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A Lone Wolf's Only Star

Jacob has isolated himself, away from the pack, away from everyone he knew. Without love in his life, how will Jacob go on? Could this lone wolf's luck finally change? (AU. The Cullens and Bella never came to Forks. What will happen to Jacob? Will he find love?) (This is actually written by BellaMasen. She is posting it on my account.)

Disclaimer: everything belongs to Stephenie Meyer! Hey guys, it's BellaMasen! Please thank SilverFang for letting me post this on his account! He's the best!!!!!!

1. You Found Me

Rating 5/5   Word Count 741   Review this Chapter

He stood at the back door of his house, staring out the window. Even now, he still had to prepare himself for what he was about to do. After years of being . . . the way he was, he was able to phase with ease, but the blow to his own mind was still hard to take.

He threw open the door, and let his alternate self run free as he ran out. Adrenaline ran through his veins. He remembered the first time he'd done this. He'd had to replace the back wall.

His skin exploded. For almost anyone else this would be horrible, but for him it was normal – enjoyable even.

It was like this each time he phased. He traded his human body for that of a wolf's. He was a beast in many people's eyes, a monster. He remembered the Jacob Black he used to be before his first transformation. He had been . . . human.

Welcome back. A familiar voice echoed in his mind. Sam.

Hey, Jake : Seth.

What's up? Leah.

You've been gone for a while: Quil

Yeah, you up to coming back yet?: Embry.

His brothers – and sister – were still in Forks. No matter how far away they were they could all hear each other. It could become annoying if you wanted to go for a run and didn't want someone listening and watching your inner-most thoughts.

Paul had moved on from the pack, not phasing anymore. The younger wolves still only phased when necessary.

Jacob began to run. Maybe he should go back to Forks. Everyone he knew was there and - .

Yeah, get back here!

Enough, Quil.

Jacob sighed and shook his huge head. He would have to. Not even phasing was helping his depression now. He hated being alone. And he couldn't deal with even the smallest problems when he felt so lonely. He would have to go back to them.


Shut it, Seth.

Yes, sir

Jacob literally barked a laugh at all of them and ran faster. He didn't notice the trap until it was too late.

The trap was big, old, and rusty, but it worked. Jacob yanked his paw out of it, yelping.


You alright?

Dang, Jake.

It'll heal in a minute.

Leah laughed.

Jacob growled at all of them, but stopped when he heard a gasp and small thud to the right of him.

For a moment he forgot about his pain. A young, teenage girl lay on the ground not thirty feet from him, staring. How could he have missed her?



Go, Jacob.

Dude, you really screwed up this time!

Leah just growled.

“Um,” she stuttered. “Nice boy.” She made herself look even smaller.

Cute, Seth thought.

The next time Jacob thought about the pain it was gone, along with the pain.

The girl slowly Jacob checked his stance, making sure it wasn't threatening. His ears were tilted slightly back, so he straightened them and lowered his head.

Nice call.

Good job.

Her breathing was fast and heavy, and Jacob could hear her heart pounding. Her arm reached out, fingers stretching forward until hey touched his muzzle. She immediately relaxed. Jacob tapped her hand with his nose. She smiled.

“Wow,” she breathed.

My God.

What the?!

What is she doing?!

Girl has no brain.

Shut it! Jacob mentally shouted back at them. His ears had gone back, and the girl looked tense. He eased up.

“Good boy, nice boy.” She stroked his fur like he was a household pet. Jake had to admit that he liked it. He ignored the disgusted thoughts that came from the rest of the pack. They hated that he would let her treat him like this.

Her blue eyes looked straight into his, and slowly the smile she wore faded into an almost upset expression. Jacob was confused. What had he done wrong? Her head tilted to the side.

The fur on Jacob's back suddenly stood on end. The smell and sound of another human was becoming stronger and louder. The girl noticed his tension.

“What's wrong, boy?” she asked.

“Star?” a voice yelled. The girl was startled and spun around. “Starlet?!” Jacob's ears picked up a familiar click. A gun? The girl – Star? - turned back to him.

“Go,” she half screamed. “Hurry! Shoo!” Jacob backed away slowly, still watching her, before running in the opposite direction.