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The Girl With The Glasses

Bella Swan has had a hard life. At 17, she's had to go through her mother dying and moving to Forks where she's known as the nerd with not even one friend. The only thing that keeps her going every day is her art. It's a form of therapy for Bella. So when Edward Cullen steps into her life and tries to befriend her, she doesn't know what to do. Luckily, the one person she trusts the most is there to guide her in the right direction, and helps her find a true friend. AH. **Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight**Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


5. The Truth

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Chapter Five

The Truth

I don’t know what I’ll do if he’s dead. I can’t handle another death of a person I love. I wipe some tears away, trying to compose myself before we got to the hospital.

“You’re overreacting. He’s not dead, okay?” Alice said to me.

I nod and sniffle a bit. I guess I am overreacting a little. Football injuries never get that bad, do they? Oh man. This is all bringing back memories of that night one year ago.

Alice parks the car in the ER parking lot and in record time, we’re flying through the doors just as Edward is being pulled into the hospital.

“Edward,” I whisper as I see his non-responsive form on the gurney. His eyes were fluttering, but not open. They have an oxygen mask on him and a bunch of wires hooked up.

“Okay, get him to a room. Now!” a strong, male voice commands. He has blonde hair and looks a lot like Edward.

“Dad!” Alice yells over the noise. The man comes over to us and hugs her. So this is Edward’s dad. It explains where Edward gets his good looks from.

“What happened?” Dr. Cullen asks his daughter.

“He got tackled and it knocked him out, I guess,” she tells him in a strong voice that I know is used just for me.

Dr. Cullen takes a deep breath. “Okay, darling, I’m going to run some tests. You sit here and I’ll come get you when you can see him.” He finally notices me and smiles. “I’m sorry, I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Carlisle, Edward and Alice’s dad.” He sticks his hand out to shake mine. While I didn’t want to meet Edward’s parents like this, I shake his hand anyways. I really wish he’d talk to me later and get going on Edward, I can’t be rude.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Bella, uh, Edward’s...” I stop talking, not knowing if Edward has told his parents about us yet.

“This is Edward’s girlfriend, dad. He really likes her,” Alice chirps. I blush and drop Dr. Cullen’s hand. Of course Alice would be the one to make me blush in front of her father.

“Wow, it’s a pleasure. I would love to talk and learn more about you, but I...”

“...have to go take care of Edward. I’d prefer you do that right now anyways,” I finish for him and smile. He smiles back and nods in understanding that I’m not meaning to be rude, simply wanting the best for his son. He turns around and rushes into the room they put Edward in. I exhale and slump in a chair. Alice sits beside me.

“So, tell me, how did you and Edward meet again?” she asks. I know she’s trying to stop me from thinking about the negatives, and for once, I’m grateful.

I look up and give her a small smile. “Actually, we’ve been going to school together for a while. He hangs out with Jacob Black, you know him?” She nods, a grim look on her face. Apparently she knows about his terrible ways. “Yeah, you know. Well, they used to tease me all the time, but Edward would never verbally or physically do anything. He would just sit back and let Jake talk badly to me. But then he started coming to the art room for lunch because he needed an extra credit or something, and he started talking to me. I guess I fell for his charm, and he convinced me to go out with him. The end.”

Alice shakes her head. “My brother’s such a dumbass. I’m glad he set Jake straight and went out with you. You’ve changed him, I can tell. He’s not as stupid or...angry as he was before. Thank you, Bella, for giving him a chance.” Her words touched me. They really make me glad I chose Edward. His family is great, and it makes me see that deep down, he’s not a bad guy.

We sit in silence; silence that could kill. It’s broken though, when a very attractive woman comes through the door, completely frantic. She comes over to Alice and I.

“Mom, calm down. He’s going to be fine. Dad’s in there checking him over,” Alice says to the woman. Edward’s mother. Maybe this is where he got his good looks.

After Alice tells her mom what happened, she calms down and apologizes to me for “that scene”, as she put it. I tell her it’s okay, and Alice introduces us.

“Mom, this is Bella, Edward’s girlfriend. Bella, this is our mom, Esme.” Alice smirks at me and I, being the child I am, stick my tongue out at her.

“Oh, hello Bella, it’s so nice to finally meet you! Edward talks about you all the time!” Well that’s weird. “He tells his mommy everything,” she adds in a whisper.

I like Esme. She’s a kind person, I can tell. Her, Alice, and I go down to the hospital’s cafeteria and talk over lunch. I was right about Esme; she’s so nice and sweet. She’s so different from my mom, but it’s nice. She’s more of a motherly figure.

“You know, Bella, you are the only girlfriend Edward has ever talked about. He’s taken with you, that’s for sure,” Esme smiles at me.

“That’s good to hear,” I say quietly, and it really is. To know that Edward truly and sincerely likes me means more than they could possibly imagine. “I’m pretty taken with him, too,” I admit. I take a bit of my turkey sandwich.

I catch Esme looking at me with a small smile on her face. I blush and ask, “What?”

