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The Evocator

The seer watches such a horrific scene play out, what will she do? Third in the series Finally Free.Excerpt:"I was feeling miserable because I got to watch my family fall apart. Not once, but twice."

Well, here it is. Enjoy it! ;3

1. Seeing

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Forlorn. Dejected. Miserable. Sad. Those words could describe me so well.

Angered. Infuriated. Mad. Pissed off. Again, that was on the money.

Why? Some might ask. Well, I was feeling miserable, because I got to watch my family slowly fall apart. And not even once, but twice. I got to see my idiot brother leaving the best thing to ever happen to him, and then watch the actual scene play out. I got to watch my lost sister slowly fall apart from afar, knowing that it was really happening, or at least going to. I got to watch my stupid sibling leave our family, creating more turmoil, and then experience the real thing. I was definitely forlorn.

I was feeling angry because my dumb brother actually had the guts to leave the best thing that ever happened to him and let her crumble to pieces without him. I had to sit back and not say a word as my husband drowned himself in guilt, my mother and father cried over their losses, my sister kept right on being a bitch, and my not so dumb brother tried to cheer everyone up, even though he was falling apart inside. I was only allowed to glare as that same stupid sibling left, killing us all even more, when we needed him the most. I was definitely pissed off.

I felt a familiar tug at my consciousness, and huffed. It was probably about my lost sister, and I had to be forced to watch her die slowly inside. Again. These visions of mine kept coming, and all it was, was a shell of the girl I loved barely making it through each day.

I finally gave up as the tug became more insistent, and closed my eyes as they clouded with fog. I watched as she woke up, and began to get ready. She threw on a hideous outfit, not even bothering with making an effort. What did she need to look good for anyway?

She went through the motions of the day, not even trying to care as people cast worried glances at her. She just did. She was a robot. My closed eyes pricked with the tears that would never fall. She was such a wonderful person, she didn't deserve this heartbreak. So innocent, so perfect. Yet now, that endearing spark in her deep and soulful eyes had faded.

I watched her return home, and she walked into her small house. It wasn't a pretty house, but it fit her somehow. At least, it used to. Nothing fit her anymore, not even her too-big clothes. She went to the desk in the corner of her room and began to write. This was unusual. Unless it was homework or something, she didn't do anything that had to do with writing.

I couldn't see what she had written, but it filled a page. It appeared to be a letter. Then, she drew something on another piece of paper. It was a shaky map to our house. What?

She laughed, but it wasn't out of humor. It was harsher, almost out of spite. I furrowed my brow as she went to her backyard to a shed I had never noticed before. She opened a heavy door, and coughed from the dust. I watched her lean in, but the angle didn't allow me to see in. She came out with something in her hand. When she turned to close the shed, I saw what it was.

Oh God.

I watched her drive most of the way to our old house, and the whole time I was praying she wasn't doing what I thought she was. She left her letter and map about a mile away, and walked up the twisting road to our house. She went in and made a beeline for her lost love's room.

No. No. No. No. No.

No became my mantra as she slowly ascended the stairs. As she reached the end of the hall on the top floor, she stepped into the room. Her breath caught as she gazed around. She then turned, staring out the window at the dusky sky.

She turned away and began to tie a knot on one end of the rope with shaky fingers.

Oh lord, if you're listening, have mercy! This isn't supposed to happen. No!

After, she turned the rope in her hands, and began to tie that one into a pretty good noose. It flitted across my vast mind that it was odd she knew how to do that, but I was too focused on her to care.

She had the small knot on the hook above his couch now, and she stood shakily on the end, before pulling the noose around her head. I pulled away with all my might, but this vision was too strong. I heard her weight shift on the couch, a whispered vow of love, and then a snap. That sickening snap made me want to puke.

I pulled away with a gasp, and dialed the nearest phone frantically.

"Hello?" The cool voice alerted me that I was talking to the right person.

"Oh god, go to Forks before it's too late!"

That was all he needed. I heard the dial tone. And another vision.

"NO!" He roared as he held the limp body in his arms. He sobbed above her, but knew what he had to do. He hung the limp girl back up with a grimace before running in the direction of the airport, smiling all the way.

He whispered something, but I wasn't sure what it was.

I knew I would be too late, so I didn't bother to tell the family. I at least knew that they would be happy. That they would be free.