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A Lone Wolf's Only Star

Jacob has isolated himself, away from the pack, away from everyone he knew. Without love in his life, how will Jacob go on? Could this lone wolf's luck finally change? (AU. The Cullens and Bella never came to Forks. What will happen to Jacob? Will he find love?) (This is actually written by BellaMasen. She is posting it on my account.)

Disclaimer: everything belongs to Stephenie Meyer! Hey guys, it's BellaMasen! Please thank SilverFang for letting me post this on his account! He's the best!!!!!!

2. You

Rating 3.8/5   Word Count 546   Review this Chapter


Sounded like it.

You're lucky you got out of there, dude.

She saved you.

Seemed like she knew about the gun, to me.

Still saved him.

Would you all just shut up?

Jacob sighed, tired of their never-ending thoughts. It was one of the downsides to being what he was.

Star. It was a good name for her. Goes with her eyes – .


You like her?!

Way to go, Jacob!



Finding himself at his back door again, Jacob phased back into his human self. He donned a pair of ruined jeans and laid on his couch – this one was surprisingly long enough for him.

She was a small blonde with curious eyes. She wore muddy jeans with a t-shirt and tennis shoes.

Her name was Star and she pet horse-sized wolves like they were puppies. Well, she certainly wasn't normal.

Jacob's cell phone rang, interrupting his thoughts. He checked the caller I.D. Before answering.

“What, Paul?” he growled.

“Well, sorry.” Paul's voice was lower, more sophisticated now that he'd begun to age again.

“My bad,” Jacob answered. “I'm having a . . , “ what was the word? “Weird day.”

“Yeah. Seth told me.”

Jacob growled under his breath.

“Doesn't matter how much that he really ages,” he muttered. “Boy is always going to have the mouth of an eleven year old.” Paul laughed.

“Yeah,” he replied. “That's Seth for you. Just wanted to check in, Jake.”


“Good luck.” The phone went dead before Jacob could reply. He sighed and went for his charger. After plugging it in, he laid back, closing his eyes.

That was the first night he dreamed of her.

Jacob woke the next morning to the sound of a whistle. Someone was not far from his house, whistling and calling for someone. What were they saying?

“ . . . are you? Here, boy!” They whistled again.

Jacob sat up with a start. Star.

He ran, messy hair and excited expression, through the back door, phasing as he did so.

Jacob scowled the only way a wolf could. He was running out of jeans.

He heard her sigh. “Where are you? Come on, wolf!” As he neared her, he realized that she was facing the opposite direction. He barked.

She squealed – almost like a puppy herself – and spun around. She had a backpack swinging off of one of her shoulders. She laughed when she saw it was only him.

“It's you!” she yelled. “You know, I've been looking for you for almost half an hour now?” She smiled. Jacob was surprised. Half an hour?

Jacob listened and heard no one from back home. No one was in wolf form. He walked up to Star and laid down next to her, still not wanting to scare her.

“Well, you're sweet.” That was the first time he noticed her southern accent. It was . . . cute.

“Forgot all about that trap yesterday. I shouldn't have left you wounded . . . .” She looked down at Jacob's paw, amazed.

“What?” she whispered. “No. I know I saw you get caught in that trap!” Her eyes met his again. Jacob swore that she was slowly figuring him out. He swore she already knew.