“You really are beautiful, Bella. Edward wasn’t lying,” she tells me. Oh boy. If possible, I turn even redder. I adjust my glasses and look down at my plate again.

When we finish eating, we go back into the waiting room where Carlisle is waiting for us. He looks relieved, which is a good thing I hope.

“How is he?” Alice asks her father.

“He got lucky. He only has a concussion, but he will need to stay home for a few days. He needs lots of fluids, and he will probably have some nausea and mild headaches.”

Thank God he’s okay. No broken bones, that’s good.

“Can we go in and see him?” Esme asks her husband.

“Yes, actually, he’s been asking for you, Bella,” Carlisle says, turning towards me.


Edward Cullen

I woke up in a hospital. I knew it was a hospital because of the lumpy bed and the annoying beeping of monitors all around. But it was easy to ignore the beeping; the unbearable pain in my head drowns it out. It feels like somebody set my brain on fire and nobody’s bothering to put it out.

I hear someone open the door and see my dad walk in.

“Dad,” I try to say, but then realize there’s an oxygen mask on my face. I rip it off, frustrated.

“Calm down,” he tells me.

“I need pain killers,” I say. It comes out scratchy and quiet. Dad hands me a cup of water and sits me up. I gulp the full glass down.

“Son, I need you to answer some questions first.” He sits on the side of my bed. “Do you know your name?”

I look at him like he’s crazy. “Uh, yeah...”

“What is it?”

“Edward Anthony Cullen.”

“Do you know who I am?”

Okay, honestly? I know he’s just doing his job, but I didn’t lose my memory!

“Yes, you’re my father, the doctor at Forks hospital. I’m eighteen years old, a senior at Forks High School, and play football, which is how I got here I’m guessing,” I tell my dad.

Carlisle writes something down on my chart and nods. “Yes, you were hit pretty hard from what Alice told me.”

I remember the big linebacker coming at me, but that’s it. I don’t remember the hit, or anything that happened after. When I tell him this, he nods again.

“I’m fairly certain you have a concussion, but we’ll need to do a CAT scan to be for sure.” He stands up and pages a nurse.

I could care less about what’s happening. Suddenly only one thing is on my mind. “Can I see Bella?” I ask him.

“Not until after the test, okay?” I sigh but agree. “You know, son, you picked a great girl. Alice introduced us while they were getting you into a room. She’s lovely; really sweet and quiet.”

Bella already met my father? Oh God, I bet my mother’s in the waiting room harassing her. This is not how I intended my parents to meet my girlfriend.

I get set up and taken down for the CAT scan. My head is still pounding, making it hard to concentrate on anything around me. It takes twenty minutes for the technician to scan my body. After the tests, I’m wheeled back into my room. I shout for pain killers to some nurse that really didn’t need to be snapped at, but damn it I’m in pain! I finally get the drugs and the pain goes away somewhat. Now it just feels like a normal headache.

My dad walks back in the room with my results. “Well, son, it looks like you indeed have a concussion. It’s not mild, but not severe. Mild enough to knock you unconscious, but it didn’t cause memory loss. And that’s all you have, so thank your lucky stars you have no broken bones or anything.”

Well, this is just dandy. “Can I see Bella now?” I ask.

Carlisle laughs. “Yes, yes! I’ll go get them.”

Five minutes later, my dad comes in with my mom and sister. No Bella though!

“Oh, Edward!” my mother cries. She runs and hugs me, making my head swirl. I squeeze my eyes shut and will it to go away.

“Mom, my head,” I grunt. She gasps and pulls away.

“I’m sorry! I forgot! I’m just so glad you’re okay!” She kisses my forehead gently.

“Edward! You seriously scared me today, brother!” Alice says loudly, giving me a slight hug.

“Sorry Ali, I promise it won’t happen again.” It can’t, because the football season’s almost over, only two games left, and I won’t be in the health state to play. My football “career” is done.

After talking to my family for a few minutes, I finally have to ask because it’s driving me nuts. “Not that I don’t love you all, but where’s my girlfriend?”

Alice and mom give each other a satisfied look. “She’s still in the waiting room. She wanted us to visit you first. She wants to talk to you alone.”

Is that a good thing? Or is she going to dump me for being an idiot that gets hit on a football field. No, that wouldn’t make any sense.

“Well, um...could you all leave then? I want to see Bella,” I ask. I feel a little bad about kicking my own flesh and blood out the room. They understand though.

“You picked a great girl, Edward. She’s even more wonderful than the girl you talk about,” Esme smiles at me. She kisses my forehead once more and says, “I love you.” I return the sentiment to my mother and she leaves.

When Bella walks in, she’s crying. The tears are streaking her beautiful face and her eyes are red. I feel terrible for doing this to her.

“Sweetie, come here,” I murmur. She walks over to me and looks at me. I was not expecting what came next.

“How could you! Do you have any idea how much you scared me today?!” She’s yelling at me! Like it was my fault I got slammed by a linebacker! “I was on the ground crying because of you! I thought you were dead!” She really does something I didn’t expect her to then. She slaps me across the face!

