembering the look on Bella's face in said vision.

"Alice, you know it's best for her." I growled.

"No, it's not you dolt! You're not always right, Edward and this is one thing you are completely wrong about! Bella loves you and needs you! You…You bastard!" Alice screamed at me.

"Alice," Esme chided her.

"Edward…I'll leave if I need to…but I'm sorry…it was my fault," Jasper whispered brokenly, staring at the floor.

"No it wasn't Jazz. Don't you dare blame yourself. It's not your fault…It's someone else's," Alice growled, glaring at Rosalie.

"I just helped the inevitable!" Rosalie said, not even fazed by what Alice had implied.

"That doesn't mean that you should have done such a terrible, disgusting thing, Rosalie!" Alice yelled.

"And you," she turned to me, sticking a small index finger and looking at me with fire in her eyes, "don't. Be. An. Idiot. You know that it will hurt you and her both so don't do this to either of you. You told her that you loved her and now you're going to take all of those precious moments back because of something that shouldn't have happened!" she screeched.

"Stop for a second!" Carlisle said firmly. "We need to think about this and Edward, please see sense," he pleaded.

"Rose did this, even though she says it was inevitable, it wasn't. This didn't happen by accident, she planned it. You know that you shouldn't leave but…she is your mate. I do not want to do this, and neither does most everyone else, but if we must, then we will. But please, give it some time, and think about it after you cleared your head," Carlisle said, looking me square in the eyes.

"Carlisle, I have thought about it. I've tried to come up with a way to keep her safe without leaving but…I think it would be better for her if we left, though I wish it wasn't true," I whispered and I'm sure if I could cry, I would be sobbing rivers.

Alice's Pov

"Edward please don't do this to her," I pleaded, switching from angry to desperate.

"We need to go Alice. It's for the best," he whispered.

"But Edward, you haven't been this happy ever before. You deserve this. She deserves this. But she most definitely does not deserve to be thrown away like trash!" he winced, but I carried on; "Please, don't break her heart. Don't break anyone's. You two won't be the only ones hurt, you know. The whole family will suffer for such a stupid reason. Please, Edward, don't do it!"

"It must be done. Our pain is worth her happiness. Hell, our pyres are worth her happiness. She will move on and have a happy life. I don't deserve her and I'll be damned if she has anything less than the most perfect man for her. And," he gulped, before sobbing brokenly, "that man isn't me."

Grabbing at straws, I tried one more tactic. "But—but…you know you'll go back. I've seen it. You will barely last six months before you're crawling on your knees and kissing her feet while begging for forgiveness. Of course she'll take you back, she's Bella and she'll still love you. But by then, you will have been the heartless monster you say you are. You'd have put her through an emotion hell. Then, you won't deserve her. But you'll make each other happy, and God, that's all that matters! Don't you understand?! You were meant for each other! A real life Romeo and Juliet, and by God I'll die before I see you screw everyone's life up!" I huffed, panting as I stood as tall as my four-eleven height would allow. He just stared at me hollowly.

"You lie." And I deflated. I had had no vision of him going back.


"She will be happy Alice. And that's only possible if I leave. Better yet, if I had never existed at all."