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The After life

Bella was turned into a vampire during the battle between Edward and Victoria at the end of Eclipse. Her love leaves but he swears he'll come back for her. Seventeen years later she meets a human boy who resembles to her long lost love, or is he?


1. Loss

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Chapter one –Loss -

Confusion was all over the place. I could hear Sam in the distance barking and snarling at that beautiful new vampire who wanted to kill him more than anyone else, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of the other two vampires.

The red headed one had been moving forward, closer everytime, without losing me from sight. I wasn’t moving, I didn’t dare to breathe paralyzed with fear. I felt his fear too, he wanted to get closer to me to protect me with his body but he didn’t risk a single inch to get closer to me.

Suddenly I heard a deep howling; it all happened within a tenth of a second. I felt the pain spreading through my veins. It was a pain I definitely remembered.

I could hear Edward’s voice filled with all the anger he was capable of, but at the same time filled with despair and pain. “Leave her alone, it’s me you want!” He pleaded.

Something really wrong was happening. He wasn’t there near me, he couldn’t be.

The woman let my broken body fall and I heard her laughing, at last.

There was no way Alice could’ve known that the red headed vampire had changed her mind. She wasn’t setting her revenge on me... she decided to get revenge on both of us and though she knew she wasn’t getting out of there alive, she risked everything.

Victoria had thought of just one thing since James was killed by the Cullen family; to take away from us what had been taken away from her for good, her soul mate, her companion, her love.

I remeber Edward told me about the solitude his kind had to endure, centuries passing by, everything changed but them. They could never trust anyone, could never get too close to another being, human or vampire. Human lives mean seconds for a vampire, there is no chance to get interested in one of our kind before time’s up for our fragile species. Between vampires it is different. He once told me that most of them lived by themselves, only getting in groups for need, but didn’t last long. Very few had the gift of meeting their other half, but they had to wait for ages, as he did for me.

I understood what it meant to Victoria when James died. It was a sentence to walk through eternity all by herself. Their kind doesn’t find that bond twice in life. Stepping into her shoes, I couldn’t even imagine how life would be without Edward. I’ve lost him once, but then I knew he was alive. I couldn’t exist in a world he wasn’t in.

The pain was substituted by other feeling, eventhough it felt as if burning stabs were cutting every inch of my skin and guts over and over with every beat of my accelerated heart.


I opened my eyes wide looking for him, only his face and the sound of his voice could take away the pain. But he wasn’t near me. All of a sudden I understood what was going on. My eyes focused again. The novice vampire had injured Sam very seriously and had left him out of combat; now he was involved in a bloodier battle.

The three vampires moved very fast. I couldn’t distinguish which part was whom, I could only see the red flames of her hair. My time was almost done. I knew he had been hurt, I knew it from the way he shouted my name “No Bella, not you, I can’t allow it!”.

He used all his strength and got rid off the new one whose arms and legs had been torn apart. But still, he wasn’t near me to suck away the pain.

I wish I could’ve moved, could’ve done something to help him. I will never forgive myself for being so weak and fragile. I would’ve taken his pain over the one I was feeling. It was happening, the thing I wanted the most was happening in the worst moment. I wished it ended soon so I could help him, but it didn’t and the process went on.

One last sound. A crack. She was still standing on her own. My mind didn’t dare even think about it. I tried to scream for help but not a single noise came out from my burning throat.

Within all her bitterness and cruelty she allowed him to creep towards me. I could finally see his bronze eyes, which hadn’t belonged to a vampire, I could’ve sworn they were full with tears. When his eyes met mine, he knew. It was too late for both of us.

“Bella now I know I have a soul and it belongs to you forever.” He said while touching my face gently.

The physical pain I was experiencing disappeared, but the new pain felt worse. What was he trying to tell me? I could tell by the way he looked he was going to need Carlisle’s attention, but I was definitely not prepared for what was about to happen.

Victoria approached to us slowly with a smile filled with satisfaction upon her face, and then, another endless crack. This time I could not see anything, just felt his cold body laying over mine, and then, just a whisper came out from him.

“I swear I will come back for you, you have an eternity to wait for me, we will see each other again.”

That was it. I closed my eyes hoping not to open them ever again. I let the excruciating pain envelop me, wishing it to never end. I let myself into a very deep and dark hole, an endless fall. It was all my fault. He was gone because of me.

A big brown wolf jumped from nowhere reaching Victoria’s body with a fierce strength. Within seconds her body was broken in pieces too. Jacob adopted his human figure when he realised what had happened. He first saw Edward’s body, then he saw mine.

In the other side of the meadow another battle had taken place. The Cullens and the wolves were finished with the new vampire army, and several piles of death bodies were burning all over the place.

Embry, Seth, Collin and Leah all howled in chorus. Before turning into his human shape Jacob let them see the torn bodies of their friends and in that very moment Alice knew. By the look in her eyes all the Cullens knew something terrible had happened. Carlisle and Emmett ran as fast as they could, Alice and Jasper shared a painful look, and Rose ran to hold Esme who couldn’t move at all.

“They’re all right Esme.” Rose lied.

Carlisle never thought his eyes would ever witness such a scene. Edward was his son, his favorite, the very first member of his family. Jacob was embracing the two motionless bodies, mourning so badly he would’ve moved even Aro.

Emmett saw everything from a different perspective. He roared fiercely and attacked Jacob without any compassion, taking his strength to its limits.

“You stupid dog!, what have you done to them?!” Emmett roared.

Jacob didn’t fight back. He didn’t care if he got killed in that very same place and moment. He had nothing left to live for.

Jasper had to calm Emmett down, and slowly they approached the two corpses. Rose and Esme fell on their knees holding the cold pair of Edward’s hands which where still attached to the other body’s hands. My body.

Suddenly without any advise, Alice came from the back and shouted “Wait, she is still here, she is one of us now!”.

Jacob’s eyes were wide open, still blurred with tears. His loved one was alive but was his enemy by nature know.