“Ow! Oh God,” I moan, grabbing my head to try and stop the dizziness.

Bella breaks down in sobs. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to do that, I’m sorry! I just got so mad at you, and it was an instinctive thing,” she rambles. Despite slapping a guy with a concussion, I can’t say I blame her. I have to be gentle with Bella, she’s sort of sensitive, I’ve learned. Then again, it’s not my fault I got hit. But I’ll take the blame, because it’s Bella.

“Shh, it’s fine. I’m okay, I promise,” I say in a calming voice. I scoot to the side of bed, and pat the other empty side. “Come lay down next to me.”

She hesitates. “Don’t worry, you won’t hurt me,” I assure her. “It’s just my head, remember?”

Bella slowly lies down beside me. This is something new to us. We’ve never lain down together before. I put my arm around her and pull her close to me. “Are you okay with...being this close?” I know she had some issues with me being too touchy too early in our relationship.

“Yeah, it’s nice,” she mumbles, sniffling. I bring my other hand up to wipe her face. I lean down and kiss her softly. Her lips are so full; I could kiss her all day.

“I’m sorry for scaring you,” I whisper against her lips. She nods and pulls back.

“I think you need to know why it scared me so much,” she whispers. “Edward, my mom died in a car accident a year ago.”

Oh my God. That explains why she doesn’t want me driving fast, and why me getting smashed into scared her. It freaked her out.

“I’m so sorry, Bella. I can’t even imagine how hard it was; still is,” I tell her with so much sincerity.

“It’s okay,” she sniffles again. She grabs my ugly hospital gown with both her hands and lays her head on my chest.

“No, it’s not. I want you to be able to tell me about these things. Tell me when I’m driving too fast that this is the reason. I’m here for you, Bella, and I always will be,” I murmur to her.

She takes a deep breath and starts.

Bella Swan

“My mom was alone in the car. She was dead when my dad and I got to the scene,” she whispers.”


“Bella!” My dad yells, pounding on my door. I fling it open. He sounds like he’s in a panic, and it shows on his face. I knew something was wrong. Charlie’s never like this.

“What happened?”

“You mom was in a car accident,” he told me. My heart sank. Why my mom?

“Let’s go.”

We’re both running out the door. If only we had the cop car, then we would get there faster. Good thing Forks is tiny, so it takes five minutes to get anywhere.

Apparently, the paramedics weren’t there yet. A witness called my father because he knew Renee was his wife.

When we reached the scene, all I could see was my mom’s 2000 Camry, completely trashed. The driver side is smashed practically all the way through to the other side. The window is shattered. I can’t see the front of the car, though.

I get out of the car quickly and run to the front of the car. I scream at the sight.

My mother is lying five feet away from her smashed car. There’s blood and glass shards surrounding her. But that’s not the most horrifying part. She’s lying face up. Her eyes are wide open, like she was shocked when she died. I have to look away. I know she’s dead; how could she not be. She flew through the windshield and onto hard gravel.

“Daddy!” I sob. He took one look at his dead wife and took me in his arms. We cried together until the police finally showed up and pronounced her dead at the scene.


“Her face is forever burned in my brain,” I tell Edward. I’m crying again. It seems like all I do around Edward is cry. My glasses are getting really dirty and I can barely see out of them.

He hugs me closer to him. Right now, I feel so protected and loved. Edward’s strong arms around me comfort me. I’ve never been more grateful for him.

“How did it happen?” he asks me.

“A drunk driver hit her.”

Edward scoffs. “Of course. Stupid people that think driving intoxicated is okay. Please tell me the bastard is locked up?”

I nod into his chest. “He got twenty five years for murder,” I say quietly.

I can’t really hold it in. The tears fall harder, but I feel calmer. “Does it feel good to get off your chest?” he asks.

“Yeah.” I wipe my eyes.

Edward kisses the top of my head. “Good. I want you to be able to tell me things whenever they’re bothering you, okay?” I nod again and close my eyes.

Edward Cullen

I’m pretty sure Bella’s asleep. That’s good. She’s exhausted from today. I’m glad she opened up to me and told me about her mother’s death. I want to kill that driver personally for hurting Bella and her family. And poor Bella, having her mother’s face branded into her mind is horrific. If I could, I would take all the pain and hurt away from her. But nobody can, it’s a part of who she is, and will be for the rest of her life.

Looking down at her peaceful face, I can’t help but know that I love her. After all I’ve put her through, she still gave me a shot with her. She opened up to me. She’s the sweetest and kindest person I’ve ever met, aside from my mom.

Not ready to say it to her directly, I whisper, “I love you, Bella,” when I’m sure she’s asleep.

Bella Swan

Edward thought I was asleep. I know he did, because he wouldn’t say it to me this early in our relationship.

So quietly, he said, “I love you, Bella.”

The truth is, I love him back. He didn’t need to wait until he thought I was asleep to say it. I would have said it back in a heartbeat.

But playing up with the charades, I say nothing back, and eventually fall asleep (for real) in Edward’s arms.